Friday, December 17, 2010

Metro for sale...

It is so cold in Paris at the moment that I gave up using my scooter and... take the metro whenever I have to go somewhere far. That's what I did last night. When the train arrived I saw it was all covered in Christmas decorations. I  had never seen that before. Of course, it's not the RATP (the Paris Public Transport Authorities) that wish to celebrate Christmas with its customers, but a brand willing to attract our attention ;-) What brand? Well I'm sure you know it all. But to find out, click here, you'll have a broader view of the train and you'll see the name of the brand.


  1. I haven't been able to leave comments here much lately, that time of the year when everybody's crazy to get things done at work and leave for the Holidays. This year I'm even in a bigger hurry to get things done cause I'm taking a vacation come January!!!

    But I check PDP everyday through my email and I never, ever, not even for a day, stop missing Paris.

    It's amazing hoe anything with the word Paris in catches my attention... I miss it so...I love it so!

  2. Just discovered this blog last week; it is WONDERFUL! My wife and I went to Paris for the first time in September for eight days and fell in love with it. We did not encounter a single "rude" Parisian; everyone was friendly and helpful. It may be because we did not do most of the touristy things but tried to mingle with the citizens, go where they went, eat what they ate and so on. I tried to use the French I learned in high school and that just made the people friendlier; they stood by patiently and tried to help me get the words out. Paris is FANTASTIC!!!

  3. I guess every rapid transit system has its price.

  4. Your blog never fails to make me nostalgic for Paris. Particularly at the moment. I'm not a huge fan of summer and is 32 degrees celsius in my home in Australia today. Wishing I was wrapped in winter scarf and coat and braving the wintery streets of Paris.
    Love the snowman picture :)

  5. it's lovely anyway. You can feel the magic of Christmas even in the metro.
    I have my office decorated with twinkling lights and a tiny Xmas tree to do the trick :)

  6. Very cute little snowman :)
    And I don't know if the metro will be sold on EBay but that's a clever idea to buy ad space on it at least for Parisian customers.
    Now, I'm amazed when I hear how some people sold sometimes their presents immediately after receiving them from Christmas. I heard the 26th of December is a huge trafic day on Ebay, because of that... Well I would not do that, or maybe not that way, even if I didn't like so much a present I had been given but Ok I can admit that's probably because I'm not starving from having money in return.
    That's probably the sense of this huge Ebay advertisement at this period, anyway... So they know, it works.

  7. The snow creature never moves, it must be so cold.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  8. I'm guessing that everyone is out Christmas shopping or something Eric because I love this photo. It's so surreal in many ways and you captured it well.

  9. Advertisers do this sometimes on the shuttle that runs under 42nd Street between Times Square and Grand Central. I'm sorry it's too cold for your scooter, Eric
    (I've had to give up walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for now—too cold here too), but at least you have a very good metro to get around on!

  10. Don't mean to be rude, but I'm enjoying the fact that you have to take the Metro! I LOVE Metro photos.

  11. ET Suzy, I love the metro photos too!

  12. What fun! I'd not have known the brand. Loving the shots.