Saturday, October 14, 2006

PDP on the Blogshow!

Two days ago I participated in the first Blogshow, a new Web TV show by Fred de Mai and several hosts that takes place every day at lunch time. One of the hosts (Yannick Lejeune) invited me to talk about PDP. The result is here... But please be indulgent, it was these guy's first show, there were lots of technical problems, but we had a good laugh.


  1. Merci! Interesting comments about the differences in Asia and the US in the perception of the content you post ;-). As a French woman living in the US, some of comments regading some your photos are (sadly) hysterical. I also loved hearing the French "closed-minded" comments regarding your writing your blog in English to reach a more international audience. Your daily photos are very valuable to French expatriates and are a bright spot in our lives. Thank you for doing this!!

  2. I love the way this photo was orchestrated. The mike in the foreground and the participants in the back make the whole thing seem like fun. I am sure you enjoyed yourself. Paris Daily Photo is one of my personal daily highlights.

  3. Bien parlé, Pruneau!

    I'm still laughing my @ss off after viewing the video, though ... Keep up the good work, Eric!

  4. Thanks for the clip - and the cones!

  5. Hey! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! J'habite a Syracuse, New York et j'adore lire votre blog chaque soir avant de me coucher. Ca fait parti de ma journee maintenant lol Surtout parce que j'adore La france et tout ce qui est Francaise lol

    By the way, my birthday is October 14th, so it's already my birthday in France lol but 5 more hours to go in New York! (Before I finally turn 19!)

    Et Felicitations sur votre premier blogshow!

  6. Hi all! I like set up as well...the microphone in focus, etc.


    I would LOVE to know what you were referring to when you said, "Interesting comments about the differences in Asia and the US in the perception of the content you post."

    I think that would make a fascinating conversation!

    Well, it's official...the Louvre pieces have arrived in Atlanta and I hope to see them this weekend! Makes me miss Paris!

    I thought of Paris today when I was downtown here. If Paris just had all the blue skies that we have here, I would probably move there in a minute! But don't know how easy it would be to find a job....probably would be very difficult. Oh well...I can always visit again!

  7. Merci, Eric! I surely enjoyed listening to all that discussion in French. I understood wee bits. Reminds me of the old days, trying to understand French tapes while studying at college. I was always better at reading it. Anyway, this is a great photo, and I loved watching the blogshow. Merci beaucoup.

  8. Yeah, what was that about, all these cones? ;)

  9. Now you are a famous TV star also! It was a delightful interview. I smiled to hear you laugh, it must have been a fun time.

    Maybe there will be a transcript in English.

  10. A voice to go with the face! I only wish I understood more French than I do!

    Eric I have certainly enjoyed coming to your blog and seeing Paris. Looking forward to your next photo!


  11. giant microphone!!
    :D guys make me want to learn French right now!!!
    Yesterday when i went to the subway,and some French guys were walking just beside me,i was trying to listen...:P of course, you know the result, i cant understand!!!! :(
    ha ha...

    have a nice weekend.

    thx for that video, although i cant understand, but i like laughter!!!

  12. Excellent Eric, and congratulations! Show #01 with all the bloopers. You'll be famous again when they go back and show the beginning of this concept.

    It's hard to translate everything for people, but some of the things I remember that Eric said (approximately) were:

    "I now have probably 15,0000 photos on my computer and I don't like any of them..."

    "It's a good thing I drive a motorbike 'cause I can stop anytime and take a photo whenever I see something I like..."

    and my favourite...

    "I thought it was going to last 3 months, but then I got caught up and there's the whole stats trip, etc."

    I relooked at the interview you did on The Blog Reader which also covers some of the things you said.

  13. You are a nice guy, Eric. Pity I cannot understand French. I will ask my wife to translate.

    We will probably be in Paris next Spring. Looking forward to meet you!

    Michael, thanks for the...teaser phrases.

  14. Exciting. Well done Eric, you created great family.

  15. Eric, I'm so happy for your success in the blogosphere and how it has affected all of our daily lives for the better, whether we were inspired by your work to join you in daily photoblogging a city or just enjoy visiting PDP for the pleasure it brings. The community that has gathered around PDP is a phenominal thing! So, many thanks. (And hey, today's my 100th post!)
    PS-love the focus on the mic in the foreground, really wonderful effect! -K.

  16. > Pruneau (are you from Agen?). Thank YOU. Like I explained in fact at the beginning I did this all in English because I did not think the French would be interested in a blog about Paris. And the funny thing is that I have many French expat visitors!

    > Toulouse. I was a little stressed, but not too much. Let's be honest, the blogshow is not exactly the Journal de Claire Chazal! LOL

    > Johnny. I did enjoy myself, although I was a little cross because of the technical problems. And I do appreciate being "[your] personal daily highlights"!

    > Tomate. Funny isn't?!

    > Ham. LOL. Yeah, and I know these cones very well let me tell you. In fact they belong to a software called VLC that I recently installed on my PC (and guess what, I saw these cones more than I wanted!)

    > Aisha. Happy birthday from Paris then! Je suis très content de savoir que je fais partie de votre journée !! ;)

    > Soosha. Blush!

    > Susan. In fact Pruneau was referring to something I said about how interesting to see how different was people's reaction to a photo, depending on what part of the world they were from. I noticed that nudity, for instance, is less accepted in the US than in Asia or Europe. Religion also, is a much more sensitive topic in the US than it is in Europe.

    > Carol. Congratulations! I speak so fast that I can hardly understand myself!

    > Anonymous. Yeah, they say that humans have a communicative laughter, don't they? I doubt about the transcript in English. Besides, I don't think it's really worth it!

    > Catherine. Thank you. Nice message.

    > Jing. Funny you mentioned learning French cause I just bought a book to learn Chinese! You guys are crazy, I could not even cope with the first page (dealing with pronunciation)! Could you please convert all Chinese to French?? Have a nice WE too.

    > Micheal. Oh, so you managed to understand too... Are you implying I keep repeating myself on all interviews!!!? LOL

    > Ovelikios. Efkaristo then (that's about all my Greek!) I will be happy to meet you next time you and your French speaking wife come to Paris of course.

    > Jazzy. Thanks. I hope it'll grow even more!

    > Kim. Thank you and congratulations. Let me meet you right away on your blog to celebrate your 100th post. Bravo.

  17. Superbe photo comme toujours. Je t'attends quand tu veux.

  18. Pruneau > it was a joke...

  19. Hilarious interview Eric, it could have been done by Les Inconnus - everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong, no microphones, no photos coming up when prompted... but you managed it really well, with cool and smile. Brilliant stuff!
    Want to see another aspect of the French sense of humour? Visit today's post of Sydney Daily Snap.

  20. I don't suppose anyone would want to take the time to translate it into English for those of us who did horribly in high school french class! The only thing good my teacher ever said to me was that my French accent was beautiful. Nice to know, but doesn't help me understand the language one bit! To bad there isn't a French version of Dora the Explorer. I've learned so much Spanish from that show for kids. I'd probably pick up French really quick if there was a French alternative!!! (Think I said "French" enough in that statement?!?)

  21. Bosley....
    How great! Bravo for the radio was great to see you again you did great...
    thanks for your visit the other day ça ma fait plaisir...can't wait to see that new were talking about...

  22. Ahoy! Yes! There is a French version of Dora the Explorer! It's on French TV. Great way to learn a language, esp with kids.

    Bravo! Eric. Well done.

  23. Eric,

    I must have missed those comments of yours that you refer to.

    Do you really think Asians accept nudity more than Americans? The only comment about nudity that I saw was from an Asian who wondered if bare breasts were considered "risque back then?"

    No doubt Europeans seem very comfortable with public nudity. I saw a Spanish film that would be considered soft porn here! Honestly, I was so glad I wasn't on a first or second date when I saw it....I would have very uncomfortable seeing it in that situation! It was much more than just nudity....but I won't go into details ;)

  24. Quelle belle photo!!!
    Je te suis depuis longtemps et c'était sympa de te voir ;-)
    Puis-je utiliser ta photo (en te citant bien évidemment) pour en faire une note sur mon blog ?

  25. Susan...details, details...please! Here's an Asian blog that might give an insight into how they accept nudity, sex, etc. (at least in Tokyo)...Tokyo Times

  26. Drine, bien sûr ;) C'est un honneur.

  27. Congratulations. You sounded coherent and fluent. What about that scoop?. The portal you talked about, with thumbs. Is it coming soon? Forget about those tech problems. It made everything look more informal and modern.

  28. Micheal,

    No details....but you can see it for yourself...It's called "Sex and Lucia." A pretty good movie, I would recommend it but a little too graphic for a mainstream movie (which it is). I was a little shocked. My friend who was born in Spain (and her mother is Spanish) laughed about it and said, "I know, they're crazy!" The American side of her is very conservative.

    My experience with the Japanese (I have a lot experience with them...about 15 people) and they are very conservative. I mean, sure, the men love to go to American strip clubs but that doesn't mean lots of men do that.

    I have two Iranian friends and they are pretty conservative too. I don't know much about the Chinese though. All in all, I don't think they are anything like Europeans but maybe they've hidden it well?

    But if you want to know about puritanical (besides the obvious (Saudi Arabia, etc.), come to the southeastern U.S.!!! Nude statues really create an uproar! So funny! Personally, I prefer to stay away from extremes in either direction...but that's just me.

    Check out the movie.

  29. Eric - it was great! It also showed me that my knowledge of French is not as good as when I lived there in 2000.

    Well done, my friend. It was a good show.

  30. Congratulations and great perspective photo.

  31. Eric...thanks for the opportunity to hear your voice and get to know you a little better.


  32. Eric, this is fantastic! Shame on me for not paying more attention in French class, but still it was very interesting and fun to see and hear you speak! I also love the conversation that has sparked about your observations concerning nudity and religion! I am always surprised that people think this about Americans. After all we do have Spring Break for the kids and Las Vegas for the adults! Haha

    All kidding aside, I would say these observations are probably correct. I work in the art industry where nudity is certainly very acceptable and many modern paintings explore religion and often portray it as a negative part of our culture. The conservatives say it’s shocking and immoral where the liberals say no this is Life. Please remember this is just one American girls opinion that is worth only about $1.

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog…it was thrilling to have a visit from a celebrity! ;)

  33. Congratulations Eric!!!
    You're becoming quite a celebrity in France!
    It's very nice when other people recognize your work. Today I saw my DP site mentioned in another site and it was really encouraging...

    Greetings from Chile

  34. Meuh qu'il est sympa notre petit Eric ! Et puis il passe très bien à la télé. Stressé ? Je ne sais pas, mais chaleureux, pas prétentieux et avec toujours quelques infos intéressantes ! Tout lui quoi !!!
    Bravo Tête de Veau !!!