Sunday, August 13, 2006

Other kind of fantasies

Enough sex for a while... Let's give our brain other reasons to fantasize: art! If you're looking for a cool modern art gallery to visit while you're in Paris, I highly recommend you go to Les Abesses (the area where the movie Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain was shot) and go to 44 rue Lepic where you will discover the world of Galeriew. In this picture you can see one of Betty Hanns' magnificent sculptures and some of Troy Henriksen's stunning paintings .


  1. Phew, it was getting hot here Eric.

    Hey, did you know that Troy Henriksen is an American from Boston?

  2. Looks like a very good gallery - I especially like the Henriksens. There's an easy teaser on my page today if you fancy a go...

  3. Eric, you didn't try very hard to get away from "S"!!!

    Specially with that poor woman statue with her boobs hangin' down!

    Nice try tho!


  4. Nice photos, Eric!

    Just for everyone's information, the National Gallery of Art here in Washington DC has a fabulous exhibition of Henri Rousseau's "Jungles in Paris" showing up until October 15th. So if you're in the Nation's Capitol, definitely go see it!

    ...Paris me manque BEAUCOUP....

  5. I'm there in spirit, eric! As well as through that link.

  6. I like this photo, but have to agree with Ame--this woman/sculpture could use a little-er, support.

  7. I checked the websites of Galerie W and it's awesome... thanks for the suggestion!

  8. I loved the film Amilie! I also didn't think men said, "Enough sex for a while". Again, your blog is an education Eric. ;-)

  9. LOL! Very funny comment Peggy! ;-) I didn't either! I think they just call it something else, like art and advertising! Love ya Eric! :-)

  10. > Michael. No, I did not know that actually. Thank you for letting us know. As for the heat, well we can do with a little heat in Paris at the moment because it is really cold!

    >Neorelix. Well well well... Frankly I have no idea. Not even the painter. Would that be Turner?

    > Ame. LOL. You always crack me up! It's art, not plastic surgery!

    > Nahal. Ah oui. It was a big success here in the Grand Palais until last June. I did not know it was heading Washington DC afterwards. Glad to know that.

    > Soosha. In Spirit uhhh...

    > Haxo. Yes, much less successful. Art pays much less than sex, it's obvious!! Thanks for the place blanche I did not know that. You always bring the touch of history that this blog badly needs! Thank you for everyone.

    > Cristina. LOL. Should Cher give her advice??

    > Pier. It is, isn't. And it's large and everything. I did not know them but I will go back.

    > Peggy. ROFL!!! That is really hilarious. And, well... So true!

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  12. I absolutely love this photo and the galery seems so interesting.