Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good luck Les Bleus

I am not a big soccer fan but when it comes to the world cup I kind of get more involved... Friday night Germany won over Argentina and today (Saturday) France is playing Brazil at 7 pm GMT. Needless to say that everybody will be glued to their TV screen... And if Les Bleus (our national team) win, masses of Parisians will head to the Champs Elysées like last Tuesday, after France won over Spain. I was not there, but my friend and very good photographer, Yannick Duvergé was, and he took this photo and some others. (Photo : Yannick Duvergé © 2006)


  1. Allez, Les Bleus!

    Good luck against Brasil! See you in the final! :)

  2. Good shot Yannick! I especially like the one with the Champagne popping out of the bottle. Good capture!

    Allez les Bleus!

  3. I would prefer to watch this month next Sunday, but ... this is football and the reason we simply adore it!
    I say "Let the best team win",
    my wife says "Allez, allez, allez les bleus"

  4. Sûr qu'une bonne partie de la France va être devant son écran ce soir. Je sens que l'ambiance sera très tendue, je croise les doigts et suis de tout coeur avec Zidane et toute son équipe (bien que le foot ne me passionne pas particulièrement d'habitude. La coupe du monde, c'est différent.)
    Très jolie photo (la plus belle du lot, à mon goût). I see "Monsieur" a de bonnes relations :) (joking)

  5. i was lucky enough to be in france when you beat spain on was hard to sleep though with all the horns from the cars! our coach driver even joined in and tooted people in cars, in bars and on the street as we drove back to the hotel! it's nice to be able to join in with these kind of celebrations...when it comes to football, scotland has never had much to celebrate!

  6. This evening Paris is gonna be empty...
    Everybody will watching TV !!

    France must win, to play the final against Germany.
    (le retour de la vengeance de Seville 82)

    And then there will be some good pics to take in the Champs-Elysées !

  7. very good, i will visit your blog continously, i hope i can visit france soon, i will touch eiffel tower, i hope!!!

    greetings from peru...

  8. Eric/Yannick, this is an excellent photo. I sure hope to see more after tonight's match! Quiet here you think people are beginning their Fourth of July holiday early?

  9. Nice photo! Good luck in today's match!

  10. What an artistic photo, good luck with Brazil.

  11. 10:14 p.m. 2nd Half

    France 1 - Brazil 0 !!!

  12. 10:52 p.m.

    It's Over!

    For Brazil that is!!!!

    France wins 1 - 0 !!!!!!

  13. Congratulations! The French fans are even celebrating here in Trier! With fireworks! Great game and a great goal by Henry!

  14. I feel like celebrating...unfortunately my husband spent 2 years living in I must celebrate quietly. :)

  15. Félicitations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I imagine I won't get much sleep tonight. The horns are blaring and the people screaming and dancing in the streets. It's not even the end, so hopefully the enthusiasm will last!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I think France will reach the final!!!!!!

  18. congratulations to france! portugal should be a tough match.

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