Friday, December 30, 2005

Snow again

It's been a long time since we have had a "real" winter. Not only is it cold (well for us, not for Pensylvanians of course!!) but on top of that it is regularly snowing. It's really unusual in Paris and I simply love it even if it makes it difficult to run my bike.


  1. Your friendly ski resort weather reporter here... we hit -30 on the top, with winds of 55kph = effective temperature of -60C. Ouch!

  2. What??? I am off to the ALps tomorrow morning!! Gee, thanks for the report anyway. I just heard the radio we're all France will be covered in snow today...

  3. You poor things! And look at that poor guy, all bundled up! Let me tell you, I don't miss that Parisian weather one bit.

    Snow is kind of cute, but brrrrrr.... and besides, if memory serves, snow in the streets of Paris doesn't stay white very long at all :-(

    Very, very cool picture, though! Thank you! What street is it? It looks kind of familiar but I can't put my finger on it.

  4. En Normandie, il neige aussi beaucoup et c'est magnifiquement beau.

  5. Brrrrrr to everybody. I hate to rub it in, but we had to turn the air conditioning back on again yesterday here in South Florida.

    Eric, I'm sure you'll do something about sending that snow away before I come back to Paris Sunday, right? Right?

    Great photo (as usual), but where was it taken?

    Ham, where are you skiing?

  6. Des chuttes de neige de puis 3 jours, et -9.3°c au compteur en bourgogne !! Brrrrr

  7. Michael, I'm in Val Thorens, leaving tomorrow if I can get off the mountain!! Off to hit the mountain one last time now.

  8. Yes, it's nice to see snow in Paris, as it's so rare these days. I remember ten years ago it was much more common and I've be traipsing off to work dodging the slush and sludge piling up on the pavements and in the gutters.

    It's true that I'm quite happy to be cocooned in my cozy little Parisian studio, now that they've decided to turn the collective heating on at last. You've inspired me to get the last lot of my 'Paris Knows' shots up on the blog! Cheers, Eric, and have a great holiday. Hope to meet you soon, and Michel, why not get together when you come over?! At my photo evening at Shakespeare & Co? All welcome! - Sab

  9. > Tomate. It's rue Lafayette towards the 10th arrondissement. It never snows in SF, right?

    > Anna. Oui, j'étais à Trouville hier matin, la plage était totalement blanche c'était superbe.

    > Michael. Actually it's supposed to warm up a little over the week-end. Hopefully not in Tignes! I go there tomorrow morning.

    > Arnaud. Presque - 10° ?! Mais c'est pire que Montreal ;))

    >Sab. Thank you. I will definitely come to your Shakespeare gathering later on this month.

  10. Snow in Paris? Excellent! The weather has been a bit weird here, in Western PA, quite cold through most of December, with quite a bit of snow (and I do not live in those areas, like Erie, where they get "lake effect snow"), and then it got warmish (well, in the high 40's, low 50's (Farenheit, of course - 50 is about 10 degrees celsius.) This morning, it is snowing just a tad.

    I am leaving for a week long trip to Tucson, Arizona, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Salt Lake City, Utah, tomorrow. I just checked the forecast. Highs in the high 60's/low 70's for Tucson and Las Cruces, and in the high 40's for Salt Lake. Now, I have to figure out what to pack...

  11. Eric,
    Elisabeth is correct about the weird December we had. They said it was one of the coldest in a while--about 10 degrees colder than "normal" and we had about twice as much snow as usual, too. We heard on TV that February is supposed to be spring-like. I think I will believe that when I feel the warmth. Enjoy your ski trip. And try to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate around the fire later! Happy New Year.

  12. Dear Eric,
    I love the reflected image of the man in the crosswalk and the captured snow flakes floating down! Great shot. Enjoy your holiday in the mountains. We just returned from a trip to the Colorado River area of the Mojave Desert--it was 85F on Christmas Day! We are glad to be back in the cooler climbs of Seattle where it is mild but raining. In the SF Bay Area of CA, where we moved from earlier this year, they are preparing for flooding in the North Bay area, and I heard the Rose Parade in Pasadena will have rain on New Years Day for the first time in 50 years. . .sigh. Via your blog, everyday we can be in Paris, no matter what the weather. Thank you!

  13. Thank you everyone for wishing me a nice vacation time. Actually it may start badly ; trains may be stopped because of the snow...

    By the way, just to make sure, there will stil be a picture of Paris everyday here, of course... (do you think I would leave you without you daily dose of Paris images??)

    That is all for now I have to go back packing!

    I won't be able to reply to your comments as easily though (I don't do much anyway some will argue...) for I doubt very much there will be a wi-fi hotspot in our cabin but one never knows!

  14. Bon ski! Glad it's not me! TOO COLD! Have a blast!

  15. nice shot, love your photos, great idea, i wish baltimore was as beautifulk as paris,

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