Friday, August 11, 2006

Still hot in Paris!

Paris, the city of love? Well, yes... So it seems! Things have changed since Doisneau's baiser de l'hôtel de ville!


  1. Very evocative, Eric. I think I prefer the earlier, seemingly spontaneous clutch - so much more "let's go back to my place" ! Your modern couple leave nothing much to the imagination! Isn't there a claim that Doineau's photo was posed? That makes yours more special!

  2. Of course this is Paris. In Antigua things are little calmer. I feel the thermometer raising. Nevertheless, check my lover photos of Antigua.

  3. Holy cow, people! Get a room! I hope someone turned a hose on these two. Sheesh.

  4. si ce n'est que le baiser de l'hotel de ville reste a tous jamais un montage photographique...

  5. Oh, la la la la.

    (Sally: You might be thinking of Eisenstat's photo of a sailor kissing a girl in Time Square on VJ day.)

  6. Watch out Eric!! This one is edging on x-rated. (smile)

  7. Ah, young love.. or would you call that lust? Whatever you call it, it's beautiful.

  8. Why only 'young' love? Or is it that the love is young? You're only pretty as you feel, or as young or as old or as special. Hey, that looks like fun to me. If you haven't done this for a while, you definitely are an old fuddy duddy. Hose, indeed. Shame on you, Buzzgirl: have you looked at your icon lately? Get on it, people! (Or, on her, or him, to your preference!) Whee! Yeah!

  9. I love it, Eric! I took a very similar picture last year in the Luxembourg Gardens (although not 'quite' as risque') and it's perhaps my favourite shot from our trip. Hey, Paris is the city of love and they're fully clothed, so what?
    She is smokin hot, though, from this angle.

    And she may not, but I look at Buzzgirl's icon all the time!! ;-))

  10. Wow, such a passion!! well taken!! ( i mean clicked!! ;-))

  11. What's the fuss all about? He didn't even tie his shoes!

  12. Mon Dieu!!! La photo Scandaleuse!...LOL! ;-) la France j'adore!

  13. Hehehe looks really hot hot hot!

  14. Michael - I would never have noticed those untied shoes!

    When I lived in France, I never used to be bothered by PDAs (Public Displays of Affection), and even did partake in a few myself :o). After 30+ years of living in the U.S., I do a double take anytime I see people making out in public, and my first thought is usually "get a room, already!"

    But, Eric, this is a great great shot, there is tons of life in it.

  15. I just can say : Again !

  16. Sally, Doisneau's photo appears in a book I have and the commentary confirms it was posed. (Luggi, the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square on VJ day is reportedly NOT posed.)
    And since Eric didn't mention any film crews being nearby when he snapped this, perhaps we can assume it, too, was unscripted. Um. . . nice B&W, Eric ;^).

  17. Sally,
    It was indeed posed. They were actors. Doisneau was doing a series about young love in Paris for a magazine. But the cool thing about the photo is that he was sitting down at a table so you get the feel of a stolen glance.

    Great job, Eric! Who can resist love in Paris?

  18. I hope the girl noticed that her boyfriend is wearing "just do it" Nike shoes...

    About Paris being the "City of Love" ahem... I think I better leave that one alone! ;)

  19. LOL, Tomate - "just do it!"

    Also, as for Paris being the city of love: I'll just recuse myself from that discussion after my last trip there...

  20. I've learned a lot here. (Thanks, Kim. Sorry, Sally.)

  21. Maybe he was just preventing her from falling but then again, maybe they should get a room. Great photo.

  22. Good call, tomate farcie. But oh, to be young, and in love, in Paris, oblivious to the world (and to photographers) around you!

  23. As to the shoes, maybe he's just put them back on after having them..."knocked" off along with his socks!! (Only the right one is untied.)

    Cristina: Love the Winged Victory.

  24. Funny, I just shot the same kinda picture at the park last saturday. was very romantic as well. i guess love is always beautiful...

  25. Don't lovers ever object to your snaps at them, guys?
    I wouldn't dare to take people's photo: I am such a coward!

  26. moino: I don't think these 2 ever noticed the camera, do you? ;)

    By the way, I do too, love the black and white on that picture. Good, good shot, Eric! :)

  27. Oh, that reminds me, I have a question for our US buddies: where does the expression "French kissing" comes from? And why do you call it "French" kissing if everybody else in the world does it? Just curious :-D

  28. Voici Tomate...I couldn't resist!! Excuse moi svp!?? LOL!! We need to meet in SF for a coffee sometime, and discuss our favorite blog...PDP?!!

    Tongue kiss
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (Redirected from French kissing)

  29. Well well well...given the number of comments on the Maria Callas post, and this more provocative shot, I think I should add a few key words to see how many others are searching the web for love.


  30. LOL! Well, I think I need to go hang out in Paris for a while! Ok ok, so I am an American and I simply cannot offer any other explanation as to why we call it "French Kissing"; perhaps someone saw it there for the first time (lol or experienced it?) and decided to coin it "French". Or perhaps we are jealous of France! We call lots of things French, oddly. French bread, French braids, French onion soup, French Fries (obviously has nothing to do with France), and heck, we even say "Excuse my French" when we, who knows...lolol

    Great photo, very provocative!

  31. OH MY! Brilliant photo, Eric. It takes me back to my honeymoon, where we spent way too much time on a bench in the Luxembourg Gardens.

    I tell everyone who's never been to Paris - go with your lover and no one else! AT least for the first trip. Don't bring the children, nor you friends or a schedule. Just wander the city and enjoy being in love. Hold hands. Kiss on every street corner.

  32. Hi everyone. I am happy everyone enjoyed this photo (unless those who felt offended did not comment), after all this is also Paris!

    Jeff, you're right this should not be reserved to the young...

    And LOL Tomate for the "Just do it"!

    And Moino, Tomate is right. They did not really pay attention to my camera! (And I published a photo where their face is hidden).

  33. That's funny Jennifer, in France they call a French Manicure a
    "pose d'ongles americains" (American manicure) and "quart d'heure americain" is the same as the American Sadie Hawkins dance.

  34. Eric! You mean to tell me that Tomate gets credit for the shoes?! I'm jealous ;-)

  35. I don't Michael, it's only the "Just do it" that made me laugh. But of course I did notice you're the only one who noticed his shoe was untied. LOL

  36. That's okay. Tomate knows I love her anyway.

    And besides, I just looked at the site T0P 100 bloggers and see that you are listed as #9! Who can argue with you? Not bad, not bad at all!

  37. You wanna see more of this? Come hang out on my street. We live on a quiet, short and wide avenue with benches, and they are occupied (like this) nearly every day when it's warm. They don't even notice my dog sniffing them as we walk by! I guess you could call it "Inspiration Point". :)

  38. i am in a romantic relationship with the streets of Paris....

    and have been for some time now.

    but i guess a nice French guy would be nice too ;-P

  39. A hot shot for sure Eric. Wow I like it. Catching up on all your great images but thought I would leave my comment here!

    I used to go to the cafe where (I believe) Doisneau took the photo 'baiser de l'hôtel de ville!' just to think about the image and the photographer. Last time I walked by which was over two years ago now they had turned the cafe into store of some sort - can't even remember what. It is a pity they did not think to preserve the café but I suppose you can't keep everything because something historical occurred there in a photographic sense at least.

  40. Hey sure to check out L.A.Frog's version of this!

  41. It's interesting to note that the pic with the most comments has to do with sex!

  42. Eric,

    So you took this photo? I like it....a few people have snagged it and put it on their sites as I have seen it two other places.


    Which manicure is called "American" in France? In the U.S., the one with stark white on the tips is called "French" while using off-white on the tips in an "American." Funny how these things work....

    And as for "french kissing"? I have always wondered that myself.....

  43. This is very sexy... its like an ad for the american shoe... the problem is its a sports shoe...heck

    The Doisneau's photo is very romantic... it is how i picture Paris as City of love.

    Can i print this one?

    Great B&W treatment Eric. Your shots are always the best!

  44. Sent here from Honolulu Daily Photo/Kala... Doisneau's was a little more suggestive, unlike yours... ;-)

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  46. Eric, it looks like you've gotten some blogspam in the comments above.

  47. fantastic photo. very sexy and shows the closeness, intimacy and obliviousness of people in love.