Sunday, December 04, 2005

Photos for charity

Yesterday evening I went to a charity organised by two friends of mine (Olivier Grunewald and Bernadette Gilbertas) whom I admire a lot for their lifestyle. Olivier is a world renowned photographer and Bernadette, his companion, is a talented geographer and writer. Together they travel the world and the seven seas and come back with wonderful photos and stories. Yesterday they organised an "Atelier sales" to make some room and collect money for the WWF, Reporters without Borders and Handicap International. Needless to say, it was a big success. Do have a glimpse at their latest book, even if the text is in French, the photographs are enjoyable by all.


  1. A great book that I own. They are both very talented artists.

  2. merci pour le recommendation. I love Amazon 1-Click. Their books seem wonderful and the Namib Desert is beautiful...haven't been there ...I have a geology book about it...'The Namib Sand Sea'. Happy Sunday to everyone from sunny So Cal. We're having Santa Ana winds today.

  3. Eric, do you know when their next expo will be?