Monday, September 12, 2005

Brazilian Drummers

Last week-end, I was heading to Bercy and suddenly I heard an enormous hum coming from my left at a street crossing. I turned my head and here they were: 20 to 30 Brazilian drummers (it is still the year of Brazil in Paris!) starting their march to Le Marais. Very impressive! Here is just one of the drummers. (click here to see a wider view.)


  1. Hi Eric,

    Just thought I'd drop a note to say how much I like the blog. The pictures and comments are very interesting and fun to read. My spouse and I are headed to Paris in a few weeks on vacation, so it's been fun seeing the different parts of Paris you photo-document.

    One photo a day is very disciplined! Keep up the great work.


  2. Hi Eric
    In fact, it's the very first time I don't understand your post. Well, I'm really bad in english. However, I didn't understand what your picture represents. And how people from Bercy can go to the Marais like that ? I thought it was only on the Gay Pride Day that we could walk so far together...!
    Sorry for my english. But always with pleasure.

  3. > David. Thank you very much! From what I saw on your blog you ARE a francophile person!! Come back here as often as you want.

    > PetitBrin. I was not sure about this picture and I was apparently right! I will explain later with additionnal pictures taken from a wider angle.

  4. at least the sky looks brazilian, that's for sure...

  5. Merci pour votre post!
    (Obrigado por seu post!)
    Bienvenue au Brésil
    São Paulo - Brasil