Friday, July 28, 2006

Marilyn Monroe 's last sitting

You remember the Mickey Mouse exhibit a couple of days ago? Well today, thanks to my colleague Coralie Donas who took this picture, I'd like to show you the exhibit of another monument in the American (world?) culture: Marilyn Monroe. If your happen to be in Paris until the end of October - and if you have not seen it already in the Brooklyn Museum - don't miss this "Last Sitting" that Bern Bert Stern shot in 1962. She is more beautiful and sensual than ever on all pictures. Find out more on the musée Maillol site.


  1. Ah, Marilyn! Never was and never will be another like her!

  2. I totally agree! Rumor has it she was also a kind, gentle soul. Poor thing. I guess we'll never know what really happened to her, but one thing is for sure, people loved her then and they still do now, after all these years.

  3. Oh I wish poor insecure Marilyn knew how much people loved her and I do think she was a great actress ( this seemed to worry her the most) . It would be very interesting to see these photos.

  4. Hi Eric,

    I love your photos and your blog. What a brilliant idea!

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    With your permission, I would like to give you the honour of being the blogger linked to France. If you would like me to link to you there, please visit "A World of Bloggers" and leave a comment for me.



  5. aahhhh merveilleux,fantastique - I will be in Paris next month I must try to see this exhibition. Thanks Eric - from the young man in the 22nd row (Well Belfast actually and not so young any more).
    Keep up the good work

  6. Happy birthday mr president...

  7. Au fait, t'as deja photographie la maison de Dalida ? ca pourrait etre une idee...

  8. Went to the site and it looks fascinating. Thansk for the post!

  9. ERIC!


    I see words in FRENCH, the word Musee and a naked superstar holding huge, yellow roses over her chi-chis and I can't control myself!

    And don't get the wrong idea everyone, the chi-chis don't get me's just thinking about the whole "arty" Frenchy museum experience that does it...I STILL miss the Louvre from our APRIL trip!

    By the way, I couldn't snap enough shots of all those Greek (male) statues that line the paths in the garden at Versailles! I think someone should do them for public art the way they did the Cow Parade! I'd be there with my paintbrush faster than you can say "PAINT!" ;-)

    Almost needed CPR from ooooing and aaaaaaahing so much!

    Thank again Eric, for creating such a great place to come let down my "blog" hair!

    "Crazy Ame"

  10. Oh I've seen all the pictures in her last sitting a few months ago. She certainly was incredibly beautiful in them. I'm pretty sure I have some icons I made out of a few of the pictures somewhere. She's

  11. Bonjour:

    I know it was merely a typo by a fast typist, but......
    The photographer's name is Bert, not Bern.

    These are probably the most celebrated images of Monroe ever taken because they were made by a photographer who also had a strong graphic design background. You can tell Marilyn and Bert had a great rapport. He knew he was working with special person and did justice to her.

    Not only do you know it is Marilyn Monroe, but if you are familiar with Bert Stern's work, you know with out looking for the credit line that the images were created by him.

    Thank goodness we are lucky enough to have someone commission this shooting session with him and not a lesser talent.

    Steve in unbearable hot Chicago.

  12. Ce devait etre une expo magnifique...
    Il s'en passe tellement à Paris!! arrgh ^^