Monday, February 26, 2007

Kurd demonstration

I have to be honest, I am not really up to date on the problem between the Kurds and the Turks, but just as I was walking by the Trocadero on Saturday (see yesterday's photo) I stumbled upon a Kurd demonstration. I then learned, by reading one of their leaflets, that they were mad at France for arresting several members of the Kurdish Liberation Front. Don't ask me why! If some of my readers know more about this please feel free to enlighten me(us). Four more photos here.


  1. I like your photo of the Eiffel Tower with blue sky! As soon as I get near the tower the sky clouds over!

  2. You post the Eiffel Tower today, I'm showing the Opera House in Sydney, I think you'll enjoy reading about it. We're both going down the touristy path... but with more than meets the eye.

    I'll follow Borat: Long live Kazakhstan! What, it's Kurdistan? I need to find out more... I'll be back to read the comments

  3. I believe that everything political is ultimately about money. I've discussed this issue a few times with my friend Umut (who returned to Turkey 5 months ago after living in Philadelphia for seven years) and he spoke of two decades of problems but felt that at the bottom of this, there is the interest in who will control the oil revenues in Kirkuit.

  4. I'm sure these guys have very serious concerns, but me I'm a simple mind... as long as I see a piece of Eiffel Tower stick out some place, it makes me of kind of happy :)

  5. I presume this is another "bitter blood" feud like the "Hatfields and the McCoys".This happens all over the world and I doubt it will ever be the Shiites and the goes on and on and on.
    Eric, The photos are great!

  6. What's great about this photo, in my opinion, is that the Eiffel Tower is so symbolicly French and yet there is another country's flag flying next to it.

    Paris is a very international city.

  7. Eric, great shot and you were there! I love the sun on the flag and the tower in the background.

    If I understood correctly, during the wee of 5 Febraury, 15 or so militant Kurds were arrested in Paris and Brittany, accused of directing or participating in a terrorist organisation.

    I'll have to look to see if I can find out more, but in your "making of" shots, they seem to be smiling...

  8. Eric, This photo is fantastic. I love the positioning of the tower and the demonstrator in the foreground. As always, great work.
    -Ryan of OC Photos.

  9. its a very nice photo, somehow the Eifel tower emphasize the athmosphere of freedom there. For example freedom of voice.

  10. The Departed won...yah! And finally Scorsese! And in other news....

    The EU considers them a terrorist group. The extremist group was founded in 1974 by Abdullah Ocalan as a Marxist-Leninist separatist organisation, officially becoming known as the PKK four years later. Comprised primarily of Turkish Kurds, its goal is to create an independent Kurdish state, encompassing parts of southeastern Turkey, northeastern Iraq, northeastern Syria and northwestern Iran.

    In 1984, the PKK began an armed campaign for self-rule in Turkey's Kurdish-dominated southeast. It lasted 15 years and left more than 30,000 dead. The violent insurgency targeted not only Turkish security forces and civilians, but also Kurds seen as siding or co-operating with the state. Turkish agents captured Ocalan in Kenya in February 1999, and the Turkish State Security Court later sentenced him to death. After the abolition of the death penalty in Turkey, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. He is currently serving that sentence on the Marmara Sea island of Imrali.

    Several months after Ocalan's capture, the PKK declared a ceasefire, only to call it off in June 2004 after the group's militant wing, the People's Defense Force, took control of the group. An increase in PKK attacks on civilians and Turkish military, police and governmental targets then ensued. In a statement from his prison cells issued in late September 2006, Ocalan called on the militants to lay down their arms. His call came after scores of people, including tourists at Turkish resort sites, were killed in attacks blamed on the PKK or affiliate groups. Clashes continued after the ceasefire.

    Having set foot inside Europe, the organisation is said to have established a strong presence in different sectors of criminal activity on the continent -- notably in the drug trade, especially in Germany and France. Citing experts, the WINEP says the group is believed responsible for up to 80% of narcotics trafficked into the Parisian suburbs and for producing and distributing 40% of Europe's heroin. It is also said to be running prostitution rings as another means to raise funds.

    In addition, the group receives donations, some channelled through its fundraising branches within Europe. It also operates several media outlets, such as the Danish-based Roj TV and Mezopotamya television.

    The EU designated the PKK as a terrorist organisation in May 2002, a month after the group changed its name to the Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress (KADEK). It again renamed itself as Kongra-Gel in late 2003 and the EU added it to its list of terrorist organisations in April 2004.

  11. I know nothing about kurds too... but they do seem to be smiling in the pictures... maybe they were happy for making this manifestation in front of the Eiffel Tower. Who wouldn't smile there?!

  12. Nice capture Eric, Mon Ami!!! Wish I was there again...pretty soon I'm gonna be a world traveller gone crazy (ok, so I already AM! LOL!) and won't be able to decide where to go next!!

    And are you REALLY having a DP get-together in July? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Wanna come...but alas...don't think it'll materialize this year...but there's always NEXT one!

    Sky is gorgeous in this shot! =)))

  13. I don't know about Kurds but your positioning of this shot is masterful as ever Eric!

  14. Susan in Atl: Wow, very detailed research on this group - well done. Very, very scary information. The Kurds were the ethnic group gassed by Saddam Hussein and even in 1975 there were Kurdish refugees from Iraq.
    Photos can be very deceptive can't they?
    Tres bien Eric for bringing some Parisian reality to PDP. The world is changing n'est ce pas? Such a pity that an oppressed minority group has now become a terrorist group.

  15. Besides enjoying the wonderful pictures I'm getting quite an education from Eric and his loyal band of commentators. Thanks to all of you.

  16. Very stirring photos. I watched "Casablanca" for the nth time this weekend. When the underground hero stirs the crowd in Ric's Cafe Americaine to sing the Marsellaise to drown out the Germans singing, I get choked up every time. This photo reminds me of that painful, bitter love for freedom. However, I agree with Johnny that there are many blood feuds in the world, and it's hard to say who is right. Let's just hope justice wins, wherever that leads.

  17. Casablance mmm you lucky thing Jeff. I'd love to see that again.

  18. Great detail Susan, thanks! Didn't know all that was going on around me!

    Hey everyone, as summer is right around the corner (don't I wish), I've left a message on the CityDailyPhoto portal under the section "DailyPhotoBlog" of the "Public Forums" to see who wants to meet up for another picnic along the Seine. I even made a poll (I'm so clever...).

    I thought it might be the easiest way to see who'd be around and as the time gets closer it will be easier to see who's where when!

  19. See now, Michael, this is where i miss out, because i'm NOT clever (not with all the admin stuff anyway on here. Ask Eric. Actually, don't. Avoid reminding him, it's just not fair). I went to City Daily Blog thingy but couldn't find the Daily blog thingy much less your portal thingy. Why is it such an alien language to me? Anyway, i don't know if i can yet or not, but desperately, passionately want to be there in July so please kindly, take pity upon a poor techno-challenged DP enthusiast and email me? I cannot, just cannot miss the remote poss. of coff. with M & the poss. of being served from the same coff. pot as The Eric!

  20. Lynn (and anyone else technically challenged)....

    Copy and paste this into your browser:

    Then, look for the word

    Then look for the words DailyPhotoBlog in the section called Public Forums

    Then look down about 6 subjects to "[Poll] SUMMER IN PARIS"

    There you will see the post


    If you haven't "registered" to the Forum you will have to "REGISTER" first. To do that, cut and paste this into your browser:

    (warning, it will ask you to verify that you are over 13 years of more lying!)

    If you DO come to Paris for wine and cheese along the Seine, it would be fun. It also might be easier than you trying to get into the Forum! hehe

  21. Michael, good idea!

    I´ll definetely be in Paris for the summer and have already requested Eric a "special seat" by the Seine!!!

    I guess I have the same difficulty as Lynn, as I tried to vote in your poll but was unable to. Actually I had trouble logging in.

    What´s that "Check off the rightmost box" thing?
    Do we have to check one of those boxes? All of then? I think that´s where things went wrong for me.

    So I tried to vote July 1-15 as when I´ll be in Paris but I failed. I´ll try again if I can figure out the rightmost box thing.

  22. Do you think perhaps we could get a "group rate" to Paris from the USA??? LOL!! Maybe we could charter a plane?!..for the summer pique-nique that is!

    I agree with the comment that any flag would be beautiful waving against the Parisian sky[well...almost any flag]..especially with the Tour Eiffel in the background!

  23. Love this photo - classic, with a twist! I just started reading "The Kite Runner" so hopefully I'll learn a little bit about these conflicts.

    I wasn't going to go to Paris this year, because I am working on buying my first home... However, I may have to make an exception for un picnic in Juillet! I, too, am computer challenged but will try to access with Michael's instructions.

  24. Oh thank goodness Monica it's not only me! I couldn't log in to register either. I am simply not liked when trying to set myself up on any website, blog, anything. Even my bank has taken to telling me i've got my password wrong (i haven't) three times therefore i have to make a new one SIX TIMES in four weeks! Grr i say, GRR. Count on me to be by the Seine if there's any way that i can, just depends on work and family commitments. In my head, I'm THERE!

  25. Michael just give us dates and times when you get the result from the voting CLEVER people and we'll do our best to attend, that's what i suggest. Far simpler.

  26. You'll find it easy to spot Monica and myself; we'll be the ladies, frowning, holding one corner of a Paris map between us, struggling against its blowing in the summer breeze whilst applying our lipstick, giggling hysterically as someone points out the map is upside down. Obviously, we are MUCH more intelligent than this image suggests; we merely act the part to keep you all amused.

  27. Hmmm, that's funny. Eric can you help them out?

  28. I just took a look ladies. The right-hand box thing is just to be sure that you are not a machine that subscribes to forums so that you can leave spam. Just the click the box on the far right (it proves that you can follow instructions and are therefore not spam-makers!).

  29. Lynn, LOL, don't worry. I'll keep an eye on you and you'll keep an eye on me. I'm sure we'll be safe.
    Ooh but wait, who's gonna keep an eye on us????
    Maybe we should wear name tags with hotel addresses and telephone numbers...

  30. I think I found Monica from Rio,or was it Lynn la Femme Fatale?

    Everyone HAS to check this out! It's an ad for Nokia, but you get to drive a car through the streets of Paris at night.

    Click here

  31. Ok Michael here's what happend before.
    I followed all the instructions (I thought I could follow instructions. Apparently, not).
    Then I clicked the far right box and tried to log in. Nothing happend.

    Then I clicked the first box. Again nothing.

    Then I clicked ALL THE BOXES (already knowing it wouldn't work)

    Then I thought "maybe if I click the box in the middle..."

    Finally after the fourth error message I realised a seal could do it more easier than me.

    I'm ready for my fifth attempt now...

  32. Michael you deserve a statue in Paris for helping out Lynn and Monica LOL!

    And thank you for arranging this poll in the forum, it's really a cool idea. I wish a lot of people will be able to attend ;)

  33. Michael just HOW do you find these things! It's really fun!

    We know who the woman might be, so I figure the Driver must be Eric and you the Misterious Man!

  34. You've got more staying power than me, Monica, I've given up. Let the knights in shining armour save us i reckon. M & E to the rescue ! We want dates times and a picture of the Eiffel Tower to remind us what Paris looks like.

    I think, in the interests of safety, Monica, that you and i should perhaps be handcuffed together - or one of those kiddie links would do nicely - (yes names and addresses are also essential; belt & braces theory) but ALSO i suggest, handcuffed to Michael and Eric, if they ever find us that is. It's a given we won't find THEM. For strict reason of security, of course. ;);)

    Additional measures could be that all our clothing is labelled (how about LYNN, Paris and MONICA, Paris? That should suffice)But of course, we'll have mobile phones with us! oh we should be fine then. If we get lost, you telephone family in Rio and i will in UK and we'll let them know that... we're LOST. Phew thank goodness i thought of that. Thank heavens for mobiles, can you imagine us in a phone booth, trying to work THAT out?

    Are those two poor chaps ready for us do you think? Is PARIS ready for us? I wonder if there's a portal you have to negotiate at the Seine before you can join the picnic - if so we're truly sunk.

    You know what has just occurred to me Mon'? I reckon those two lads have purposely made it impossible to follow so that we HAVE to be chained to them during our visit. It's .. NOT US AT ALL!!! The cunning pair.

  35. seriously Michael, HOW do you find these things??!!!! I can't stop laughing.

    I'm sure the seal will have a great time enjoying the picnic with you guys. Well, send me a post-card!

  36. Lynn, you crack me up!

    Hey, I have a new idea. Our name tags should have Eric's address, so whoever finds us will send us directly to our guru. I'm sure he'll be relieved when he arrive in his parisian apartment and see us waiting in the lobby!

  37. Oh Lynn, did I forget to mention the portal at the Seine. Oh truly are going to be in trouble. I think a postcard will be the best we can do.

    Good night've kept me laughing tonight. Thanks Eric for the vehicle to do so.

  38. Well i did the driving thing. I was screeching round all the corners and doing my best, though i never claimed to be the best as she thought, and all she could say repeatedly was that i was an imbecile! Well how rude. I won't be giving her a lift again i can tell you.

  39. Of course, Monica brilliant! Perhaps Michael will be staying over. Can you imagine their dear faces, flushed with relief at the sight of us, hair bedraggled, map torn into shreds, feet dirty and dusty holding our broken heels in hand, oil on our faces from trying to mend our hire car and resorting to using our attire, rendering us both stockingless (well isn't that what you do when you break down, take off your stockings and wrap it around something or other in the engine thingy? I'm sure that's right.) Think of the joy on those chaps' faces as they see us, Monica, arriving at three in the morning, courtesy of some Monica/Lynn-weary cab driver desperate to drop us SOMEWHERE, ANYwhere? Oh those dear cute boys, bet they can't wait to see us huh?

  40. Lynn, I think at this point Eric must be pretty scared!

  41. lol Michael oh we'll be gentle, worry not... (wicked laugh worthy of la femme fatale)

  42. Hi simply is not enough Ame. You've got to get behind that wheel to be part of this. Drive on, GF.

  43. Hi Michael...Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuunnnnn-run!



    There, I tooted my own horn...think that's enough for Michael and Eric?

    You're gonna DRIVE 'em CRAAAAZY!!!

    ;) JETLAG!

  44. thanks to susan i now understand better the history of kurds..this post motivated me to find out more!

    and of course, I think this is a fantastic take of the event!

  45. I'm so impressed. This photo is one of the best. Why! I have never had such a good luck. Nice shot. Thanks. And thanks all for the details.

  46. post title must supporters of terrorism.

  47. je savai pas qu'il y avait un tour eifel au kurdistan

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