Monday, December 04, 2006

Flower Power!

It's been a while since I've shown you flowers on this blog and considering it's Monday, well, I thought it was a nice way of starting the week. Let me offer you this wonderful composition by a very talented French florist: Hervé Chatelain (if ever you're around 140 rue Montmartre in the 2nd arrondissement, don't miss his shop).

Off topic, I'd like to thank Richard from Eye Prefer Paris (the one who interviewed me last week) for the English speaking blogger gathering that he organized on Friday evening. It was nice to put a face to these bloggers that I read regularly. Find out here, who was there.


  1. Lovely...exciting..flasks of color..delicious to look at.

    I love the M.Jonasz cd I bought. He sings "En V'la du slow En V'la". I don't have a clue what it means? Dave can't decipher it either. Help!

    I saw on TV5 Monde that "Lord of the Dance" is playing in Paris. This show was fabulous and about the same as "Riverdance". Such energy, such form and grace!

    Put your pretty sparkley pink thing over your head. Get oceans of motion in your hips and presto! The hula hoop will do all the work. Just give it a little encouragement. For an extra buzz do it to music. Let us know the results. LOL

  2. Is this flower shop or a box of jewels?

    A photograph taken from the right vantage point certainly can turn the world into a carnival of colours, patterns, and gleams - just as it sometimes appears to children and the young at heart.

  3. very festive, just in time for the holidays.

  4. Great angle! I love the close up of the red vases up front.

  5. je suis aller sur le lien que tu nous as indiqué, sympa ton interview...
    belle idée pour ce lundi avec ce bouquet, pour ma part je shoote en noir et blanc pour cette semaine et pis un bon lundi a toi et a la planéte des daily's...
    a prestu...

  6. Oooooooooooooooooo...they look like cinnamon candy apples...where the crackly candy shell (that the apples are dipped into) is made with spicy cinnamon "Red Hots" candy...dentists hate 'em tho..but HEY! Eat enough...grind that sticky chewy candy coating down into your teeth and they'll make a killing in fillings! OOPS! I just got off on a tangent didn't I? LOVE the angle never fail to disappoint! Aren't you glad I behaved myself with this post? LOL! ;-) It IS possible! Oh, by the way, you're invited to dinner in Cherbourg with Matthieu, I and the rest of the Euro DP contingency!

  7. oh, i like the red vases!!
    so beautiful~~~
    and thx, eric.I know what happened about the links to the webpager.Now I tried to solve it.

    have a nice week ahead,

    shanghai daily photo

  8. Johnny Parson: I'm just taking a guess, but "en v'la" means "en voila" which means roughly "here you go" or "here is some"

    If the song in question is very slow pace, then I have one interpretation for it: usually, in French "un slow" is a song or piece of music you can dance to *very* slowly and ...ahem... usually slow also means "close and frisky." :-)

    By the way, here are some favorites of mine from Michel Jonasz:

    Minuit sonne
    L'homme orange
    Groove, baby groove
    Joueur de blues
    Unis vers l'uni
    Où vont les rêves
    Je voulais te dire
    La boite de jazz

    Maybe the French crew can come up with a better interpretation. Hope that helps.

  9. Huge leaves! The pot's colors are really bright, would be perfect for Christmas decoration.

  10. Thanks Tomate. Then it means "let's go,slowly, let's go"? Hmmmm. I bet it translates to something totally different than the exact words?? I have most of Jonasz songs that are on your list. Do you think he sounds much like Serge Reggianni? Serge is an old favorite of ours.

  11. At first glance I thought they were Christmas decorations and then I read the write-up and focused again and I could see the flare of your florist. Great shot, perfect for the holiday season.

  12. Johnny Parson: No, I don't think Jonasz sounds anything like Reggiani or maybe I'm not thinking of the same songs as you. But to me, Jonas'z melodies are a lot more bluesy, modern than the Reggiani sound.

    I love Reggiani's stuff, too, but in a different way. Reggiani interpreted songs with genius lyrics written by Vian, Moustaki, Prevert... Impossible not to fall in love with these songs.

    I fell in love with "Sarah" when I was very young. Moustaki wrote it, though.

    La femme qui est dans mon lit
    N'a plus 20 ans depuis longtemps
    Les yeux cernés
    Par les années
    Par les amours
    Au jour le jour
    La bouche usée
    Par les baisers
    Trop souvent, mais
    Trop mal donnés
    Le teint blafard
    Malgré le fard
    Plus pâle qu'une
    Tâche de lune ...

  13. I love it when you give me continuously magnificent photos for my desktop background!
    I love these colours! They have a christmas mood!
    I read the interview you gave in the blog "I prefer Paris", and I do not know if you are not so experienced photographer, as you say, but you have very good perspective view!
    And only great photographers have such a view of things...

  14. Beautiful read Eric and a great shop I confirm. I looked everywhere for a link to the store, but didn't find one. I did see the prices weren't so cheap. Did you buy anything from there? Do tell, do tell.

  15. Johnny, I must say, I think Riverdance and Lord of the Dance seem to ALWAYS be playing in Paris. It's one of those things that never seems to go away. I think it is quite popular due to the similarity to the Celtic music and dancing in Brittany. Thanks for the heads up, but...I think once was enough (I did enjoy it though. just don't tell anybody!).

  16. I will buy for him, no matter the cost, when I will come there!!!

  17. Eric, I am a fan of your black & white photos. But the shimery sparkling colors of the ones of the last four days here are truly enchanting!!

  18. Philos, I just was looking at your blog, and although I can't understand a word of it, this video was excellent!

  19. eric, I noticed you said "wish lists welcome" so I was just wondering if sometime during the week you could take a picture of a "french dish", I absolutely love french culinary arts and would love to see pictures of french food more often, the last one (breakfast picture) was delightful!

  20. Thank you Michael! Sorry that my blog sounds greek to you, but it is 100% a greek blog!
    For this reason I have on the top of the right column links to translators and there is the option for translation from greek to english, although it is not 100% successful... But you can have an idea, of what the writer ... wished to state!

  21. Hello Johnny ! here comes the french crew to the rescue ! so, an extra indication about Jonazs' "En v'la du slox en v'la". As Tomate (Hello Madame Farcie !!!!) said the "slow", in France is a kind of dance, like fox-strot, tango, waltz, etc, but this one you dance tenderly, unaware of the rest of the world, in a prelude of making love… "En v'la" means "en voilà", the way it could be said on a market.
    So, in this song, you can figure Michel Jonazs is a sort of "slow-dancing seller", offering this dance (and his song)to every lovers.

    I don't know if this explanation was clear and convincing to you. I did my best ! ;o)

  22. Don't know about anyone else...but I got it GG! ;-)

  23. GG...thanks for the tip. I think I got the drift and now it makes sense. Thank Heaven for the French who can translate important meaning instead of words.

  24. Johnny thanks for the hoop tip. Having read the comments so far, i had them in my head as i was coming out of the shower, so the result was that i gamely hula-hooped while i was, very slowly of course, groove-baby-grooving across my bedroom floor. I'm sure you can picture the scene. However, the lack of speed required of momentum for this practise, whilst pondering wildly who Eric would have been buying flowers for (?), combined to put my head in rather a spin which tipped the balance somewhat clumsily and i ended up an altogether unglamorous, even fetish-minded (no, before anyone asks) messy heap on the bed.

  25. Pure eye candy and I have a sweet-tooth...Merci!

  26. Don't feel bad, Michael. Riverdance and Lord of the Dance are always always on PBS (a channel that runs on public donations and does the Jerry Lewis telethon every year), expecially around the holidays and I enjoyed them too!

    Ooh, this reminds me, I've got to check tv listings to see all the Christmas movies coming on!

    Love the vases, Eric. Not wild about any of the flowers I can see, though.

  27. Combine the sensuous photo and gg's explanation of the song...I just fell in love. Slowly, passionately. As usual.

  28. I also thought they were large Christmas decorations at first glance; lovely shot and I feel like I'm peeking into the shop when I enlarge it.

    I love the florists in Paris. I especially love the way they make beautiful little arrangements and place them outside the shop, ready to go or to tempt one to buy!! In San Francisco we have many street vendors selling flowers, but they are usually loose, cut flowers. Monday is a Flower Mart day so the vendors all have a "fresh supply" on Monday.

    Does anyone remember the name of the florist in Paris that is famous for the Roses??? I think they have more than one shop and one of them is on the rue du Bac...I think?! They have the most beautiful roses!

  29. whisper: Hey Soosh! Who's that Jeff over there? .. lol

  30. It would be a treat to visit the shop. Vibrant reds are very eye-appealing.

    Michael, Thanks for the visit and comments, but you have no blog--right?

  31. Really nice, it looks like strawberries!
    That makes me hungry ;-)

  32. Kate, I have two defunct blogs that should show up on my profile. Not very interesting I'm afraid.

    Thanks for the photo Eric. I'll be back in a few days when I come back to Paris.

  33. You're leaving us once again Michael? I think her father is a little improved, last time i heard. I'd like to see those blogs. Nothing shows on yr profile.

  34. oh they're now there!

    I've had a brief look and i'm terribly sorry to hear that Michael, really i am. Might you come back to blogging?

  35. I think I spend way too much time here on the blog to even consider re-starting my blogs. I enjoyed it though. Now I leave up to you pros.

  36. Hardly! I'm brand new at it. Anyway i had a look and found them really interesting. The comments didn't seem to work but thought i'd say the baby shower thing was a lovely idea on your part! However, it's the same in UK - considered bad luck!

  37. Just a quick note tonight - I HAVE to go to bed it's so late... - KP gallant I think it's Au nom de la rose.

    Thanks Tomate and GG for the explanation about "en vla du slow en vla" Johnny I am really happy that you enjoy Jonasz ;)

    Aisha. Actually I already a couple of food photos here but not that many. I will try to, but I don't think I have any interesting restaurant planned for this week...

  38. ... and just WATCH those invitations flood in now!

  39. Not my jeff, I'm afraid! He's to manly to talk about a picture/song so moving he just fell in love. *Sigh*...

    Dad's much improved. They moved him from intenseive ISU to regular ICU, so now he's got a door on his room! Gotta love a bit of privacy!

  40. These flowers are just great and would make perfect gifts for this holiday season...cheers !

  41. Glad to hear that Soosha!

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