Saturday, August 19, 2006

Paris Plage last day

Everything comes to an end. Soon Parisians will be back and their cars too. The rat race (Métro boulot dodo in French!) will start again. It's the time I like the least in the year! The first sign of this is the end of Paris Plage which will be tomorrow. I did not spend much time there, but I took one of my all time favorite photos on PDP, so I guess I should be grateful! The good news is: there will be a Paris Plage next year for sure..

Note: I am currently on vacation at the moment and I will be back on August 27. I can read your comments, but will not be able to reply until I return, thank you.


  1. The creation of an artificial beach inside Santiago every summer has become something normal. When they began doing it some years ago, I was a little reluctant, but now I think it's a good thing, as temperatures can reach about 38ºC in a normal day...

  2. Nice job focusing on the close sign and the distant stair case of people. The colors are wonderful. And, who is that guy staring at you through those Ray Bans????

  3. My personal opinion is that "Paris Plage" is more a fashion promoted by media rather than something great.
    There are too much people, and one has to line the queue for long to reach the swimming pool, the games and the sits. Let say it is just a curiosity to see once, but nothing more.
    There are peaceful walks along the banks of the Seine all years long.
    Some major banks are even reserved for pedestrians every sunday.

  4. Hi Eric! Even good things have to end! Don't worry there still next year :)

  5. I hate this time of year as well. I know I should not complain, I get summers off, but that makes it even harder to face the upcoming academic year. Hope you are having lots of fun in Turkey, Eric, and have not turned yet into a twirling dervish.

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean. It's not so much the end of the event, but you can already almost smell the end of the season, the days are getting shorter, etc...

  7. well I do not complain in portugal it goes on for 1 more mounth
    great picture the one with the foot!

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