Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring in February!

It's already spring in Paris at the moment. This afternoon, while I was meeting two true visitors and commenters to PDP who flew in to Paris yesterday, I could not believe how warm the weather was. We even looked for a terrace to have a drink outside but everything was packed.


  1. pas de chance au programme , bon dimanche...

  2. We were wondering about Johnny! I'm sure we all wish we were there too, I mean Paris and Eric's company? I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days they build a statue in Eric's honour in Paris:

    Eric, THE friendly parisian

    Why was everything packed???????????? :-O

  3. It truly was a GORGEOUS day! I decided to hang out in Montmartre.....

    I hear that tomorrow will also be nice for the Chinese new year! Il faut qu'en profite!

  4. Monica is correct. Eric must surely be responsible for thousands more tourists flocking to Paris. Let's hope we soon see more photos of our Blogger friends when they are in Paris (hint, hint), visiting Eric and enjoying the early advent of Springtime.
    Perhaps the statue could be in the forecourt of the PDP Hotel looking down on Trocadero and Champs de Mars.

  5. mmmmm... Spring in Paris... must be irresistible!

  6. Eric I will swap you - its 40c here in Melbourne, Australia . Love to have your spring weather. Enjoy it!

  7. Enjoy your spring weather. Here in Albuquerque it's still a bit nippy for this time of year!

  8. Spring in Paris. Fourty in Melbourne. Nippy in Albuquerque.

    Here in Chicago we just got 8" of snow and a wind chill of -20.

  9. And perhaps M.Benaut, if "they" do consider my suggestion for a statue, I wonder in what pose would Eric be sculpted to enternity? Perhaps a pose of him firmly standing up, starring at infinity and proudly holding a camera in one hand with his arm raised high as if he was holding a flag?

    At the bottom of the sculpture a sign reading the words:

    "Here the city of Paris pays a tribute to Monsieur Eric PDP (PDP being his last name, since I don't know his full name), a fine citizen who achieved the impossible: attract even MORE tourists to a city that already is the most visited city in the world"

  10. FYI, no I haven't drink, although it's carnival here and it's very late at night...
    I must be suffering from some sort of psychotic hallucination for being traped at home since huge groups of people have taken the streets to celebrate carnival and by doing that they've closed the access to many streets, so getting out is nearly impossible...

  11. hi im visiting paris in late march...and i hate.."despise"...warm weathers/... do u think it would get hotter than 20'C??

  12. Monica,
    I think that there is probably some sort of Prize for Patriotism (and tourism) beyond the call of duty that Mme. Royal or M. Sarkozy (hope not le Pen) could bestow on him as soon as the elections are decided in July.

    We would adore to see The Rio Carnivale photos if at all possible, but understand if it can't be done.
    Can you please tell us the names of newspapers in Rio de Janeiro so we can follow the Mardi Gras?

  13. Sorry to have missed you Johnny & Dave, but hope you had a nice visit to Paris. I'm sure you'll update us on your blog with good photos!

    At least by this photo, it seems like the weather was perfect for your visit!

  14. What is this ugly building ! This is horrible and nothing like the Paris I like or imagine ! POUUAHHHHHHHH ! I much prefer seing the Seine, Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower or the Hausmannian buildings ! I assume this must be in one of these dreadful part of Paris (19th), but we are not here to contemplate that kind of atrocity !! We want to dream and see tourist things !!

    Next to Rome there are also that kind of buildings in the suburbs, I can show that too, but what is the interest ??

  15. I didn't see any building, I only saw sky, light and sun on some clouds!
    Magnifique. Le printemps est dans l'air, respirons.

  16. I have to agree Desiderella. It looks like a slum building! Like the ones you see coming from the CDG while driving into Paris!

  17. Cool sky!
    have a nice sunday afternoon

  18. M.Benaut, here are some papers you could check to follow the carnival in Rio:

    and here to see some pictures of the samba school parade:

    Sorry I don't know how to insert a link to these websites

  19. I tried this

    to insert a link but it doesn't seem to work. I'm helpless when it comes to html, I don't dunno what I'm doing wrong, sorry!

  20. oh wait!!!!!! it did work!!!!!! yay!!!!!

  21. I'm so jealous! Jealous of the weather, jealous of Johnny & Dave, just plain jealous! Although I did have a great time out with hubby last night. Though the temperatures were below freezing all night, the Loop is always a wonderful place to go. I got some pictures, and even found something kinda cool (a gold pin in the shape of a mask).

    I dunno, monica from rio, I think a statue of Eric lying on the pavement trying to get the perfect photo of something would be more evokative of all time and energy he puts into truly getting every side of Paris on photo for us! It would be a true, adorable, and funny was to imortalize him!

  22. Soosha_q you're absolutely right!

    Let's just hope they doesn't imortalize him in this pose while trying to get a photo of what annoys Eric the most in Paris, remember that pic from last february the 1st?!!!

  23. Well we have had unusually warm weather in SF as well...does that mean March will come in like a "Lion"??

    Oh desidarella....the 19eme isn't so bad!!! :c( Parc de la Villette...Parc des Buttes Chaumont??? I think the focus was on the beautiful blue sky with clouds..not so common for Paris in February!

  24. How great spring is arriving early in Paris! Keep it spring-like for me, Eric, as I arrive there in 3 weeks!

  25. I echo kpgallant. We're having Spring/Summer-like weather here, too. It's fantastic! However, in Bay Area, we know better, and the second and third layers of clothing are never too far behind no matter what the season.

  26. Anonymous: "i im visiting paris in late march...and i hate.."despise"...warm weathers/... do u think it would get hotter than 20'C?? "

    Weather is not usually what I would call "warm" in Paris, around that time of the year, but over the past few years, the weather is really unpredictable so layer up (wear clothing you can take off if it gets warm, and quickly put back on if needed), that'd be my advice.

    In French, there is a saying : En Avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil. En Mai, fais ce qu'il te plait. Hint, hint. ;-)

  27. Well Terri I cannot guaranty that in 3 weeks it will still be warm...

    And Soosha don't be jealous... The mild weather is not all!

    Desiderella, it's a typical council building whith "affordable" rent. So, yes, it's not exactly a Haussmanian building like the ones you can find in the 8th for instance but it's much cheaper and still comfortable.

    And Monica. Yes you must be drunk!! A statue? LOL. Enjoy Carnival by the way, I want to see this one day, it's said to be great.

  28. If you want to know the whole truth about Eric go to Feb.18 PdP, click on two true link and read my comment. It tells all. LOL Johnny

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