Sunday, July 16, 2006

Steve Jobs' muse?

This sculpture, “La femme aux pommes” (Woman with apples), can be found in front of the Palais du Sénat in the Luxembourg gardens. Sculpture Jean Terzieff (1894 – 1978), came to France from Russia in 1919 and studied at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The best part of seeing this sculpture live is to see all of the women who pose in imitation of it for photos…albeit with their clothes on!


  1. Looks like her boyfriend is snoring and she is ready to make a basket of his gaping mouth.

    By the way, I wonder if the sculptor Jean Terzieff had the same model for his sculpture as the sculptor Aristide Maillol had for his sculpture here:

  2. I think that my daughter posed in front of this statue last summer. It looks very familiar. Thanks!

  3. Another wonderful photo - I loved yesterday's fireworks!

    Funny caption contest at today -- all are welcome!

  4. Percy, LOL! It really does look like she's about to pitch one in his gullet.
    And Eric, I get your caption even if aonymous is puzzled. Really rich brown and taupe tones set off by the white, black and bits of green and yellow for sparkle. I love it!

  5. Steve Job's muse is quite a well-built lady! Great title with the photo Eric!

  6. Funny, Percy!

    Anonymous: Steve Jobs of Apple Computers.

    Rumor has it he actually got "inspired" by the Beatles Apple label. In fact, I'm pretty sure Steve Jobs got sued for that recently by the British Apple company but they lost.

  7. Excellent sculpture! A must see in my next visit!
    Thank you!

  8. Excellent title Eric. Made me want to read to see what you were talking about. I'm not sure how many people take the time to read the captions (it's good that they're short), but there's a lot to learn.

    Debs--> yes, Megan did make a fabulous photo in front of this (albeit much more beautiful of course!).

  9. Hi Eric! Nice photo! I would love to see a lady who will imitate her all the way! Hehehe :)

    By the won you know! Of course your title was very out of the ordinary...and I love how you connect it to music! But you should tell me which 70's album you were talking about coz I don't have any idea!

    Drop me an e-mail at for your price :)

  10. Hi, Eric,

    An interesting tidbit of information you've provided here. (Kind of a funny sculpture.)

  11. Great peace of art and funny story about women.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment at my DP.

  12. Eric, unfortunately, the only Muse de Stéphane Travaux is MONEY.

    Apple computers are great, Apple company is a mess. For 20 years this is my business, and i can tell i'm noyt proud of it. Don't tell my mother i sell Macs, she thinks i'm a kind of photographer :(

  13. And I believe that Jean Terzieff was the father of the actor Laurent Terzieff.

  14. > Percy. LOL about your first comment. Interesting question you raised with your link. That would be a funny coincidence.

    > Debs. You are right and I know someone who could provide you with this picture....

    > Jenny. Another funny caption contest? I found out too late you have a winner already! Plus I already won the Maniladailyphoto contest so...

    > Anonymous. Now you know...

    > Kim. Thank you. Well I can understand that some people don't get the title of course. Not everybody knows the computer history!

    > Lisi, she is, isn't she?

    > Tomate. I did not know about this Beattles Apple rumor. But that makes much more sense than a statue in the Luxembourg gardens!

    > Philos. Yes, I agree, a definite must see.

    > Michael. What do you mean. You don't normally read my captions??? How dare you! LOL

    > Anne. Something tells me you are going to see one... Yes I know, I saw that, I am extremely honoured! Will I get a postcard from Manila ?

    > Michael (2). LOL. I knew you would do that!

    > Luggio. Thanks Mister Luggi ;) I try my best.

    > Jazzy. You're very welcome, I try to visit as many blogs as I can but it's not always easy.

    > Chris. Oh oh, watch waht you say about Apple or you'll be excommunicated!!

    > Elisabeth. Was he? I did not know that but that is good to know, I love Laurent Terzieff.

  15. Here you go, Eric:

  16. I think Megan is going to kill me--thanks Michael! Maybe she won't read the comments. :)

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