Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Cruise in Paris...

He, he... Got ya, this time it's the real thing, not a play on words like with my April 24 photo. As you may know, if you read People magazine - or the equivalent in your country - Mr Tom and pregnant wife fiancee Katie Holmes came to Paris to have their soon after their baby daughter Suri was born in Los Angeles. And Mr Tom took advantage of his stay to promote his latest movie Mission Impossible III at La Défense, where they just opened a brand new theater. And guess who happened to be there with his camera?


  1. Wow, look who's turning into a paparazzi. Not that Tom Cruise minds. He lives for the media attention.

  2. Eric, your timing, as usual, is impeccable. What's your secret? It's things like this that make your site so much fun.

  3. Hey, you got pretty close! Did you get an autograph? ;-)

    Funny but none of the people on the picture are smiling, except Tom Cruise.

  4. I'm not even gonna comment on Tom except to say oy.

    Michael, I tried to email you back but it didn't go through!

  5. Did you know the english smile and the american smile were different?

  6. > Tomate, no, but this lady did and I am sure he made her day...

  7. Good one, Eric! It seems like one should never leave without a camera because you just never know who you'll be able to snap up.

  8. Cool! I was waiting to see an American Movie star photo on your site. They all love Paris. Great Photo!

  9. I've never seen so many camera phone in one place!

  10. Excellent shot, Eric. I kind of like that lady making a call on her cell phone. She looks truly tortured. Was it a real ordeal trying to take those pictures? (For the record, I do not like Tom Cruise, his acting is wooden, and he is a roving lunatic.)

  11. wow, that is one thing that will never happen here in my small town. Lucky you!!

  12. Not that I care, mind you, but didn't they have the baby in Los Angeles?

  13. Every body loves Paris, never been there but I would only love to see the impressionist Paris, go back a 100 years ???

  14. Eric! In case you do not see my post from yesterday's photo, i wanted you to know that i thought that "je m'en fou" meant "i'm going crazy!" my mistake. :-) i do care about my exams!

    Coffee at Starbucks or McDonald's in Paris sounds good...and then afterwards let's go shopping at The Gap!
    ;-P (quelle horreur!)

    nice picture of Tom Cruise....i'm always so bad about being ready and capturing moments like this.

  15. Is that Meg Ryan on the telephone behind him?? Very cool shot Eric. You are like our personal paparazzi!

    soosha_q - if you could try again, maybe it was a hiccup with the system.

  16. Ha! This one's great! Looks great!

  17. You got a pic of the alien! Well done! LOL
    That is a great shot!!!

  18. Getting so close and you seem to be inside the "barriers"...are you in the business, Eric? Cool shot...

  19. Wow, Eric, how do you know all this? I knew she was pregnant but you can tell us it's a girl and what her name is going to be! Again wow!
    Or am I simply so out of date? :)

  20. Hello Eric. Maybe you wold like to know that Nicole Kidman shooted for "Cold Mountin" in Romania, in a very beutifull landscape, in the mounains. There are also some shoots filmed in Romania in "Modigliani" movie, with Andi Garcia. By the way, did you see the movie? I did like it very much and on my next visit in Paris I want to visit his tomb in Pere Lachaise cemetery. Have you ever been there?

  21. Moi qui m'attendait à voir une grosse vache aujourd'hui… Merci pour ce nouveau fond d'écran !

  22. They just had Tom Cruise story on the Entertainment Tonight (ET) show just five minutes ago! I was looking for you with a camera in hand :)

  23. Oooh, lucky you!
    I wish I was there...
    There are some guys who just have the certain something... =)

  24. But thanks for letting us be a part of it! =)

  25. I'll be in Paris next week. Please tell me he'll be gone by then!

  26. I can't believe you were there too!! There were so much people I could barely breath and my calves still hurt from standing up on my toes. I took something like 20 pictures and only 1 turned out to be good... It was cool, I felt like a "midinette hystérique". I hope the UGC Ciné cité will be cool too. It should be. The mall is getting so much better and prettier. I loved the 1km long red carpet, I felt like a star walking on it...

  27. Great photo - not smiling? Everyone is hard at work - even Cruise, but his work involves smiling.

    I can't stand religious cultists such as Cruise (especially those who mouth off about other people's business) but it was a great "air du temps" photo.

  28. Mr Tom.... Jolie photo malgré que le modèle me plaise guère :P

  29. Buzzgirl: here you go,19736,1170244,00.html

  30. Eric, this is the perfect addition to my lunchtime reading. Having left my copy of Le Monde at home, I picked up someones copy of US Magazine in the lunch room to find the highly intelligent Mr. Cruise on the cover (sarcasm in my voice). To prevent indigestion due to my mindless reading, I decided to take my dessert to my desk and read PDP, and who do I find? Mr. Cruise. Great photo, as usual.

  31. Tom Cruise ? Or Tom Cruse ? Or maybe Tom Crouse .. Nice Photo Eric. But , is there a place where you are not Eric ?

  32. I tried again. Perhaps we can move over to my blog?

  33. > Natalie. Well, paparazzi, I never thought of that... That sounds like a really good idea!

    > BlondeTown. Thanks! I simply keep myself informed...

    > Soosha. Oy!

    > Wafu. No I did not. Tell us more about that please.

    > Single. I never leave without my camera, true.

    > Rodney. I'll get more, from time to time...

    > Lissa. ;)

    > Jenni. Amazing. Everybody had one.

    > Elisabeth. It was a nightmare taking these pics. I took... 405 of them and kept less than 10!

    > Midnitebara. Well, you never know if they want to be quiet one day and avoid the media (LOL, avoid the media...)

    > Karine. Thanks. This is also Paris.

    > Buzzgirl. You are absolutly right. I did not check enough, that is unforgivable. I made the changes.

    > Rauf. You still can. There are several places where you can find remains (on a island outside Paris, in Giverny, etc.)

    > Nahal. LOL. Yes je m'en fous et Je deviens fou does not mean the same thing! Got the idea now.

    > Michael. LOL. Yes I think "She's got mail" and is listening to her messages. Or is it when Sally met Tommy?

    > Marcus. Thanks.

    > Sam. Is that because of what's written on the microphone thyat you call him an alien??

    > Lisi. No, I was outside, just like all teenage grils that were there too!

    > Dutchie. I read the - important - press LOL (Actually I did read it well because I made several mistakes).

    > Georgette. I did not know Cold Mountain was shot In Romania. I absolutly loved this movie. Yes I went to Père Lachaise several times and I think I remember seeing Modigliani's tomb, but I am not sure.

    > GG. Non, je n'avais pas prévu de me prendre en photo aujourd'hui...

    > Bazainville. ;))

    > ParisAthenes. Cool. Well you rpobably saw 10 000 people with a camera in hand!

    > MoonSoleil. Welcome.

    > Maribel. frankly I don't know. But I doubt you'll meet him anyway.

    > Camomille. We have roughly the same ratio; I took about 400 pics and kept less than 10... Shush! I will post the red carpet soon...

    > Lagatta. "His work involves smiling" ;) So true... Apparently Cruise seems to be pretty disliked here, I did not know he was not very popular - well among PDP's readers anyway.

    > L'Or. Bon, ben merci alors... Pour info, la prochaine fois vous préférez qui ?

    > Tomate. Thanks for the link.

    > Breadchick. I hope you did not have an indigestion!

    > Croquette. PDP is everywhere!!!!

  34. Hahaha you are one lucky guy!! Did you get his autograph?

  35. I've never quite seen his nose at this angle before. It's quite how do you say Cyrano?

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