Friday, September 02, 2005

Sun bathing on Paris roofs

Quite a contrast with yesterday's photo. This young lady is taking advantage of a "natural terrace" which is actually the top of the Passage Verdeau (a sort of shopping mall that was created in the 19th century) that I will show you from the inside one of these days. So quiet you could hear a fly...


  1. Ah, a little voyeurism I see! ;-)

    You are very right about the strong contrast between this and your last post.

  2. I was struck first by the lines and geometry contrasting with the burst of colour and nature, before recognising the woman lying on the roof. It's wonderful, well done!

  3. Another amazing shot, for the very reasons Julia outlined in her comment.

  4. well shot indeed.

    am no expert in woman, but she looks pretty pretty...