Friday, September 11, 2009

Going to work...

There is a lot going on in Paris work wise at the moment (c'est la rentrée !), so I have to wake up very early in the morning. The advantage is that the streets are empty and that you come across a different kind of crowd than the one you see at 9:30. I love this photo: you have Paris at dawn in the background, and a feeling of motion triggered by the four workers in their colorful jackets.


  1. How amazing to see the streets devoid of traffic: pedestrian and otherwise.

  2. The leaves of the trees are changing color. I can almost smell fall in the air!

  3. Truly, Cali. Makes me want to get to Paris and get up early. It's such lovely light, too.

  4. I love the juxtaposition in this picture. The modern element in the front, which the lamp post with the crossing signal, the cross walk and the workers. And the classic Paris backdrop which represents an earlier era. The early morning light makes it even better.

  5. Agree with you. Super nice photo. Simply human.
    I am sure Paris at dawn is pleasant but I confess, I don't see it often...
    I'm happy you took this photo. Don't know really why. Something true.

  6. I wish I was waking up [and working] in Paris!

  7. Can't help it, this photo makes me think of Grand Corps Malade superb song 'Je ne connaissais pas Paris le Matin" (I didn't know Paris in the morning)

    Lyrics in French here

    you tube here:


  8. This is super, Eric. Sometimes it's totally worth it to get up early—especially for us when you're the one doing it! :~}

  9. Oh my..... I've walked this street so many times, crossing it in deux temps... never ever got tired of the view, always so awesome.

    Miss Paris!

  10. I can find in your photo the same feeling I have when I cross Paris (driving along the Seine!) at dawn.
    A mix of "s...! It's b....y too early!", "good there's no traffic" and "what a marvellous city"...

    Once again, thanks for this photo, Eric.

  11. It is indeed a lovely photo Eric. I particularly like that one of the workers is looking straight at you. Did he say anything?

    I'm surprised the streets are so empty even at this time. I'd always imagined Paris to be another 'city that never sleeps'!

  12. The non-touristy Paris is just as charming as the touristy Paris, if not more charming! Thanks for that other perspective!

  13. At first I thought that this was the cover of an undiscovered joint album by The Beatles and The Village People.

  14. Excellent picture Eric!

    Thib, do you believe that Eric could ever say "s...! It's b....y too early!"... ?
    Nooooo, noot him!!! ;-)

    LOL Drummond : that rocks!!!

  15. Flore: Eric coult not, for sure! But I definitely can ;-)

    Drummond: LOOL!

  16. To answer Lynn's earlier question, I reckon the guy looking at Eric is singing:

    Young man! there's no need to feel down,

    -I said young man, pick yourself off the ground, (tenin perspective)

    -I said, young man, 'cos you've lost fifteen pounds

    -There's no need to be unhappy!

    (all together now, with actions)

    - It's fun to be on the P.D.P....

    - It's fun to be on the P.D.P...

  17. LOLLLL Drummond you are hilarious. Love it. Didn't do the actions but I sang it through with you oh yes. lol

  18. Drummond, you made me laugh.

    Yesterday I was talking to a man who lives in LA and has an apartment in St. Germain des Pres. I offered to be the caretaker for him, but he already has someone.

  19. LOL Thib! Parfois ça soulage ;-)

    Drummond's sharp humour is back, yeah, yeah, yeah !!! LOL

    There's no need to be unhappy cos' life's full of daily surprises, yeah young man!
    Full of daily smiles, full of crazy smiles!
    Never unhappy cos' of you, yooung man!
    Never unhappy, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Yo, You Lookin' at Me? It may be Paris, but it looks like The City (NYC) to me.

  21. Drummond that was classic! My office mates are looking at me odd for laughing at my computer...

    I always make sure we get up early a few mornings when we are in town....I love walking around, seeing the street cleaners and feeling I have the place to myself...

    I cannot exactly picture where this is though....


  22. Drummond, still laughing!! That was excellent!

    Petrea - that's too good to be true! Make sure you keep in touch with him (you know, send flowers, bring candy, etc. ;) ). You never know when he may need to replace the person he has!

  23. Yes Drummond, I was too tired to comment yesterday, but I too was ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing)

  24. The walking light is still red.
    These guys should have been fined.

  25. Peut-être une photo du 8eme près de l'opéra en début de bonne heure. C'est un secteur si occupé et effrayant pour que je regarde autour. .so que je marche directement et rapidement.

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