Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The oldest square in Paris

After the last chairs photo someone suggested in the comments that it had been taken on the Place des Vosges. I then realized I never showed you this magnificent square, constructed under Henri IV from 1605 to 1612 and located partly in the 3rd and party in the 4th arrondissement. The square consists of 36 (or 39, depending on sources) houses - each of them made of red bricks and white stones where you can now see a lot of art galleries and even the house of French writer Victor Hugo. If you come to Paris it's definitely a must see.


  1. It does look like quite a lovely square.

    I was watching MSNBC during my lunch break and saw all the rioting. I hope Eric and you the Parisians out there are ok.

  2. Such a picture of serenity in the midst of so much chaos.

  3. Ce quelqu'un, c'était moi! J'aime bien la Place des Vosges. Est-ce qu'il y a encore des cafés abordables, du moins pour prendre un petit pot? Sinon, on pourrait peut-être pique-niquer bien sagement sur les bancs - sans marcher sur l'herbe!

  4. I love it, too. Sitting on the grass, or a park bench...usually eating ice cream. One of my favorite spots, I always book a hotel as close as possible.

  5. Gorgeous. It's good to take some time for serenity in the midst of all the struggling...

  6. So beautiful- must spend some time there next time I am in Paris.

  7. Very nice... shame about the modern looking tap/faucet thing, kind of spoils it a bit.

  8. Another childhood memory for me... There used to be a very good pastry shop over there. Wonder if it's still there? The original owners probably retired by now.

  9. Place des Vosges is one of Louis la Vache's favorite places in Paris. Louis wrote about it here:

  10. Hello Eric !
    J'espère que cela ne pose pas de problème si j'écris en français, j'adore l'anglais mais j'ai encore beaucoup de progrès à faire. D'ailleurs, je suis ravie d'avoir découvert ce blog, car les photos sont superbes et les commentaires (autant les vôtres que ceux des visiteurs) me permettent de perfectionner mon anglais :) Je m'empresse de donner l'adresse de ce blog à quelques amis anglais, ils seront, j'en suis sure, très heureux de le visiter régulièrement. Et je vais en faire de même ! Toutes mes félicitations Eric ! (Congratulations) Je reviendrai...
    Have a nice day_Bonne journée au "gentil parisien" ("gentil" et "parisien" cela me paraissait vraiment être deux mots incompatibles mais, je suis prête à croire qu'il en existe, si vous le dites :))
    Une gentille habitante du nord...

  11. How lovely!!
    I like the fountain in the foreground!

  12. thanks Eric, I remember that place now and there are some antique shops too...nice photo that reminds me a lot...

  13. 36 pavillions according to Paris d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.
    Place was inaugurated in 1612 in honor of the wedding of Louis 13 and Anne d'Autriche.
    At any rate that square is not easy to photograph but you did a good job as usual!

  14. Ah, I fell in love with this square the first time I ever saw it as a teenager. I go there every time I am in Paris. And I went to Victor Hugo's house for the first time last Spring. Very neat place, there is a really funky chandelier in one of the rooms.

  15. I was just here last week when I visited Paris. Alas, it was cold and rainy and my seven-year-old daughter threw a giant tantrum in the middle of the square because she was disappointed with the playground! So I didn't really enjoy it to the fullest!

  16. Jenny: your daughter is right; it's not really the most attractive place for kids. The kids usually prefer go to Park Asterix and stuff like that. Can't blame them entirely :)

    (By the way, has anybody seen Michael? He's been unusually quiet lately)

  17. This was one of my favorite places in Paris the last time I was there. And I have an interesting photo of Victor Hugo's apartment facade as well.

    Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  18. > Soosha. Yes I saw the news on american television too, it's not very good for the image of France is it?

    > Fashion. Well let's not exagerate. What you see on television looks way over reality.

    > Lagatta. Mais oui bien sur. Desole, j'avais oublie que c'etait toi. Honte a moi. cafes abordables, well ca depend de ce au'on appelle abordable... Non pas vraiment. Piaue niquer en principe non, l'herbe est interdite.

    > Buzzgirl. You could sit on the grass? I thought it was totally forbidden?!

    > Brian & Lucy. Well see above. Paris is still quiet.

    Eurobrat. It's a must!

    > Tomate. I would not know, I am on a constant diet!

    > Louis. I am not surprised you like it.

    > Brigitte. Merci. Non pas de pb pour le francais bien sur. Bon le commentaire sur les Parisiens c'est de l'ironie n'est-ce pas ?!

    > Sam. I thought you'd like it!

    > A photographer. I agree, VERY difficult to photograph. I am glad you like the angle I chose then. People have a look at A photographer's photos, they are gorgious.

    > Elisabeth. And there is no snow in April there (private joke!)

    > Jenny. well yeah I am not surprised, the PLace des Vosges sucks as a playground.

    > Tomate. Michael's mother passed away last week. He is in Florida arranging the funerals so he's got other things to do than commenting on PDP, which I understand although I miss his comments!

    > Stu. Yes, you have musicians playing all the time there (secret disclosure: I sung with a choral there once when I was younger...)

    > Chantel. I actually discovered only recently that Victor Hugo lived there for a while. The museum is quite interesting (to a French erson in particular I reckon).

  19. Funny isn't it how you sort of don't notice some of the most recognisable images in your own city sometimes - the Place de Vosges also plays a major part in English writer Martin Amis's novel "Yellow Dog"

  20. Eric, lucky us we have a good Parisian to keep our image of you guys straight!

  21. Eric: Michael probably misses your posts just as much right now. I just sent you a message through your chtango.

  22. Bonjour Eric,
    C'est moi, Brigitte ("Lady of Shallott" est mon pseudo sur Blogger)
    Merci d'avoir répondu...oui, le commentaire sur les parisiens, bien sûr, c'était de l'ironie, I like teasing, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I do apologize, Je suis sure qu'il existe de "friendly parisians". No hard feelings ?
    I think I'm a bit jealous, I wish I could speak English as well as you do, I really LOVE that language...I'm so happy to have found out your blog, I learn some new words, and people who post comments seem so friendly too.
    Et puis, je ne connais pas bien Paris, c'est donc l'occasion pour moi de visiter cette superbe ville.
    Have a great day !
    PS : Vos photos sont vraiment superbes, vous êtes photographe ?

  23. Nice picture! Is the aquare close to St. Paul/St. Louis Church?