Saturday, December 02, 2006

Eiffel Tower in the mist

There is a lot of mist in Paris at the moment and at night it's really nice. Last night on my way back home I passed by the Trocadero and took this photo. It's a classic but it's still worth showing. Have a nice week-end.

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  1. éh bé va falloir que je me couvre pour la noël...
    a prestu...

  2. That soft golden light makes me feel very peaceful. Thank you.

  3. Just fabulous. Really, i think this could be my all-time favourite photo of yours! Composition is superb. Looks like your city is made of gold, even the air is golden, bathing the whole scene. This is my desktop wallpaper! Thank you.

  4. Looks like somebody stole the top... amazing!

  5. Now, look what you've done with this soulful photo, Eric - my eyes are misting over, my heart whispers "time to go back to Paris", but my head screams "have you seen the euro lately?!"

    Bon, l'on peut rêver quand même.

  6. Eric, this is one of the most beautiful photographs of Paris.
    The proportions, the perspective and the lighting are truly amazing.
    I think this will be one of your all-time classics.

    PS: Glad you hid the scooter!!

  7. Thank you for this shot....really amazing.

  8. Very lovely photo. I like the fog and light effect. :)

  9. so lovely!!
    so romantic!!

  10. And this from the guy who's quoted in in People Magazine that he didn't like photography. Sheesh.

    This may, indeed, be the best yet. C'est parfait.

  11. what a beautiful has been foggy here too lately not to mention the SUMMER WEATHER we had today!

  12. Quite possibly....okay...unquestionably the most beautiful night shot of Paris.
    There is gold in Minneapolis tonight as well....

  13. classic one!!
    i like this moist tower.hee hee, the nature and the human beings are all very mysterious....


  14. I agree, this is your best ever.

    You know, Eric, if we allow ourselves think of the Eiffel Tower anthropomorphically (i.e. as having "feet" at the base and a "crown" at the summit), this could also have been a very clever interpretation of yesterday's theme - "from the waist down".

    In any case, it's pure magic.

  15. Tandis que Paris dort, les accolades encreistent.
    Samedi heureux Monsieur Eric.

  16. Merci, merci, merci beaucoup!!!
    Like a postcard!

  17. C'est magnifique.

    Absolutley stunningly beautiful, Eric.

  18. Excellent Eric. Did you take it quite late as there doesn't seem to be a single tourist in the frame!

  19. Whilst inspired by Ravel's Boléro,
    Eric scootered towards Trocadéro.
    He took one good shot
    Before posting the lot,
    And he'll wake up today as a hero.

  20. cette photo est magnifique. la tour eiffel sous le brouillard, SUPERBE

  21. I love lymerics M. Benaut. Do you think we can keep this one going?

    The hero awoke from his slumber
    His head hurting as if hit with some lumber
    Turning on his computer
    With more ease than his scooter
    He hoped to find a big number

  22. As he circled Monsieur Eiffel’s tower,
    Eric spotted a pic for his bower.
    It’s now on his blog
    And so is the fog
    That tints with soft gold the night at this hour.

  23. Eric waited for Windows to start,
    The beats banging away at his heart;
    "I hope it's alright,
    My photo of light,
    And the readers won't tear it apart."

  24. Sure Michael (MOL 1), et tu Louis (MOL 2)

    A big number of folk there had been
    To his blog overnite in his dreams?
    But his head was a-daze
    when he cast a blurred gaze
    'coz his ordinateur burst its seams.

  25. LOL! We might need to explain that "ordinateur" = "computer"

  26. Grazie molto Signor MOL 1

  27. After drinking a few thousand beers
    Friday nite with a few of his peers
    Eric thought that's enough
    I feel rather stuffed
    I'm just gonna sleep-in on Saturday and you lot can all rattle on until I'm good and ready,,,,

  28. He couldn't believe his big eyes,
    His computer was hot like French fries;
    The people were sold,
    On his photo of gold;
    And he might even win a big prize!

  29. Hey...can I play too?

    Picking up on where you left off...

    He clicked on the comment box
    Fast as a silver fox...
    But the hours took over,
    And when it was over;
    He only was wearing his socks.

    (hee hee)

  30. Sure metaphysical mama! The more the merrier I'm sure!

  31. Whilst considering what to shoot next
    Paris weather had made him feel vexed.
    It won't snow, it just rains,
    I've shot pictures in drains,
    And I certainly can't show any thing from the waist-up.

  32. Crikey, Florida sound HOT

  33. When he should have been at home in bed,
    He was shooting the city instead:
    But how he’s asleep
    And dreaming so deep
    He’s as deaf to our praise as the dead.

  34. Louis I think he'll awake quite surprised,
    As he rubs his sleepy ole eyes;
    Limericks galore,
    I'm sure they'll be more;
    I sure hope we won't be chastised!

  35. How could possibly Eric be mad,

    If anything, he should be glad;

    To find all this praise,

    While he's still in a daze;

    Except that this limerick's bad!

  36. And now I am tired, so tired.
    Consider me gone and retired:
    For if I don’t rest
    I won’t do my best
    And my boss might tell me I’m fired.

    (But thank you for being so witty
    And reading this doggerel ditty;
    Which is now at end
    And so I will send
    Best wishes to you and your city.)

  37. Ok I'll make an effort but I'm not very good at this!

    I just got out of my bed
    To find all the nice things you said
    I can't say enough
    About all the great stuff
    And now I have stars in my head.

    Merci! I'm cracking up!

  38. I think we're all in for the stick
    When he wakes, his head will be thick.
    Neither croissants with jam
    Nor bacon nor ham
    Can get us all out of this fix.

  39. Good morning Eric...
    Glad you could join us!

    Now Paris has her own unique blog,
    Kept going by her favourite Frog;
    Loyal cities stand by,
    Like Rome and Shanghai,
    We just now need to ask "Where is Prague?"

  40. Mon Dieu.
    We have all been sprung.
    We thouight there was more time to be naughty.
    Happy Saturday Eric

  41. Eric, so glad you aren't mad!

    It really is a lovely photo. One last limerick from me before going to bed. I'll let the night shift take over now!

    Eric finally woke up from his sleep

    To his computer he slowly did creep

    He wrote his own rhyme

    To keep us in line

    And now I feel just a bit cheap ;-)

  42. Not even the Paris community
    Can rival the gold-dusted beauty
    That Eric has captured
    And caught us enraptured
    Comme d’habitude, surpassing his duty

  43. When Parisians sleep-in till now
    You can bet that last night was a WOW.
    But Down-Under it's night,
    It's approaching last light.
    I can't miss all this fun, Holy Cow!

  44. Welcome Lynn!

    And M. Benaut, it must really be late there!?

    My last one as I've got to do something besides writing limericks all day!


    Not to be quickly outdone,
    Paris was pursued by the likes of London;
    They began to ask why,
    "Not New York or Dubai?"
    And the "family DP" had begun.

  45. Ripper!

    The British are stirring.

    Buon Giorno, Lynn.

    How can you be so eloquent after a big Friday night?

  46. Michael,

    No its only 8:35 pm.
    I'm cooking silverside and 3 veg's. and it's all cold.
    That's because I have been playing, "while the cat's away, the mice will play", with you guys.
    Thanks, it's been a hoot1

  47. It's a long time since i had a big Friday night, M. Benaut! Pretty tame, really, work, reading, work, blog, lol you must be tired now! mais ne quittez pas encore, J'ai arrivee a la fete seulement en ce moment la!

  48. Est-ce que vous etes anglais ou francais ou quoi, M. Benault ou tous les deux?

  49. Je crois que j'alimenterai maintenant les masses affamées et retournerai alors.

  50. As the poets dropped off one by one,
    M. Benault turned his pen to a pun,
    Amusing the crowd and saying aloud,
    How he’s starved by staying for fun

  51. Cheltenham finally signed on,
    Her limerick rhyming like song;
    Lynn's photo today,
    Will blow you away,
    But so wil the one from Hong Kong!

  52. At once all alone,
    Lynn wrote quite a tome
    To Eric, her photo guru
    In praising his talent,
    And manner so gallant,
    Des sorts, il m’a jete, she knew.

  53. Impressive Lynn, impressive.

    A complex limerick I'd say,
    That out does us all in a way;
    A strong competition,
    With your new addition;
    I know when to call it a day!

  54. I thank you kind Sir,
    To Michael she purred,
    Tis most welcome on tour from Brazil
    That you come here with verse,
    Your absence made worse
    Our Paris banter, jokes and goodwill

  55. ===========
    See what you started M. Benault!

    This is beginning to get quite difficult, but I couldn't go to bed without one parting attempt!

    There once was a guy from Par-ee,
    Who posted his photos with glee;
    Each day a surprise,
    Through his fantastic eyes,
    So that all of the world they should see!

  56. Non, ne me quitte pas - c'est chouette! lol

  57. Oh, silence has reigned
    For too long. I am pained
    That my friends from Paree are long gone.
    They’ve gone to the shops or are cooking their chops
    Or perhaps study verse at Sorbonne?

  58. It's funny, but the first owl of the night is just beginning his happy hooting here in Aldgate, S. Australia, while the Florida owl is forbidden to depart at 6 AM. The world must be round after all!
    I studied 4 years of French at secondary school and 30 years later travelled to Paris.
    It was love at every inch. Hook,line and thing! Drove around France for a month and was totally out of my tree. One day in a supermarche in Toulouse I went to the kichenware section to buy a serrated-edged knife to cut the picnic lunch. When the shop girls had stopped literally and truly rolling on the floor with laughter, I finally realized that I had asked for a serrated-edged pig. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about that incident. Those things kept repeating in Thonon-les-Bains, Cortona, (Villa Bramasole) and Istanbul &c and all because of my 'high-school' French. So now it's Alliance Francaise d'Adelaide each monday night and pestering you guys including poor Eric,

  59. While Eric was looking for his berocca, my microwaved corned beef with 3 veg and horseradish was scrumptious.
    I hope all you northerners don't spill gravy on your keyboards!

  60. So you're Australian with french interest, as i am English with French interest? I see. Love the serated pig thing. Reminds me of catching my more advanced English students (I used to teach English to foreign students: these were italian to japanese) once in the middle of telling a first year student that it was considered polite in English to say to shopkeepers as you leave their shop "thank you so much and now fkoff."

  61. serrated not serated. tut at myself i loathe errors. Extra homework for Teach'.

  62. Heck, that's awfully funny! My Chinese friends always try to be very Aussie when they come down here. One night they invited me to go out to a top restaurant they had chosen, because they pictured Australians as frequenters of this place. I was quite formally asked to take them to Kentucky F###ing Fried Chicken, They thought they were using a common Aussie idiom, which they were but,,,

  63. Oh God I'm late for this
    But I'm not one to miss
    A chance to rhyme
    At any time
    But that sure is a damned good shot of Paris!

    That sucked.

  64. Bid welcome to Utsav!
    Who we’re lucky to have
    Since he’s busy preparing IPB
    His days they are full
    But he succumbed to the pull
    Of the poetry here in Paree.

  65. Oh the lure of poetry
    And intoxicating Paree
    Rush to my head
    And like Lynn said
    I succumbed in my entirety!

  66. Why do I keep hearing the Farewell song from Sound of Music as I have been reading the chain of limmericks above? Does Sorbonne really rhyme with gone? Confused!

  67. In prose, this wallpaper made my desktop icons look so terrible I had to ask Windows to hide them!

  68. Oh my God!! What a beautiful picture!!! Hope you don't mind I put it on my Desktop too!
    You're such an artist!!


  69. Johnnyparsons, Monsieur, you should try humming the one about the Lonely Goatherd.
    It's a killer.
    I guarantee you will never find sanity again.
    Crikey, I have never laughed so much.
    It's all I can manage to type this.
    In Australia yodelling is something of an art.
    When someone is yodelling, one should call the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade.
    Running away is good, not wearing shorts is even better.
    Never yodel near a cliff, the echo could kill you, if the yodel doesn't get you first.
    Thank you for the most enjoyable comment of the day!

  70. Why yes, Johnny it does! To me, it does. Perhaps it's an accent thing, you're from USA are you? Maybe you say Gun (to my ears at least) instead of Gon as i do, but say Sorbonne like bon as i do. Confused still? I think i have brain-ache. he he ..You say tomayto i say tomahto... blah blah!

  71. so you love the fickle Carmen! Take care my friend, she moves on without a backward glance! lol.

  72. Sorry about leaving that comment here, Eric about Johnny's pic, it wouldn't work there.

    How does the farewell song go again? Which one is it.

  73. So long, farewell, something something, goodbye..and so on. That's the one, I suppose?

  74. Right... but i don't get it. Sorry must be being particularly thick today.

  75. Arrival of Eric
    Is plain esoteric
    Enigmatic is his middle name
    Snap a master of print
    Then sit back and squint
    At the accolade; part of his game

  76. Lynn,
    While you were in Paris, Utsav and I have been drinking beer in Cheltenham.
    It's just a thick sort of day.
    Imagine how Eric feels, or will feel tomorrow after all his surreptitious revelries.

  77. Lynn,
    While you were in Paris, Utsav and I have been drinking beer in Cheltenham.
    It's just a thick sort of day.
    Imagine how Eric feels, or will feel tomorrow after all his surreptitious revelries.

  78. Dedicated to Lynn, who feels a bit thick today:

    With all this rhyming
    It's terrible timing
    To try and think
    So go get a drink
    In a mug with silver lining

  79. Eric....way off the topic at hand...We just are playing the cd of Jonasz...we love him. Reminds us of another favorite, Reggiani, except Jonasz has less vibrato. Thanks for the tip. P.s. I still don't know what to rhyme Sorbonne with????

  80. We’ve had a few drinks
    On the net, via links
    Some red, some juice and some beer
    To Cheltenham and back
    Was a lightning-like pack
    Twas to Eric we raised a glass Cheer!

  81. Love your limerick about the family DP Michael. Where've you been? Your glass of red is starting to form sediment.

  82. It's now Sunday in Oz
    And what is, is now was
    as I bid you a final goodnight.
    If you missed a good sparring
    Tomorrow it's tarring
    or at least a most terrible fright.

    To Eric it's thanks
    and as far as the Yanks,
    Lynn's diction shall show you the way.
    Nothing rhymes with Sorbonne,
    Except "Le Jambon"
    Maybe Ham will soon enter the fray.

    So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbyeeeeee
    And Good nite Johnnyparsons, may the gentle tones of the Von Trapps
    send you into dreamland.

  83. Fabulous M. Benaut! Wow i raise my pen to you.

    M. Benaut goes to bed
    Sorely cradling his head
    This time it is not due to drink
    Tis the crazies in France
    That wobbled his stance
    “Poems, words, verses, can’t THINK!”

  84. This is sparkling of beauty. Amazing shot you did Eric. Superb!

  85. Johnny asked, "What could rhyme with Sorbonne?",
    And all of you said there is none,
    Well I disagree;
    As clearly you see,
    The rhyme with Sorbonne is not done.

    If, you pro-nounce it "Sore Bone",
    Then in Paris you'd be all alone;
    The "o" is quite soft
    said the prof from his loft
    As he let out a mighty big moan.

  86. For Soosha_q who's having a rough time at the moment:

    I wonder where Soosha's gone to,
    It's been quite a while this is true;
    Her lovely tattoos,
    Are singing the blues,
    So come back we all miss your "q"

  87. merci pour toutes ces photos plus somptueuses les unes que les autres. Je suis sous le charme

  88. lol at prof's verse! Great, and sweet is your verse to dear Soosha.

  89. Again I dispute
    That Sorbonne goes with ‘done’,
    Tis with ‘jambon’ instead that it rhymes!
    Therefore ‘gone’ is the word
    That is much preferred
    Goodness now, how many times?


  90. I’ve got it at last!
    Where Eric’s time passed
    And how he’s been spending his day
    He’s been out and about
    By scoot he will scout
    For tomorrow’s shot must beat today

    His camera is strapped
    He is belted and capped
    Clinging on as the wind rushes through
    Fighting rain, snow and fog
    Clicking fast for his blog
    To present l’image d’or just for you

  91. I'm sorry to say Lynn you're wrong,
    Sorbonne is not said with a gong;
    It's a soft little "o",
    That you sing to and fro'
    It's a french man that taught me the song.

    If you insist on using your tone,
    Then you, are not quite alone;
    The founder would be,
    In agreement you see,
    His name was Robert Sorbon*!

    *The name La Sorbonne is derived from the Collège de Sorbonne, founded in 1257 by Robert de Sorbon as one of the first significant colleges of the medieval University of Paris.

  92. Aww, thankyou Michael! Pity i;'m not so good at lymricks. Doubt I could beat the wonderful ones that've been composed here anyway, just like it will be hard for anyone to beat this beautiful photo. I doubt this will be composed according to lymricking guidlines, but I'll do my best.

    How nice of you to enquire
    Of me and my state of dire
    Things are improving
    But not really moving
    So this photo should really inspire

    I made that myself, really.

  93. Soosha, welcome back!
    And that might be the best one we've heard so far. What say, guys?

  94. Then, Michael, I bow
    Your knowledge; well, wow!
    Though it’s still not quite clear in my mind
    Which sound is it then?
    Began, gone, Shogun?
    Which of these, pray, tell me to find

  95. Yeah! Welcome back Soosha...hope you can stay a while and hope everything is getting better with your dad.

  96. Well Lynn...let's just assume that we are coming at it from a different accent. It's like the sound in "bonne" versus "bon"...does that help?

  97. Why thank you, ustav! A fine compliment for a master of verse. Here's another I totally made myself. And it only cost me $1.00!

    The electric is out in Missouri
    And I've so much to do in a hurry
    My computer is out
    I just want to shout
    The withdrawals are making me blurry

    As I sit here staring at stars
    Jupiter, Venus and Mars
    It won't be so nice
    Because of this ice
    I must finish all these avatars

    By the way, Eric, this is truly truly a magical photo.

  98. lol! yes Michael though to me bonne sounds the same as gone. lol as you say it's the accent i'm sure. I'm merely an English anyway. I bow to you!

  99. Thanks Michael, for everything. Yes, he's getting better. And as far as the pronounciation, I'm voting for rhyming it with gone. That's how I say it.

  100. Hi Soosha it's great to see you back and i love your verses!

  101. This is really a beautiful photograph Eric. It shows Paris like we see in the movies. I'm not sure I understand all of the ryming but is seems like a lot of fun. Every one is so nice here.

  102. Loving the gooshy gooshy all over my prose! Thanks guys.

  103. By the way, aren't michael's rhymes (HA!) good too? Not as good as mine, obvisouly, but they're good! (*wink*)

  104. Merci!

    I found your site about a week ago when I was planning my second visit to Paris. I'm now in your lovely city - but am going home to Canada tomorrow.

    I love this photo, I was just there a few minutes ago, I wish I was able to get a shot like this!

  105. I'm not sure which is better, the gorgeous photo or the er...lovely poetry! Thanks for making my morning everyone!

  106. I wonder if Blogger will throw us all out for inflicting such bad poetry upon the world? Did anyone read the terms of service while signing up??

  107. Yes Michael's are great, Soosha. Clearly not quite like yours agreed, but er... good! lol.
    This phot just gets better every time i come back to it. The mist has spread the gold everywhere, it's such a romantic feel and the brilliant white in the foreground just adds to the depth. Are you going to get a book of your work published, Eric? In which case, this should be on the cover.

  108. I can see it now, a fairly large, glossy hardback coffee table book. This on the jacket and Paris Daily Photo - Eric Tenin. Don't forget to mention us somewhere! In fact, the publisher could do a book for each city...

  109. lolol! lynn, you just made my day. Truly! Poor poor Michael. You can fess up if you want, I care not! I'd hate to deny you, after all.

    Eric, I definately agree with lynn. A book of your photos would be excellant. You'd have to add your descriptions exactly as they are on here, and perhaps choose a few of the better comments you've gotten. Obviously nothing from myself. But, for instant, a few of the many views that came out for your most recent and highly controversial homeless man picture. And perhaps at least one comment from each of your most devoted fans. (Maybe one of the poems from this? A highly praised one, perhaps?) anyway, I think adding in some of those comments would show readers of your book who've never visited PDP how friendly and open your blog is. What a fabulous idea, lynn! Eric, you should get on that right away. I'd like to reserve my copy now, please!

  110. me too! - note to publisher ; see that's two in the bag already. Be the first publisher to sign Eric up! (Then contact all of us other DPs, naturally, she said not too shyly.)

  111. Wow, 121 comments for another Eiffel Tower photo! Amazing. Thank you very much

    And this limericks thing is really funny! I like it when people can have fun through PDP.

    About the PDP book. Well this comes back quite regularly I must say. Maybe I should give it a try but there are so many photo books about Paris already, do you really think it's worth adding another one?

  112. Oh Eric...This is just perfect! It is a little too early in SF for a glass of wine, but I feel I should sit down and stare at this with a cup, as I long for my beautiful Paris!! Superbe!!

  113. As the tower moves down
    And Eric’s around
    To post another delight
    You can be sure
    There will always be more
    Stunning shots; one produced every night

  114. Absolutely 100% for sure Eric. There are hundreds of books on every subject, doesn't mean all of them are good, and it's doesn't mean another one wouldn't be the new difinative book to define a genre. PDP:the Book is a must make and a must have.

  115. yes of course Eric, without a doubt. It's not just another book about Paris, it's also about your story, your idea, how it came about and the huge interest you have produced in cities around the world. There is an immediacy to what you are doing which would be reflected in a book complete with some of the comments and your postings, just as they were on the day. From the publisher's point of view, it must be attractive, since there is an infinite amount of publishing possibilities. If they wanted to, they could go on to do each city, under the umbrella of course of your idea. So revenue potential is far and wide. Photo books already sell well, travel books sell well. Combine the two with your excellent idea; how can it lose? Approach some, i know you will have contacts. Good luck !

  116. You two are sweet! Well, maybe some day then...

    In the meantime:

    With this limerick I bid thee adieu
    (So long, later on, toodle-oo).
    If you want to sound French
    On a Paris park bench,
    Then be sure that your accent is true.

  117. Will do, Eric, will do! Love that limerick!
    one thing though - not 'maybe one day then...' that's how things don't get done or, God forbid, someone out there does something similar and pips you to the post with a book. We won't have that, Eric ! Get the book done now. Yes do it. Your readers want it.

  118. Just DO the book ERIC! I'll be first in line at Amazon! :-)))

  119. geez, I almost missed this wonderful photos and all the poems!!! Eric, yes for the book!

  120. Eric, I agree with the book idea from the perspective of it being new, unique, and not just photos, but interesting too. Does anyone know a publisher? Maybe Eric's too shy? Nahhhh

  121. 131 comments! those limericks had me laughing really's my crack at it before I go to bed.....

    Today the Tour Eiffel is in a haze,
    Sending all the DP-ers in a daze,
    Another job well done,
    "Bien fait" each 'n every one,
    And to Eric my glass do I raise!

    ..not perfect but hey. :-)

  122. Eric:
    As we say in NYC, Un-effin'-believable. Both my husband and I agreed that this was one of the most beautiful photos we'd seen in a long, long time. I've only been to Paris twice in my life. My husband has been a few more times on business. I'm still unclear though about the difference between the Trocadero and the Champs de Mars. Which is which? As a final note, can we order prints of this from you? Beautiful beyond belief.

  123. You see, Eric you have a long list of purchasers, waiting! Show today's posts to your publisher when you see him.
    No, Michael i wish i did know a publisher, trying to get my novel published (which you can see on my blog of course lol!) but SOMEONE out there must know one for Eric. You know, with his contacts, he must know one himself. Ring them tomorrow Eric. Please.

  124. This is a beautiful shot Paris de monsieur - you seem to apologize now and then for the "classics" or the "tackiest" photos that you periodically post, but for those of us living in other parts of the world, well, maybe I should just speak for myself - I love seeing them! We are after all to represent all facets of our city, right? :)

    Love the caption for the lamp photo too - clever, clever, clever.

  125. Will be visiting Paris mid-December for a week. After watching this picture... my mind and spirit has already arrived. The body will follow soon...


  126. I couldn't agree more with Wellspring. In my case, it took getting away from Paris for a number of years to truly appreciate her beauty, and I'm starting to think I'm not alone in feeling that way.

  127. lovely! thank you for your site.

  128. Lovely, gold and grey--one of my favorite color combinations. I see some graffiti has been cleaned from the stone in the foreground. It's another of your "you are there" photos. I could just walk right into it and feel the mist frizz my hair!

  129. that's one of my favorite views of the Eiffel tower- the one from the Trocadero.

  130. Eh ben mon colon ! 140 posts, sans SDF, sans café globalisé, ni manifestants excédés !
    Bravo et bravo aussi aux talentueux rimeurs (dont je ne suis clairement pas !)

  131. This is beautiful. The way this makes me feel is exactly why want so badly to visit Paris. Thank you for posting this, Eric.

  132. This is really a breathtaking photograph. Simply mind blowing !!

  133. Sublime !

    Et oui, Paris est une ville magique !

    Merci Eric !

  134. Eric, my seven-year-old daughter was looking at your blog today, and wanted to leave a comment. She says: "We've been to Paris before! On our last day we went to the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is so cool. We had so much fun. I even got a souvenir. "

    It was preparing for that trip, last March, that led me to find your blog and then after we came home, to start my own. She and I kept our own blog while we were there: It was a great way for her to reflect on her experiences and share them with family back home!

  135. Ah! What a beautiful & unusual picture of the tower!

  136. Cute story Jenny! Can you say thank you for her comments to your daughter for me?


  137. What a gorgeous shot. Mysterious, beautiful, atmospheric, marvellous.

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