Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow remains

So I hear it's Northern America's turn now! I just saw a TV report about New York City in the snow and, well, the least I can say is that it's much worse than it was in Paris last week... And though there is still snow around here, for it's so cold that it does not melt. I took this photo in Montparnasse where they have a large Velib station. Needless to say that at the moment Parisians are a little reluctant to biking nowadays ;-)


  1. I think it is a good time to make a race bike. To get warm. ;-)

  2. Very cool photo, Eric! Not a lot of biking in NYC today either—although when I braved the high winds and deep snow drifts today, I did see a guy with a bike. Needless to say, he was carrying it!

  3. This winter is crazy across the Northern Hemisphere, at least in Europe and the U.S. I wonder if Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, and all the nations in between are experiencing excessive severity this year. It's crazy.

    Well, I received a slab of French Brie and I am looking at "vin de pays de la cite de Carcassone". It's Cabernet Franc and I love it.

    Sante, mes amis. Stay warm. I suggest cuddling. (A vicarious recommendation.)

  4. awwww. Sorry to hear that but it makes a great photo!

    Tomate Farcie, fooling around with the toys at the apple store ;)

  5. What a good shot. I can't blame anyone for not wanting to climb on a bike right now.

  6. How are the Parisians handling the snow that lasts so long? Here it is commonplace, but in other regions, what we would consider a "dusting" gets news coverage with many, many pictures. Thankfully, not like the storm on the East Coast (we don't have that much snow right now, whew, but about 10 inches or so.) At least warmer weather is following, as it may get into the 40's here by this weekend and early next week for the East Coast. Stay warm, everyone! :)

  7. Thanks for your concern, everyone! The airlines keep us at the hotels if flights cancel, and admittedly, I made the most of London yesterday.Even found a Christmas market there that I never knew of in Hyde Park.

    We were one of the firstflights to arrive in Nre York last night, and it was a SHOCK when I got out of customs. I saw people all over the place camping out. Children sleeping in open luggage, plastic crates covered in clothes for people to sleep on, cots (I don't know where they came from)for the lucky few--it all looked like a red cross refugee camp for the people who couldn't get out.

    Alexa!!!!! New York shocked me! I luckly got a taxi to my place, but he had to drop me off on a main street where 3 busses were stuck in the snow. I walked to my place then had to wade thru 3 feet of snow(my slipper like shoes, not boots, hit the ground while my luggage stayed oin top of the snow while I dragged it!). Hey, I'm from Miami and live in Phoenix. HOw do all you Northerners around the world do it.

  8. cher eric

    je découvre ce blog...
    est-ce que nous n'avons pas chanté ensemble à Mélo Men?
    Autre point commun peut-être, j'ai un blog qui s'appelle le Journal de Paris (sur 20 minutes).
    Dans le mien, moins de photos, des textes plus personnels même si de temps à autre je visite les bars des grands hôtels.

  9. That was interesting phx-cdg. I can just picture you trying to walk in the snow in your slipper-like shoes.

  10. @Alexa " I did see a guy with a bike. Needless to say, he was carrying it!" LOOOOOL

    @Jeff. Russia is. They just had a terrible power outage due to the weather conditions. Enjoy your cheese and wine... that is the best cure when it's cold outside!

    @Tomate. What are you doing at the Apple store?! I thought you were an Android kinda girl?!

    @Christie "How are the Parisians handling the snow that lasts so long?" I don't know about the other Parisians, but I can give you my opinion: "I hate the cold!!"

    @PHX "Hey, I'm from Miami and live in Phoenix. HOw do all you Northerners around the world do it." Answer: there were born there! They don't know it can be different! - And like Lois, I can very well picture you in you slipper-like shoes dragging your suitcase around! (Not funny, I know, but I can't help it)