Saturday, December 04, 2010

Meet Denise!

Yesterday I had lunch at rue Lepic, with Grazia, an Italian friend of mine who lives in Paris and knows it like the back of her hand. When she asked "what's going to be you PDP photo today?" I replied. "Er... I don't know yet". She said "follow me I have the perfect idea for you..." Then she dragged me into Denise's A l'étoile d'or boutique, the chocolate lovers' den,  at rue Fontaine (a few feet away from the Moulin Rouge). Oh my! What a gas. Not only is Denise an extraordinary character, but on top of that she really knows what she's talking about when it comes to chocolate. You HAVE  to visit this place if you come to Paris. No wonder David Lebovitz (the Paris chocolate master, among other things) spotted her a long time ago already...


  1. What—another place I must visit? Well, in this case, I'm not likely to give you any argument at all! Denise looks like a schoolgirl, but I bet she knows a LOT about chocolat. Nice shot, Eric

  2. Is she wearing a Scottish tartan? Did you try some of the chocolate? Was it as good as the Belgian chocolate? (Sorry for all the questions...)

  3. Hmmmm. That's what I like of the cityblogs: new adresses to visit.

  4. Denise sells many items exclusive to her boutique, meaning you will not find them anywhere else in Paris. What she has is the best of the best.

  5. Another awesome location to visit! Again, Eric, you are the best!!

  6. Omg when I am back in January I must pay her a visit ;)

  7. I made a pilgrimage to her shop in July when we visited Paris. It was wonderful. As others have said a lot of the things she has are exclusive to her shop. We bought some flavoured caramels that were absolutly out of this world. Can't remember the brand sorry. Actually I have a couple of tins of lollies that I bought that day that I haven't opened yet. I've been saving them for a special treat. Maybe over Christmas, might be the right time? She is engaging, and a true character, and very knowledgeable. Check opening hours before you go, they're not open every day. Well worth the detour.

  8. Je Vous remercie pour cet information. Je voudrais visiter la boutique la prochaine fois...

  9. Detour? I think this is a definite and major stop on the tour! Salted caramels are one of my absolute favorite things on the planet, but they are extremely hard to find around here; I've actually resorted to making them myself at times. This places look amazing. *swoon*

    Thank you, Eric!

  10. So much for my plan to just hang out(was that really my plan?)when I arrive in Paris next Thurs. Well,c'est la vie. Eric is coming up with so many great ideas for off the beaten path "must sees", that my list is growing. And, a visit to Denise is definitely included
    Thank you so much Eric

  11. @Alexa "Denise looks like a schoolgirl". She does and believe me she also has the energy of a schoolgirl!

    @Margaret "Did you try some of the chocolate? " I did - against my will! (a chocolate bar stuffed with an almond/peach paste - to die for). What she sells is MUCH BETTER than Belgian chocolate! It's French... LOL. No seriously she sells only high end stuff and it shows.

    @Janet "You said it!"

    @Louise "She is engaging, and a true character, and very knowledgeable. Check opening hours before you go, they're not open every day. Well worth the detour." Yes very true. And she has a lot of press coverage too (she's a star in Japan apparently). But what I like is that she remained cool headed and keeps selecting the best of the best.

    @Ann. Je vous en prie. Vous devez la visiter...

    @Christie "Salted caramels are one of my absolute favorite things on the planet" I love them too. Now they made salted caramel ice cream which is also something

    @Cyndi. I don't think you'll regret it Cyndi.

    BTW her address is: 30 rue Fontaine.

  12. I live in Paris and never heard about this shop. This is my next destination for a girl's day.
    Thanks for the address

  13. J'adore Denise!! I met her by chance several years ago on the rue Bonaparte...saw an article by Patricia Wells in F&W on her and I remembered her. She is very charming and the shop is a must for all!!

  14. Salut, Eric!
    As Janet said, Denise sells the best products in the world, the best brands!
    I went to Étoile D'Or (the oficial name of the store) last June and got crazy! Wanted to buy everything, no matter how much it costs! Well, mummy left with a huge bag and I bought only Benachon chocolates and Henri Le Roux caramels (maybe these are the ones, Louise!).
    But the best of the store is: DENISE! She's amazing, so funny and easy going! She teached me the way to Arnaud Demontel shop (you all should taste his millefeuilles!) and we took a great photo together!

    It pays a visit!

    à bientôt!

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