Friday, May 05, 2006

No more parking on the sidewalk

Since a lot of you mentioned the word tickets after yesterday's post, I thought of this photo that I took a couple of days ago on a scooter. Due to the new anti car policy of the Paris mayor, the number of 2 wheel vehicles has skyrocketed. And so has the number of tickets for illegal parking on the sidewalk (35 €). Fortunately there are more and more 2 wheel vehicle parking spaces. If only they weren't totally full!


  1. On a ... scooter?!!! How obnoxious! Don't you just hate the sight of these things?!! (In meant the tickets, of course!)GRRRR!!!

    (I love the blog post, though, how funny and creative! Glad it's not my scooter.)

  2. ouaih ben il vaut rester a pied alors ou en roller comme le condé de hier héhéhé...

  3. what was the anti-car policy?

  4. Oh, they'll just keep on making their money any way they can...

  5. I just hope that was not on your Scooter Eric, or this photo blog might turn into an expensive past time.

    You won't get any tickets here Birthday Girl on her new bike at least I didn't see any police around!!

  6. Hehehe scooters are really a pain in the a** anywhere in the world!

  7. those scooters that are rain ready crack me up. the ones that have roofs but no doors.

    i love seeing the scooters and motorcylists ride right up on the sidewalk to go to an ATM. i don't remember what they're called in france, but it's the bnp's and the caisse epargne's.

  8. Even bicylces are towed away:

  9. Well, let's hope Paris doesn't want to have an anti-scooter policy, too. Because somehow, when they weren't in Paris, I'd miss them somehow.
    They just make the city life so much more lively. =)

  10. A parking ticket in my little town is only $5.00, I think, and people got very upset when they went up from $3.00! On the university campus, they are $15.00, though.

  11. There was a "Scooter Corral" at the end of the street from my hotel when I was in Paris last month. It wasn't there when I was there in September, so I asked the conceirge about it. He replied that the apartments down the street had converted a spot of their front walk for scooters so people wouldn't get tickets. It was funny to see all the scooters inside a little fence.

  12. So Eric~

    How do you get around Paris...on a scooter too?

    Hope this wasn't your ticket!

    Have a great's the weather these days? I MISS PARIS!!!


    Ame ;-)

  13. My wife and I were in Paris for a long stay just 3 weeks ago. We rented a scooter for our entire stay. We had the time of lives! In our first 30 minutes, I drove the wrong way down 2 one-way streets (I think all streets are one-way in Paris!). After regaining my confidence with the help of a glass of wine for me and a Xanax for my wife, we braved Paris and enjoyed it as we never have before.

  14. So Eric, you didn't tell this a ticket YOU received? Are the stains from a visit to McDo's?

  15. When I stayed across la Seine from Notre Dame, the traffic was so loud you couldn't hear the bells. I kept imagining how wonderful it would be if you just heard the "whoosh" of many bicycles riding by. You could get quite a few bikes in the parking spaces, too.

  16. I bet it was his ticket! Either that or he took someone else's ticket and laid it on a nice black background to take the picture, then put it back on the scooter of the person who got the ticket!

  17. bonjour

    où est ce exactement que tu t'ai pris cette prune (histoire de prévenir !)

  18. > Tomate. Thanks I really wondered before posting it. After all it's only a ticket, nothing fancy!

    > Terra Vecchia. Exact, mais un jour ils mettront des contraventions aux rollers!

    > Paradise. Anti car policy is roughly making the life of car drivers impossible (they narrow the streets, reduce the number of parking sapces, etc.)

    > Wilf. No it was not. I drive a motorbike - and I do have tickets from time to time but much less than when I used to have a car.

    > Anne. Well, they are ideal in a big city like Paris in my opinion.

    > Barista. I do that with my bike (go to the ATM). I know I'm lazy!

    > Pinky. Incredible. Amazing!

    > Moonsoleil. Well they have been talking abouy it (and especially have scooter and motorbike owners pay for the parking but thay are probably afraid of doing that (there is a pretty strong 2 wheel vehicle owner lobby here)

    > Chris. Oh yeah these cams. Here they started installing them 2 years ago but they are pretty popular because they do save lives.

    > Elisabeth. $5 for a parking ticket. That's a bargain! Here that's what you pay for an hour of parking!

    > Breadchic. I love this expression: sccoter Coral! that is exactly what it looks like actually.

    > Ame. On a motorbike and the weather is just perfect at the moment. Sorry you miss Paris... But I understand!

    > Bob. So true!

    > Anonymous. That is really brave, bravo! Now you have to try Naples...

    > Michael. Nope, it's not my ticket. And it's rain you can see (the black part is actually the seat of the scooter)

    > Carol. Nope.

    > La rêveuse. There are more and more bycicle here actually. But I am too old for that!

    > Soosha. It was this poor guy's (or girl's) ticket. I just liked the way it looked on the seat.

    > ANonymous. Honnêtement maintenant on peut en avoir partout. Mais j'ai pris cette photo sur les grands boulevards.

  19. Éric, I'm a couple of years older than you, and I ride a bicycle everywhere (except when there is a lot of snow). To stay in shape! I'm not an athlete; I am small and a bit plump. All the more reason to stay in shape!

    In Amsterdam, you see people of ALL ages riding bicycles. I've seen people who must have been 80 riding them. Admittedly, not many hills... But in Paris and Montréal, it is possible to walk your bike up all but the highest hills (your Montmartre and Buttes-Chaumont, our so-called "mountain".

  20. it's always been my dream to ride through the paris streets on a moped....preferably with a good looking tour guide as well :-)