Monday, October 16, 2006

Outside art goes inside

Who would have thought that Hip-Hop, tagging, rollerblading, video gaming... would be part of an exhibition in a "museum"? And though, that is exactly what happened these past few days in the Grand Palais. Huge success I must say. Much more here (in French).

Appel à témoins: je cherche des Français expatriés acceptant de témoigner de leur expérience dans un article. Plus de détails ici. Merci.


  1. I love the idea of this hip hop culture being part of an art exhibit.

  2. That's an interesting picture. Did you combine two pictures into one?

    Regarding the link to your blog: Interesting concept. Every country has positive (and maybe preferrable to many) attributes. Wouldn't it be great if you could take the best from every country and create a perfect one?

    But I guess people have been hoping for that throughout the ages.

    By the way, I have to agree with the last portion....opportunity....real opportunity is the U.S.s' greatest strength. A real populist type of society (verses class). But there is much wrong with the U.S. as well (especially NOW).

  3. Can't say I agree with hip-hop being art, but at least those who appreciate it get to enjoy an exhibit onit. Video gaming I will agree with, though. My husband's a BIG gamer and I've seen some very well done and artistically impressive games!

    Susan: Especially now, indeed!

  4. Nice picture...
    I checked the website and looks like it had a huge production!
    Interesting theme for an exhibition.

  5. I'd say the measure of one's appreciation of the above mentioned indulgenges (hip hopping, skateboarding, video-gaming) all depends on whether or not one has teenage children who indulge in all those pastimes.

    Take it from a parent who knows... the creativity of 'hip hop' wears thin quickly given the right circumstances.

  6. i respectfully disagree....

    i believe that any activity that one uses as an EXPRESSION of one's emotions or cultivates over a period of time in order to perfect is the definition of "art."

    i admire anybody who pours themselves into a sport, hobby, passion, etc.

    the act of striving for perfection i think is art within itself....

    any thoughts?

  7. I like knowing about what is happening in Paris. However, this photo won't make my Eric's Album. You can't really expect a person of my age and background to appreciate Hip-Hop, tagging, and rollerblading. The skateboarders on campus drive me crazy as I try to dodge their "flying by". I blame my intolerence on a wide generation gap.

  8. I wonder if he also performs outdoors at the Centre Pompidou?

  9. Hip-hop at the Grand Palais? Oh, my... Poor Gl. de Gaulle is going to roll over in his grave, especially since his statue is only 100 yards away from there...

    Personally, I absolutely love the idea or having such an exhibition of all things modern and young in a place like the Grand Palais!!! Great idea. I'm all for it! :-)

    (PS: By the way, is that guy on the right on the picture really falling into the audience? )

    (Johnny Parson: You'd be surprised, but there is some really cool French hip-hop and "afro-beat" modern songs with superb lyrics and very pleasing sounds to them.)

  10. I always like the "old" with the "new", except some Parisian neighborhoods where there's an old Haussmannian building next to a 1970's attrocity. Having this kind of exhibit in the Grand Palais brings young people to a place that they might not ordinarily go.

  11. the colours in this photo.
    someone is dancing, someone is playing the music...and esp. the guy's clothes. red coat and old fashion Jeans, a little bit a reminiscent mood. Mixed the old and modern...

    luv this!!

  12. >>You can't really expect a person of my age and background to appreciate Hip-Hop, tagging, and rollerblading. I blame my intolerence on a wide generation gap. >>

    Well, I'm 66 yo, Johnny Parson, with a very classical background, and I dig it!

  13. Super thrasher shot, Eric. I'm wondering how many shots you took before deciding on this super one? I love the contrast of the saturated colors in the photo of the trumpeter with the subdued tones of all else. I also love that the skateboarder is framed perfectly by the glass ceiling. The lighting must have been very hard on this shot. Kudos!

  14.'re back! Hope you're doing better.

  15. Ujima, dear youngster, dig it all you want. "Dig it" dates you Darlin' but Johnny is 72 years young. Glad you're back and doing better.

  16. Kim: one wonders, indeed. After all, Eric admitted to having about $15,000 pics in his computer since starting the blog, right? If you divide that by the number of months the blog has been around, then you'll have a ballpark answer ;)

  17. Never miss a day of therapy/exercise or checking Eric's fantastic pictures. Just been lurking.

    >>"Dig it" dates you Darlin'>>
    I'm *really* proud of my age and experiences. Can you dig it? 8>D

  18. Nice picture... Yo, my friend Kohndo was performing on stage that day... representing the Real Hip-Hop...

  19. Hey Ujima, how are you? Glad to have you among my lurkers! And LOL on this age thing. Johnny, don't blame your dislike of Hip Hop, etc. on your age!

    FYI, This is not a collage, but a real photo. The "tall guy" was on a giant screen and the 'falling" one was on the top of a slope that you cannont see here. that's is why you have the feeling he's going to fall on the crowd.

    Tomate, I said I probably have 15 000 photos on my computer, not $15 000 worth!: (I wish...)

    And Kim, before I posted this one, I hesitated with this one. Still not sure...

  20. ooops... Yeah, that's what I meant, without the dollar sign. oops. Maybe some day, Eric, some day! :-)

  21. Looks fascinating! You never know what art is considered art these days!

  22. Eric, I just now clicked on the extra link you left and besides the event being interesting, the Flash used on the site is awesome. Thanks!

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