Saturday, June 12, 2010

The mini Willy Ronis Tour

Several times, since the beginning of May, have I mentioned a "tour" I took in the 19th arrondissement (remember the "In the footsteps of Willy Ronis photo?"). Well, now is the time to reveal all about it. This tour is made by famous French photographer Jean-Paul Lefret who lives and work in the 19th arrondissement, precisely behind this gate. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him and the other members of the group (including the encounter with Stéphane Kovalsky, the grand son of Willy Ronis, that I photographed here with Jean-Paul). As you can guess, I really recommend this tour (no, I have not been paid to say that!!), not only for the photo opportunities, but also for the atmosphere (BTW, check the photos he took that day, I'm in one of them...). Check here for more details and here for a more practical info (that means "price"!).


  1. I do like it when one praises and remembers old heroes. Ronis is one, that's for sure.

  2. It looks like you lost the picture. I have lost 3 pictures this June, I downloaded them for a second time, Now I see a lot more all the way back to 2007.

  3. I was so glad to read that the tour was given by Jean Paul Lefret -- for a moment I thought it had been given by a mini Willy Ronis! ; ) It looks like a very cool thing to do. Hmmm....note to self: Go to Paris....soon!

  4. It's fun to see you among the excellent pictures he took. Another shot there looks familiar, Eric--is it yours, or did you both shoot the bicycle at the same time?

  5. Nice to see your smiling self with your camera in hand among M. Lefret's photos— though I'm surprised to see you are not lying on the ground. :~}
    Would love to take his "tour," in part because when I was there back in the sixties you never went to those parts of Paris unless you lived there. (And in those days even poor students could afford to live in the 6th!) Thanks for sharing—again.

  6. Next time I get to Paris I must explore this area, its so lovely! I will have to read more about Willy Ronis as well.

  7. Ce sont vraiment des photos et instants magnifiques. J'aime beaucoup la série de photos du O7.O5.2010. Les trois premières ont été postées sur PDP sous un angle différent ou à une poignée de secondes de différence. Cette mise en perspective d'un endroit ou d'une scène par plusieurs photographes est très réussie.
    Ce tour est certainement une façon originale d'appréhender un quartier de Paris de manière intelligente et humaine. Avec finesse. J'aurais adoré le faire.
    Qu'est-ce que c'est beau une belle photo! Qu'est ce que j'aime l'intelligence d'un regard au sens large et dans une photo comme dans celle d'aujourd'hui.

  8. I love exploring the "outskirts" of Paris, away from the tourist tracks. The 19th is really great with a lot of small "villages". This looks like one of those - OH to live there, sigh....

  9. Really enjoyed scrolling through Jean-Paul Lefret's gallery and picking out my favourites.
    Raises the bar somewhat for the rest of us but who knows, it might inspire me to turn off the automatic mode at long last.

    I can sense that you were very excited by this experience and of course we have seen its influence in PDP recently.

    We visited the 19th for the first time during our recent visit and particularly liked the Parc de Belville with its panoramic views over Paris. I took some photos. Unfortunately, I can't compare them to yours as I accidentally deleted them by mistake later.(possiby a blessing in disguise)

  10. Lovely photos! I especially like the one with you in it, Eric, but I have to know if the people on the tour were all French? And is it true that most Frenchmen and women wear black all the time? Just checking, because I don't think I could be truly French then. :)

  11. That looks like a fun tour. Thanks for posting about it. I really like the photo of you on the tour. You look like you were really enjoying yourself. And, interesting post today (as always).

  12. Normal rules would say don't take a photo like this, with bars all through it, but somehow Eric, you always manage to make it brilliant! It really invites me, rather than keep me out!

  13. Yes as Lynn pointed it out, it is inviting. I feel like I'd be able to go through this gate without thinking of it!! I also feel like if I could have taken this picture myself and would not have wished to keep you out, me neither!
    Christie, French are not always in black!!! For instance, today, I'm wearing colored clothes because it is the week end!
    Eric, the photo with you inside it is lovely. Just as you are!
    So did you make this tour on Friday, 7th of May? If so, I remember this day for some reasons. Did you have lunch with the nice people we see in the photo? If you did, I'm sure they just must have been very happy to share with you!

  14. @TOG??? I don't understand what you're saying?!

    @Carrie. LOL! And yes, don't forget "Go to Paris!"!

    @Petrea. We all shot the bicycle at the same time LOL

    @Alexa " though I'm surprised to see you are not lying on the ground. :~} " LOOOOOOL! It was too cold.

    @Flore. WOw, very nice message. Oui, c'est vrai que c'est intéressant de voir les angles que choisissent chacun des photographes. (Bon et lui c'est un VRAI photographe !)

    @Bettina. Well it's still Paris, but, yes pretty "far" from the center.

    @Drummond " Unfortunately, I can't compare them to yours as I accidentally deleted them by mistake later.(possiby a blessing in disguise)" You did NOT?!

    @Christie "And is it true that most Frenchmen and women wear black all the time?" No it is not. Only it was cold that day, and winter clothes tend to be black or at least dark.

    @SRQ. Merci ;-)

    @Lynn. "Normal rules would say don't take a photo like this" Define "Normal"!!

    @Carine. "So did you make this tour on Friday, 7th of May? " I did ;-) What does it remind you of???

  15. Eric, when I tried to open this paqe, the picture was not there. I saw it on the right as a movie clip but not on the left as a jpg. Then on Tuesday, June 08, 2010 'Another Souvenir from the Picnic' had lost it's picture. I have lost 289 pictures on my blog, and it goes back to March 2007. I would like if you look at my blog 'CoralGables' and see the lost that I have.

  16. Oh you know I love those "slice of life" photos and these are wonderful!! Big Merci!! Fantastic!!

  17. Qu'est ce que l'on gagne quand on te retrouve sur le cliché ?
    Quel beau tour !

  18. Thank you so much for linking to this wonderful photographer. I'm looking through your past posts to see what I have missed...whetting my appetite for my two months in Paris in 2014. I loved your photo of the tree in Place Simon Bolivar so was happy to see these from the same neighborhood. I will venture up there on my own (with camera) although I can't afford the tour. :-( :-)