Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Collage, rue Quincampoix

I came across this "graffiti" yesterday evening rue Quincampoix (3rd arrondissement). The term Graffiti is actually improper for it is actually more a collage (a patchwork of different pieces of cardboard) than an actual drawing on the wall. Although I have no idea of what it means exactly I have found it quite interesting. If any of you knows who made it - and if there are several of those in Paris - please let me know.

Update! Thanks to Roswitha, we know now who hides behind this work. VLP stands for Vive La Peinture and you should definitely pay a visit to their blog.


  1. I love your photos.
    I see stuff like that when I walk around Paris of course but would never think of taking a photo. My mind keeps the moment however.

  2. Eric, is it a play on words? Je m'en fiche vs. J'affiche? I don't know, but I agree with la_photographe. Good shot.

  3. I don't know but I like it! I googled VLP but didn't find anything real convincing except
    "Virtual Learning Portal" but somehow I don't think that's it. Anyone?

  4. sorry, don't know who makes those. this is a great picture, I love reading your blog, everytime. I've been living here all my life and still, I see new things and rediscover this city through your photographs.

  5. Il me semble avoir aperçu un collage assez similaire sur un mur face à la bibliothèque François Mitterrand, pas très loin du bâtiment entièrement tagué et graffé. Il avait attiré mon attention.

  6. Nice to see your blog is becoming so popular Eric. Keep the nice pictures coming.

  7. Michael, I am studying french, but do not know these words. Can you explain your comment about a possible play on words? This is a very interesting piece of "graffiti".

  8. lareveuse-> I'm not an expert, but "Je m'en fiche" means something along the lines of "I don't give a damn" whereas "J'affiche" could be a play on the writing they have on some walls "Pas d'affiche" ("no postings") therefore I'm asking a french person to tell me if that could be the joke. Of course, I have no idea!

  9. Eric...where are you to answer these philosophical questions?!

  10. hi eric,
    you could try the following website for more pictures of graffiti and you might actually arrange to meet Roswitha.

    She might know who the artist is.

    I continue to enjoy your photos of Paris. Thanks for keeping me connected to my favorite city.

  11. Hello everybody, sorry to come back to you so late.

    Well Kad, that is interesting a thing to know but I really wonder if it's the same artist.

    Tomate I did too (Google) but I did not find anything either...

    Michael. No I don't think it's a play on these workds. It does not sound so in French anyway. Nice try though!!

    Thank you Jessie. Always a pleasure to hear compliments. Irene and La Photographe too.

    Kelley, tank you for the link but I cannot see anything on the site??

    OK. I have to leave you I have to wake up at 6 and it's 1:10 already!

  12. Hi !

    I'm Roswitha from Paris and that's true that i love graffitis, stencils on the walls.
    I have pictures of them on my website

    So, that's true too that i know the artists who have done this new creation on ze wall rue Quincampoix

    Their name : VLP (VIVE LA PEINTURE) and here the link to their new blog

    Have Fun

    Roswitha from Paris