Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wedding day!

On some special occasions - like a wedding - people rent old luxury cars like this one and they go through Paris in search of a nice area to take photos. I took this shot at Le Louvre but could not see the just married couple!
I love the balance between the car , the pedestrian and the bike, just entering the picture...


  1. How fortuitous, the pedestrian is also wearing white !
    I like the way you keep your subjects anonymous.

  2. and no dog poop on that sidewalk either! ;-)

  3. A real life blink (does this expression exist ????).
    > Tomate : LOL

  4. Isido, you mean "clin d'oeil"? I don't know; can't think of a good word now. I'd translate by "post card" which is about the same idea. Anybody?

  5. > Tomate, in fact, I was thinking "un instant de vie", but this means that my translation was worst than I thought...

  6. Isido: How about a glimpse? A peek?

    La traduction c'est pas mon fort, en fait.

    Bon, allez, je ne veux pas inonder le Blog d'Eric de messages irrelevant :-)

  7. Photo is great, that is for sure...

    We also loved the balance.