Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last sunny days...

In Paris we have no sea, but we have ponds! And nice quiet areas around them to get some rest in the middle of the afternoon. I happened to be passing at Les Tuileries Garden today and took these photos (yes, for once, I'm breaking the holy rule of CDP and posted two photos, because I like both of them). FYI, these was a clay quarry for tiles there before a Palace and an Italian style garden were built by Catherine de Médicis at this location around 1560. It was opened to the public in 1667, and became a public park after the French Revolution in 1789. Update: FYI, have a look at what "Caro", the owner of "Un jour Un sourire" did with these two photos.


  1. Damned Eric, while I look to this wonderful sunny pictures I hear the rain ticking against my window in Tilburg. I envy you all, in Paris. Cheers!

  2. Ahh you captured the last days of Summer beautifully. Or should I say early days of Autumn. Here it's Spring. The weather is warm and my garden is waking up.

  3. Wow! The empty chair looks so inviting! I want to sit myself down & enjoy the Summer breeze.

    Wait, wait...the one with TWO stripes is for girls; whereas boys got 2 x 2 = 4?


  4. Eric,
    Let me be the first of many to grant you absolution for violating the CDP rule of ONE PHOTO AND ONE PHOTO ONLY! :) I love it when you get down here with all of us that violate the rules on a daily basis! :)

    Now, I LOVE LOVE these two photos. I took one glance and knew they were Tuileries, one of my most favorite places in Paris. I hope to spend many more days in one of those green chairs with my feet propped up.

    Thanks for the memory.

  5. Beautiful composition. I really enjoyed.
    A samba school in Rio de Janeiro, "Empress Leopoldinense" already submitted a story about Catherine de Medicis in the Rio carnival. A parade was beautiful and very luxurious.

    greetings from Roberto

  6. Catherine did great things, and beastly things. Comme tous les rois et les reines, n'est-ce pas?? The Tuileries and le Jardins de Luxembourg, and the slaughter of the Protestants. No nation is innocent of such things.

    Well, the ponds are lovely. Here, I took a good bike ride last night in perfect weather after work. Tonight, I think we have Hurricane Froid.

    Speaking of reines, has anyone heard from la Reine de Seine?

  7. The two look like they were taken almost simultaneously with the same people in the background but at opposite ends. Was there a bit of drama with that paper cup? Is the guy in the white T-shirt such a slob as to discard it at his side between your shots? Did the woman in orange toss it over toward him on her right as an attention ploy in the mode of “drop the handkerchief"? Or does the grey blur, shortened light band, and tiny bulge in the shadow indicate Photoshop, where the drama occurred off scene?

  8. Nice to see this place on a sunny summer day!
    They brought back some memories from a cold winter day in Paris, (you can find one of them under photos on my Facebook page) I am of to Nice tonight, and I look forward to explore also Monte Carlo and Menton, and hopefully meet up with Jilly, the CDP blogger.
    Have a nice day!:)

  9. Eric you are a rebel rouser....breaking the rules of PDP, but the LAST sunny days will be in December because I am bringing sunshine to Paris when I come in November....:))

  10. Je me souviens de la formule du magazine Paris-Match d'il y a quelques années - 'le poids des mots, le choc des photos'.
    Exemple de deux attitudes. Je sais où je voudrais être. Mais je sais aussi où je suis. La plupart du temps...

  11. I would give a lot to sit by this pond right now! alas...
    as for the Catherine M., beside bad genes, we have to remember that she had a though life - her husband did not love her! Fortunetely, with her children the Valois dynasty ended and you could have good jolly king Henry IV ! :)

  12. I love the Tuileries area.

    Eric be careful, don't spoil us. You know that if you post 2 picstures we'll keep asking for more and more...!!

  13. Well, if you can't break the rules, I just don't know who can! And this is twice as nice. Amazing the details you can pick out if you look hard—I just love her red shoes.

  14. Lovely! (Can you save that empty chair for me?) I miss summer already. :( Pleasant memories of a great summer are here to warm me though.

  15. Sitting there is so relaxing and peaceful, myself and my girlfriend just returned from a trip to Paris, and after walking down to and around La Louvre, we neeeded a nice sit down.

    I took some photographs of Paris too, check them out here if you get time!

  16. Oh, what Caro did with Eric photos on her website is GREAT!!
    Lovely. She really does great things on her website and what she wrote about Eric is true and nice.
    Thumbs UP to this creativeness. Thank you to both of you. I'm glad I've discovered Caro universe today. :))
    <3 <3 <3