Sunday, May 07, 2006

Paris Postcards

Postcards dispenser (the main one shows the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre) in the Passage Jouffroy (9th arrondissement).


  1. "nyc taxi shots" : women?!

    nice shot, eric....i have officially started the countdown--exactly 40 more days until PARIS!

    j'ai hate!!!

  2. Oh eric, would you consider sending me a postcard from Paris? Oh that would be just the coolest thing ever! Maybe the Louvre or an awesome fountain or ...oh, something that is so Paris, but isn't the Eiffel Tower.

    Of course I know that's asking a bit much and you certainly can feel free to say no, especially if this causes a bunch of people to go "Hey yeah, me too!" I would never think bad of you if you did want to say no!

  3. Having grown up in a "tourist" spot myself (in Boca Raton, Florida), I can certainly appreciate the power of the postcard! A wonderfully inventive photo!

    I added some new pix to my blog if anyone is interested. Spring has sprung at last in the mountains!

  4. P.S. Once I posted my comment I noticed that once again you managed to pick up the color red of the woman's dress in the background with the red on the postcard - just how do you do it? Anyway, since it's spring, I'd like to request a kind of romantic picnic photo - a couple with the food, wine, park, etc. What do you think?!

  5. Hey Eric,
    this picture has a great athmosphere, like telling little story of its own.
    I agree with blondetown, it's fantastic that the woman in the background wears the same red like the person on the postcard. Maybe it's her?!
    I love your pictures, they always make me imagine short stories... thank you!

  6. Do people still buy postcards? With digital cameras, emails etc...They do look stunning, but I would think its even more special if you took the picture yourself?

  7. Great shot Eric! Those postcards look beautiful!

  8. Eric, this is one cool shot,now why coudn't I have thought of that!

  9. Vive la Commune!

    Seriously, le Sacré-Coeur really is a monument to kitch, when one thinks of all the wonderful churches and other religious architecture in Paris. Fun take on it though.

    J'adore les Passages. Est-ce que vous connaissez les écrits de Walter Benjamin sur les Passages de Paris?

    Suppose I should write in English so everyone understands. Once I was walking through a Passage with an elderly friend who was in a maquis during the Second World War; at the time a cinema team was filming and there were a young man and woman dressed as a soldier and girl from the wartime era. Quite a scene; I imagine you'd have made a lovely photo from that!

    I certainly buy postcards in Paris; near the Centre Pompidou, in the Quartier latin etc there are many shops with a wide variety of quality art postcards - I'd love to see some of Eric's photos in their collections. But I like the deliberate use of really clichéd tourist views in this photo!

  10. When I used to do stock photography a fellow photographer once told me that when you go visit a new city, town, area always go buy a set of postcards and study where they have been taken from. You will then know the locations of where to get the best shots.

    But don’t worry you are not copying other peoples work because each photographer will have his own interpretation of the scene being photographed, and no two photographs are ever the same.

    Nice shot Eric.

  11. Nice photo with the focus on the postcards. I love writing postcards!

  12. oh, i like how you composed this shot ! Great!

  13. > Nyc taxi shots. Women??

    > Nahal... 40 days! That is nothing. Bravo!

    > Soosha. No PB Soosha. You asked 1st afetr all, so you deserve it! Give me your address (send it to eric at parisdailyphoto.c o m)

    > Blondetown. I sent to Boca Raton once and I looooooved it. But that was a long time ago, I was young! Saw your pics. You are into animals aren't you?! I love the horses (well ponies), there are so beautiful (OK, not as beautiful as your cats and dogs, of course ;))

    > Blondetown 2. Pure coincidence this time ;) I did not even notice it until you mentionned it. No remantic picnic this WE, it's pooring!

    > Moonsoleil. Thank you (can you send us a little bit of your "soleil" please...)

    > Marieta. Yes people still do. It's not the same as a photo you take yourself. Plus, it shows you made THE EFFORT of picking it up in the shop, drop a couple of - silly - lines like "whish you were here!", look for a stamp i (and in a foreign country we ALL know this can be tricky!) and mail it. How does that compare to taking a snapshop and bore all your friends and neighbours once your back with a "come to dinner next Saturday we'll show you our pics from Paris" party? Cynical, me ?! LOL.

    > Anne. Thanks.

    > Mark. LOL! Actually it's not very original, I saw similar ones several times already, but thank you.

    > Lagatta. Non, je ne connais pas Walter Benjamin, mais j'aime bien les passages aussi (j'habite DANS un passage). And these passages have an interesting history, I will take more photos of them in the furtire I think.

    > Wilf. Thanks. Actually, precisely with this blog I did not want to take "postcard" photos but normal daily life shots.

    > Nicola. So you're one of those too!

    > Fotoaddist. Thank you very much.

  14. Eric, I'm glad to hear you say you're taking normal daily life photos. That's what I'm trying to do and my son keeps asking me why I'm taking pictures of "all the boring stuff". I told him we consider it boring because we see it every day but someone living in another country is getting a glimpse into our daily lives. His answer is "It's still boring" LOL! he's a teenager.

  15. Hi Eric, In fact I did not mean to suggest that what you photograph is post card type of images. I know from your style and excellent images it is the exact opposite – your photos portray everyday life and scenes that you come across in your lovely city of Paris. This is why I love your style so much. You have a good eye!

    I was just relating a little piece of advice given to me (a long time ago) about visiting somewhere new for the first time. A little anecdote if you like, which I still adhere to.

    Keep those great images coming………… All the best, Wilf.

  16. >>Do people still buy postcards? >>

    Most assuredly! Just received one from a British friend sent from Paris.

    I always send postcards when travelling. It's fun to look through them and find just the right ones!

    People still write and send letters too.


  17. Marieta: I agree with Eric and Ujima. I always buy postcards when I travel. And yes, finding the stamps, the mailbox and remembering the addresses and trying to think of something to write is kind of a pain. But they do make people happy for a split second when they go through their stack bills and junk mail and find an unexpected postcard in there.

    Unlike digital pictures and films you take, postcards are actually intended "for the recipient" whereas snapshop you take are more for you and usually do nothing more than make other people green with envy (well, in most cases ;-) )

    I only have one question... Why are postcards so dang expensive in Paris?!! (sigh) ... in San Francisco, you can still find perfectly good looking and recent shots of the city for about 35 cents if I'm not mistaken?

  18. This recalls me of this photo from other paris blogger:

    I buy postcards too when I travel.

  19. Fantastic shot Eric. I love writing (and receiving!) postcards- it's a must when travelling. Btw, I am visiting Paris again this summer- so excited!!!

  20. Bonjour everyone:

    What I have done on many trips over the years is the following.

    If shooting film, I pick out some of the 4x6 prints and scibe a line down the middle of the rear of the print. On the left I write a message, just like on a standard postcard. On the right I enter the address and apply a stamp in the upper right hand corner and drop them in a mailbox.

    They always get through. People love them because they are unique and never like a standard postcard.

    Steve in Chicago

  21. Tu ne t 'es pas foulé pour celle-ci dis moi !

  22. nice photo again, Eric !! thanks for the address of spirit-of-paris blog, Siva... excellent photos too !! such a pleasure to be able to see the works (oeuvres!) of the others with a simply click. Thanks for internet !! Really, appreciate all you bloggers' works, which give us moments of joy, and chance to witness of the movement of our world.