Friday, October 06, 2006

Street Party

I live the Drouot neighborhood which is a big antiques auction sale house in the 9th arrondissement. Around the auction house there are also plenty of antiques dealers. And from today to Saturday they are organizing a sort of "dealer festival" where everybody can come and visit their shops. A nearby restaurant took advantage of this and installed a big table right in the middle of the street! Quite unusual in this very busy area...


  1. looks very inviting. huge table - it would be too small though for all DP bloggers =)

  2. Looks like a street party that I'd like to attend.

    Bring on the nitrogen frozen fois gais...

    I have noticed, I think the most used technique in the DP world is perspective... ain't nothing wrong with that though....

    I like it, Parisian Street Party.



  3. Est-ce que vous habitez près de la "salle des ventes" de Barbara? C'est Drouot, ou ailleurs?

  4. Tres cool. It looks so classy and chic. I love it. I wonder, are they actually going to serve meals there? What is the weather like right now?

    Hmmmm....I am hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend for 20 or so people....I could use that beautiful table.

  5. Oooh, that looks fun. Id love to go antiquing in Paris! The antiques are sure to be MUCH better then what we have around here. Of course we generally have "antique shops" that have few antiques and more of other people's junk from the 80's then I care to count.

    Maverick, advertise on random blogs a lot?

  6. Nice shot! They do this in Intramuros, Manila as well but for wedding receptions and such.

  7. Maybe, Anne can take a shot when things get back to normal in Manila.

  8. Jazzy, I think the space in front of the Louvre would be ideal for tables to be set up for all of the DP Bloggers. Nice idea! hint hint, Eric.

  9. THAT is wonderful! Did you stay to eat?

  10. Oh I wish I were there! You've made this scene look so inviting from this angle. The colors in your shot add to the elegant feel. Kudos!

  11. I love it! It looks very inviting and there is nothing like dining outdoors in my opinion.

    I have to say something that may sound strange...but as I have had a few too many glasses of wine and I've never been known to mince words.....Eric, your English is PERFECT! For some reason I noticed that tonight....I admire people that are bilingual, but most have a hard time being perfect...not you. You even know the proper use of there/their (maybe you should come here and teach some Americans!).

    Love the picture!!!

  12. What a surreal scene. Who were the lucky guests?

  13. Interesting way to attract customers. I would love to see a picture of some of the antiques you can find there!

  14. great!
    sounds there is also a good festival about food too!
    happy mid-autumn festival too you all!

  15. What I wouldn't give to go to that party and sit at that table and eat cheese and food I can't pronouce. How wonderully far away and different from my small town Colorado life.

  16. Eric...I think you just better knock it off right now! This just looks TOO Paris-y and it's not fair that you get to live there and I...well, I DON'T! ;-)

    Such atmosphere...a virtual smorgasbord for the eyes...looks like another movie set--awesome shot! I just can't get over all the tall buildings right at the street's edge...sigh~


  17. Hope they won't be serving antique food!!

  18. I love the whole idea and the photo. What a thrill it would be for we Kentuckians to attend such a grand diner. Here it would be paper tablecloths, plastic utensils, and white plastic ugly chairs. The French make eating an event no matter the class of folk or where it is served.

  19. Michael, a pop up from my blog told me to add something. I read your comment and I thank you for your kind words. It was my first attempt at finding a photo and writing a note. Great fun. A big thanks to Tomate, too.

  20. What a wonderful idea!

    Ban the traffic and bring the tables and chairs out instead.

    I've often thought our cities seem to be primarily designed for the benefit of the automobile. It's time we humans got first place in the scheme of things...

  21. When I'm ask to describe heaven, it's usually dinner with people I love and good Paris. Thanks for the glimpse of heaven, Eric.

  22. Well Eric, you've proven one thing on this blog that we knew and sex will always get you interesting comments. Bravo for another photo that would have been boring had I taken it!

    You're welcome johnnyparsons. Now we're waiting for your blog to begin!

  23. P.S. Anybody in Paris who uses having difficulties connecting to Google-related websites? I haven't been able to get in for a couple days now. As the French would say..."scandaleuse!"

  24. Bonour:

    The entire eye-dea combined with the image made me gasp and my jaw drop.

    I just kept examining detail and giving thought to the desire to be in Paris enjoying this memorable envening.


    Steve, in sunny chilly Chicago by the lake.

  25. Oh how fabulous! I've been staring at the picture on and off all morning wanting to pull up a chair and enjoy a meal, wine and good conversation with total strangers.

  26. > Jazzy. Yeah far too small ;)

    > DXBluey. LOL on the Nitrogen Foie Gras. Actually I don't think that kind of restaurant would serve that. Yes we use perspective a lot, maybe too much.

    > Lagatta. Je ne connais pas. Quelle salle des ventes de Barbara ?

    > Gypsy. It was a little chilly, but OK. To thell you the truth I did not stay out very long because - I am ashamed to say... - there was Prison Break on TV and I did not want to miss it!!

    > Soosha. Well, if you love antiquing, then you'll be happy. Oooops Maverick is gone!

    > Rodney. Well I don't think anybody could do that for a wedding in Paris, although it's a cool idea. Here you have to ask for a special permit months in advance and they have to clear the street (they almost towed my motorbike away in the morning because of this event!!). Anne?! What do you think?

    > Joy. Actually a long long table on the Pont des arts would sound nice to me...

    > Peggy. No I did not stay. I rushed home instead.

    > Kim. Thank you ;)

    > Susan. LOL. Well that is nice of you to say, but I know my written English is not perfect. But it's enough for this blog...

    > Sadia. Actually, I think anybody could sit, providing they booked on time. This was not a VIP table...

    > Edulabbe. That's easy. I may even start tonight...

    > Haxo. True, I did not think of that. I am sure you hang out often in this neighborhood, dont' you?

    > Jing. Thank you.

    > A Payne. What would you give... Let's see... Hoaw about 500 $ to buy a round trip ticket to Paris???

    > Ame. LOL. You crack me up with you comments. I swear all this is real and not a movie set!

    > Gail's man. LOL. Surely not, you know the French!

    > Johnny. We topo have places where they serve food on plastic chairs and paper table cloth. (And no, I am not thinking of McDonald's!)

    > John. Well somebody has to bring the food to that restaurant in the first place, don't they?

    > Chrislate. You'd be surprised to hear that yesterday's photo (Doorway to heaven) was taken exactly at the end of this street. Funny isn't?

    > Michael. Thank you. Re: Free. I do too and I am surrently writing these comments thanks to the wi-fi access of my neighbour! I don't know what's happening, apparently all Google related sites are down.

    > Steverino. Well, that is nice to say. You can close your mouth now!!

    > Breadchick. OK, don't regret too much, cause "pull up a chair and start conversation with total strangers" that is unfortunately highly improbable in Paris! ;)

  27. I think I've found a new favourite blog...

  28. Clicked on later than usual today, but soooooo glad I did!! I love this photo Eric!! It is now my new wallpaper on my laptop!! Merci!!! Why weren't we all invited??? LOL!!!

  29. Haxo, here is another reference to Chartier from Eric's blog.

  30. That is an incredible picture!! You just want to go and sit down anywhere!!! Incredible perspective on that thing, I love it! Thanks Eric! :)

    Michael Anybody in Paris who uses having difficulties connecting to Google-related websites? I can almost never connect to Blogger and gmail for 2 hours each morning. The google search engine, however, always works. Pfewww.

    Johnny Parsons: you're welcome!

  31. Michael and Haxo I just went and looked at the old post from Eric at Chartier. You can tell by the date and only 3 comments how that was just the beginning of this blog. Eric has come a long way since then. Thank you for continuing this for so long Eric.

    And by the way, the person on the left HAS to be the, ahem, "masterpiece".

  32. >> Eric said: Well I don't think anybody could do that for a wedding in Paris, although it's a cool idea. Here you have to ask for a special permit months in advance and they have to clear the street (they almost towed my motorbike away in the morning because of this event!!).

    Well, what about starting now to plan a DP get-together (in the Lonely Planet discussion board they're called "Piss Ups") IN PARIS, in, say, 2008? That should be time enough to get the permit.

    I like your idea of the table on the Pont ds Arts!!! And then the next day a breakfast in the Louvre courtyard [or the Grand Salle ;-)] And then a déjeuner sur l'herbe [what about in the Luxembourg Gardens? or Place des Vosges?]....and....

  33. I am so in LOVE with this picture!
    Merci Eric

  34. What a great shot Eric - bringing the "inside out".

    Curly's Photoshop