Monday, July 03, 2006

I saw the light...

Enough football for a while (well until wednesday!)... On my way home from work, I came across this cool lighting store at 31 boulevard Raspail. FontanaArte, founded in 1932 by Gio Ponti, is apparently known for its lighting fixtures, glass objects, and furnishings created for many famous designers and architects. All I know is that I like this photo!


  1. Beautiful! I like it also.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how you took this angle Eric. Really cool and you know how to make ordinary things interesting.

  3. another cool photo eric. i think you have the greatest stores in paris.

  4. how about nice chic restaurant / cafe pics!

  5. This *is* a great picture, Eric! Restaurants,cafés we know.

    Paris's new Musée du Quai Branly seems almost engineered to ignite controversy.Audio slide show:

  6. Paris… lumière…
    Eric, when at last will you give up all these clichés !!! Un peu d'imagination que Diable !!!


  7. If you're not nice Nasty GG, you may not get anything for your birthday coming up!!

  8. Il n'est pas obligé de regarder,
    le vilain p'tit gg.
    Show us YOUR beautiful "clichés" gg :)

  9. Hey, Michael - my birthday is coming up, too (le vingt-huit juilliet), so I'll be sure to only post nice comments!

    "Lovely photo, as always!"

    I'm just saying...

  10. Eric, you have a way of posting about things that I adore- fountains, cow sculptures, euro archetecture, bridges, and now lamps! I love lamps and I love light. This pictures is amazing. That and the picture over on Dijon daily just made my day complete!

  11. > Luggi, Michael, Natalie, Louis. Thak you that is always nice to hear.

    > Kim. We do not hate americans!! And I'd love to come to Portland - although I hear the weather is kind of rainy...

    > Rafael. Some stores are very nice, but it's not the only place. What about NYC?

    > Anonymous. OK, that is a good idea, I will. Thank you.

    > Ujima. See jhow difficult it is to please everyone! Anonymous wants cafés and restaurants and you say you know them already! (Anonymous specified "Chic" and this I have not done too much yet.

    > Nasty GG. Like Michael said, watch out or you will have nothing for your birthday!!

    > My Lagan love. Bien dit !

    > Buzzgirl. Oh, so you are going to be 25 in a month?! I won't miss that...

    > Soosha. Well thank you so much. And as a sheer coincidence I am the one who posted the pic on Dijon this morning for Arnaud is away.

  12. haha! Good to know I can count on you have pictures pertaining to my greatest interests, no matter what the blog!

  13. Bonjour Eric:

    Thank you for including the url for FontanaArte. WOW! what great illumination devices!

    I have included this boutique in my list of places to visit upon my next visit to Paris.


    Steve in clear and sunny Chicago

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