Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paris Souvenir

Some Paris Souvenirs crack me up. This one, for instance, I could not resist photographing. On a bad taste scale from 0 to 10 I would give it a... 15. But, of course, this is only my opinion. I do hope I am not offending anyone who came here and invested 14,50 € in such a lovely Eiffel Tower French CanCan combo! PS: Wako, this one is dedicated to you ;-)


  1. wow...that is very...ahem...tacky! however, sadly, i am sure it will appeal to someone!

  2. Hmmmmm.... Clearly this is for the tourists. :)

    I just found your site and LOVE it! I lived in Paris in the mid 80s for about a year and that year will live with me forever. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  3. Believe it or not, I bought one of those. For a friend, cos it made me laugh so much I knew it would make her laugh even more (I was right) - only the one I bought was pink :)

  4. *snickers* Oh my, that is fallic in every way! I gotta admit, I'd totally buy that as a souvenier if I visit Paris. Then I'd display it prominently in my living room. Next to something equally as gaudy, which I'm sure I have plenty of.

  5. It's kinda, uhhh, interesting. The colors are appealing.
    I would buy it. The problem is that I can't decide WHERE in my house I'd put it!!! LOL
    But Eric, think about this: There must be people who buy this stuff, otherwise, they wouldn't make them...

  6. 14.50 Euros? Damn, that's expensive for what it is! And totally funny, too! I hate to say this - actually, not really - but seen from here, it looks definitely very "French" ;) Yup, I think I would totally bring back something like that to the States to make people laugh a little. Do they have smaller, less expensive versions?

  7. I thought Paris had a law against tasteless souvenirs? If it doesn't, I think it's time you had one! :) (Yeah, yeah, Tenerife sovenirs can be a LOT worse.)

  8. Heck, I only paid 9,90 Euros. I guess I got a great deal!

  9. Does it come with batteries?

    SOOOOOOOOOOORRY you GUYS! I just couldn't resist...besides, Soosha stole my "phallic" comment! LMAO! ;-) Really love the colors of that little "tour!"

  10. Eric, you scoundrel, for your dedication. Absolutely hilarious. I laughed out loud when I read it.

    Yeh, this souvenir is as bad as they get. I love your battery comment, Ame. This is a fun one, Eric, and I agree with your 15 rating.

  11. The thing I think is funny is that this brightly coloured tour makes the silly Notre Dame paperweight with its faux verdigris finish next to it look tasteful in comparison.

  12. I have the souvenir that shows the Arc of Triumph in the lower shelf!!!
    My parents have bought a similar one of the same size during their Honeymoon trip in Paris (36 years ago!)!

  13. Hi Mate,

    Haven't been on your blog for a while. You are such a pro. Your pics are great and I love your comments. Good food for me, little Froggie recently turned Aussie...

    I noticed that lunchtime is definitely your dedicated time for posting your blog. It seems that occasionally, lunch plans (pro or perso!?) make you post it earlier in the day, just after midnight. I must confess I like this because it means I can start my day Down Under with an all fresh clin d'oeil of yours!...

    A bientot my friend.

    From Sydney. bv

  14. Hi eric,
    Love that Eiffel tower. where can I get it? A friend of mine collects Eiffel towers and he would love this one.

  15. I love it ! I have the same one home !

  16. Just want you to know that your blog is in my 5-list for the BlogDay...bye!

  17. After all of the discussion about batteries I still think it would hurt.

  18. After all of the discussion about batteries I still think it would hurt.

  19. I don't know - it has a certain 'Je ne sais quoi' :-)

  20. This souvenir is a testimony to man's creative powers. I especially like the fact that it is displayed next to a miniature of Notre Dame. Sin and redemption, maybe? And what in the world are those somewhat phallic keychains at the top of the photo?

    p.s.- I posted an apology to Wako and everyone in the comment section of the previous entry. Sorry I got a bit too impetuous with my pixels yesterday.

  21. Cool - tacky, haha.

    No offence but the tackiest souvenir I have ever seen was on Niagara falls, it was a mirror with a picture of the Niagara Falls and the backlight - when you turn the backlight on the water appears like a real thing - falling down =)

    Great post.

  22. I don't know which is scarier, that someone designed such a thing, that someone said, "yeah, that's a great idea, let's make those!", that someone said, "yeah, those are great, let's sell those!" or that someone actually bought them! In any case, it's nice to have the photographic evidence. :)

  23. Oh that would make a lovely addition to my large collection of cheap and tacky Eiffel Towers :) I love it :) LOL.

    And thank you Eric for your help in adding myself to the city bloggers :) Very nice of you :)

  24. I've seen some real tacky souvenirs but this one wins the award for "super ugly." Recently I saw a 12" high glass Eiffel filled with layers of olives, carrots, etc. It was bad but this one is definitely worse. I loved seeing this photo.

  25. If you turn it over it will almost certainly say "Made in Taiwan, designed in London for our friends the French" ....


  26. Interesting .. .. very interesting. Eric, is this another one of the Paris subtle "safe sex" ad campaigns? (smile)

  27. i think that would rank in top 3 as a kitsch souvenir :) even its shape is not a real ET but i liked the colorfulness of it. On the issue of kitsch souvenir designs, i bet you have seen the worst: the turkish souvenirs. why oh why, we don't mind to create something worth buying! They uglify (if there is such a word) the beauty of any landscape or building.

  28. Ame: Does it come with batteries? LMAO here, too!!!

  29. Sex, commerce, contention, pain (with or without batteries), contemplation, remorse, redemption (via Notre Dame). This photo and the seagull generated it all. Mon Dieu, Eric, are you a prophet?

  30. Elisabeth, I believe those keychains are mock Swiss Army knives. I am so happy that Megan didn't bring me one of those Eiffel Towers back from Paris last year. I agree--totally tacky.

  31. I supposse you can find souvenirs for all kind of tastes. But I would prefer one of Eiffel Tower in Classical sight.

    Greetings from Perú

  32. > Breal. I am sure it does too, otherwise they would not make/sell these items.

    > Lisa. You're welcome Lisa. I am glad you have good memories of Paris.

    > Cat. OK, I can understand that. I might have done that too a couple of times...

    > Soosha. You mean you display all your gaudy phallic objets in your living room???

    > Edulabbe. How about your bathroom? Or the cellar???

    > Tomate. I really don't know if they have smaller ones. And no, Tomate I will NOT go back to the shop to check!

    > Pamela. I am sure Tenerife souvenirs can suck too. What's the most symbolic thing they can use as a tourist souvenir in Tenerife?

    > Fred. LOOOOOOOOOOOL! Are you sure it's a genuine one though??

    > Ame. Why am I not surprised this comment comes from you??

    > The Bold soul. Well if I judge by the number of comments, yes, it's a good conversatoin piece!

    > Jeff. I am glad I made you laugh (one should always start the day with a good laugh!)

    > Peggy. Yes I notuced the same thing. Too bad one cannot see Notre dame better though.

    > Philos. And you still have it?! At keast it's solid...

    > BV. Love the "Froggie turned Aussie"! Actually I post my pics almost everyday at the same time which is Midnight in Paris (GMT+2) What's the time in Sydney when it's midnight in Paris?

    > Richard. I don't think I can disclose this information, ot's classified! LOL. I found it in the Passage des Panoramas in the 9th on the rue de la Grange Batelière side.

    > Wako. Ahhh! I am pleased to see that you have taste.

    > Neorelix. Hurry, Richard wants to buy one for a friend too!

    > Ascensions856. Thank you so much, it's very thoughtful. Three people did the same today. I thank them all.

    > Nancydrew. Well... I won't comment this comment...

    > Dr. A. It definitely has a "Je ne sais quoi!"

    > Elisabeth. Wahoo. "This souvenir is a testimony to man's creative powers" I am sure the one who designed it would love to hear such a compliment. As for your PS, I think Wako has forgotten already...

    > Jazzy. OK, you win! Yours is worth a 25 on my bad taste scale...

    > Marie mcc. Very goos remark. Well I think someone said "let's make the tackiest souvenir we can think of" and they did!

    > I am sure it would! No problem for the help. I am happy that you joined.

    > Johnny Parsons. Well at least the one you saw was kinda "useful". It could feed you... This one does nothing (no comment Ame...)

    > Ham. No doubt it's not made in France. Designed in London? Don't be so hard on your people!

    > Joy. Nope! LOL

    > Deryik. Actually I did not see that many Turkish souvenirs... There, they put the pressure on you to buy carpets, but I don't recall having seen small Saint Sophie Mosque miniature souvenir.

    > Jeff. LOOOOOOOOL. Well I never thought of it, but now that you mention it...

    > Debs. And what did she bring you then??

    > Haxo. I am used to more historical/cultural input from you LOL

    > Irredento Urbanita.Yes, but what if you want to keep its memory on your mantelpiece???

  33. Oh la la!! I love that...Glad you are home and safe! Salut!!

  34. Midnight in Paris is between 8 and 10 am the following morning in Sydney, depending on daylight saving arrangements in either place, ie dates of year.

    PS I ADORE it! I never buy these things, but LOVE lookign at tacky souvenirs wherever I go.

  35. Eric,

    I purchased one of these! Just kidding but it does make a good picture.


  36. ....hmm....i prefer traditional pictures of buildings etc. as souvenirs of a trip..... i like this picture, though. you made average (rather ugly) souvenirs look artistic in the light.

  37. Not what I would want as a momento of somewhere as beautiful as Paris! This was worth a giggle!

  38. hahahah! this photo made my day! i'd have bought this when i went to paris just to annoy the recipient but not for 14,50 €!!!

  39. All this needs is a cork screw or can opener at the top to "top" this one!

    I agree this is a 15.

    Steve in sunny Chicago, home of esquise taste. duh

  40. peace holmes!
    ii <3 ur french cloze!
    they rr cooool
    peace love and hair grease!

  41. In case you're wondering who's been reading your blog the past few days for many hours with my IP (Philippines), that was me. I just finished reading all your posts from the archive, took me 3 days! but Paris is amazing seen from your eyes and text. I've been inspired to start one of my small city/town for CDP. Great photos and text :-) Congratulations and thank you!

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