Friday, September 23, 2005

New streetcar in Paris

Do you remember the Petite Ceinture photo ? If yes you know that, before, there was a train line around Paris that is now closed. To replace it there is a bus line but very soon part of it will also be replaced by a Streetcar (a tramway in "French"!). It is being built at the moment - as you can see on this photo - and will be delivered in 2006. If you want to know more I suggest you pay a visit to this great animation (high speed connection highly recommended!) and/or to the website (in French) they created for the occasion. You can also have a sneak preview of the delivery of the first train of this line being delivered here (very unusual...).


  1. i love tram. it looks like the one in strasbourg.

  2. Hi Eric
    I am impressed by your modern light rail
    I live in Melbourne Australia and we have an integrated tramway/light rail network that is very much one of the symbols of our city. You will grow to love them as we do


  3. Il est beau!!! Qu'en disent les Parisiens?

    It's beautiful! How did the Parisians react?

  4. Beautiful photo, Eric.

    How react the parisians ? Always the same : 50% pro, 50% cons... Or something like that.
    The building of that streetcar infrastructure consequence is a lot of problems for driving in the south of Paris. Circulation conditions are worst than ever.
    But, on the contrary, it certainly will be a great plus for public transportation when at work.
    For sure, not all of parisians (and people living in Paris' surburbs but obliged to go to work in Paris with their car) called that streetcar desire...

  5. mais que j'ai marre de travaux pour le tram...les embouteillages et bouchons et tout ca sont trop ennyuant....

    mais ce sera formidable quand c'est fini!

  6. Salut Eric:

    pas de trackbacks ici ?

  7. Loic and Eric, pour faire des trackbacks avec Blogspot, il faut installer un truc supplementaire de chez "Haloscan"

    C'est gratuit, mais ca marche pas toujours tres bien, attention.

  8. Isido, thanks, 50%/50% I understand and this time, I think I'll keep quiet as to whether I think it is or isn't a good thing from the perspective of a French expat ;-)

    I think Manhattan (and Paris) went through the same thing when they were building the Metro system.

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