Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Paris Aquarium

They reopened the Paris Aquarium last May and I decided to pay it a little visit last weekend. It's really cool. Not only do they have a lot of tanks (43, including a huge one in which they have a bunch of sharks), but many other activities including a petting tank (to pet the fish), several movie theaters, a concert hall... You can also see divers (photo) feeding the sharks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. More photos here.


  1. Great photo Eric, and no matter if anonymous shows up and says "this isn't Paris", he or she is absolutely wrong. Being from Florida, I am an aquarium lover and this new one is absolutely fantastic. I didn't ask when I was there, but do you know if companies can rent it out for events? They have lots of auditorium spaces and even a cool lounge inside.

  2. amene moi le petit francais le petit Jacques, Jacques Mayol...

    sympathique ton cliché vivement l'ete que j'y retourne un peu...

    a prestu...

  3. Thank you very much for your visit to my blog. I appreciate it. I love this photograph because of the color and motion. I have seen something similar near where we live as divers feed the fish in huge tanks that go over the walkway. Or maybe it was in Florida. I no longer remember. LOL

  4. Is this by the Troccadero?

    If so, we walked in there (looking for a restroom...toilet in French). There was a Japanese restaurant inside that looking pretty cool.

  5. That anonymous post was from me,Eric, Abraham Lincoln, BrookvilleDailyPhoto. I didn't notice until I posted it that it was not checked for blogger. Sorry.

  6. This looks a fab place to be. Why aren't the poor sharks fed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sats and Suns? A petting tank? Wow, do you think Monicas and Lynns are allowed in? How do you get there? .... What??? ;)

  7. OK, what happened to my comment?!! Grrrrr!!!!!

    I was saying, this is very cool! Since I've never been there before, this post makes me feel a little bit like a tourist :-D

    Great pictures, by the way. I love the green one the best, with the diver. I sure as hell wouldn't want his job, though. ;)

  8. That's an awesome photo, Eric. I love the effect!

  9. Fun pictures Eric with very interesting effects. I've never seen anything like that photo of the eggs. Beautiful shot!

    The comment above mentioning Jacques Mayol reminded me of one of my favourite movies Le GrandBleu
    A very poetic movie, for those who love the sea and it's most beautiful creatures; dolphins. These pictures makes me dream of the big blue!

    Lynn, I'm sure if we behave they will let us in ;-)

  10. Micahel,

    I proudly report that I managed to register in the DailyPhoto portal and successfully replied to your post.


  11. Love these photos - especially the arch of water. All I can say is yikes! to the fish in the egg!

    If any of you subscribe to Paris Notes (www.parisnotes.com) - (where I found out about PDP by the way), they have an interesting article about this CineAqua in the September 2006 newsletter.

    Susan in Atlanta, that was the same place - according to the article, the restaurant is called "Le Manga Cafe" ("the samurai's favorite").

    Finally, thank you Michael for the step-by-step instructions to log onto the site to vote for the PDP picnic-by-the-Seine. (Monica from Rio: I saw that you successfully got in - congrats!)

  12. Thanks Pont Girl, it was a peace of cake really. After the 10th attempt it turned out to be very easy!

  13. Yes, Monica, I see your post in the Forum, but it didn't seem to register your vote. Got the comment though and will take it into account. Guess you'll have to live Lynn on the side of the road stockingless.

    Lynn, the divers don't fee the sharks on Tues, Thurs and Sat as that day is reserved for portal-challenged tourists. A tasty in-between meals treat for the sharks. ;-)

    Susan, yes, this is the same place. I too tried to find a toilet there and ended up in the (pricey) Japanese restaurant. Still didn't find one. But...a helpful hint to those of you who find yourself in the same predicament, if you leave the aquarium and head up towards the Trocadero, there's a public toilet just at the bottom of the steps that's even free (and clean)! I can't believe I just gave toilet advice here!!

  14. Michael,shouldn't you be sleeping by now? Or if you're up already at this hour, it's totally understood why you're giving toilet advices.

    If things went right I placed my vote there now. And thanks for the comment on my page. Did I understand correct, you've been to Rio and Sao Paulo, right?

  15. Lynn dear, don't worry. We might be computer/portal challenged people but I won't leave you behind!

  16. wow..its really a very nice photo! you caught the moment Eric:)

  17. Hiya Eric :D Greetings from Singapore and I'm glad I've found this lovely site :)

    Been to Paris and South France in 1990, 1995 & 2004 and it never fails me fascinate me, I love your sights & the vibrancy of colour and I will be back online but definitely be back to Paris again, again & again......:D

  18. Confession: I am a tourist. My husband and I will travel to Paris for the first time at the end of March. Is the aquarium something I should not miss if we will only be there a week?

  19. Monica: "Lynn, I'm sure if we behave they will let us in ;-)"

    Well, therein lies the problem, i fear, Monica. lol.

    Michael i see... so the portal-challenged become the food. How very scary. For the sharks i mean of course.

  20. Leland. Honestly I would skip it. There are many more things to see in Paris than the aquarium even though it's really nice.
    Besides, it's quite expensive (20 €)!

  21. Great shot, Eric. I have this on my must-see list for June. It reminded me of the indoor pool, "Gymnase" at Les Halles near the theatre where we saw "La Mome". Water always fascinates me even though I am a Libra. Thanks, Michael, for the toilet advice. One never knows when one might need one. LOL

  22. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, love the blues & greens Eric...cool, relaxing & fluid...just the way one needs to be when submerged! ;)

  23. The turquoise and blue colours are superb Eric, plus the diving pose. A terrific shot.

  24. WOW! Eric, another fantastic shot.

    When you said Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I couldn't help wondering what happens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and le weekend ... Is that when the management recruits new divers after the last batch were eaten by the sharks? :)

  25. Impressive beautiful photo! Aquarius are magic.

  26. Very interesting...great colors! Wait,...did you say SHARK feeding?? OHHHH...la la!! Music at the Aquarium sounds great actually, were they playing "Water Music"???

  27. Beautiful photos and witty comments, as usual.

  28. Wonderful, Eric! I love aquaria! Luckily, the NJ Aquarium is just a ferry ride across the river from Philadelphia so we visit it often. (They do have facilities for weddings, meetings, etc.)
    I've visited the ones in New Orleans and Sydney and will add the aquarium to the list of the things to see in Paris on my next visit.

  29. Yes Monica, I've been to both Rio and Sao Paulo, but have a special place in my souvenirs for Rio. Especially the restaurant "Porcão"...do you know it? Might make a good photo on
    your blog.

    Leland, I agree, the aquarium is fantastic, but if you only have a week in Paris, there are so many other things to do. However, I disagree that it's expensive. $20 helps pay for the water system, upkeep of the fish, food, etc.

  30. Hi Michael darling (just stepping it up a bit for Monica) since you have made that kind link to Mon's blog, i point out that both she and i NEED to know how to link on here. But, you will recall yesterday, it needs to be v..e..r..y s..i..m..p..l..e. Pretty please darling Michael (flutters eyes)?

  31. (Bobby Darin in the background)
    Oh, the shark bites
    With his teeth, dear,
    And he shows them
    Pearly white.
    Just a jack knife
    Has ol' MacHeath, dear,
    And he keeps it
    Out of site.

    Well, I'll be in Paris in April, so I won't make this year's party, folks. I guess I can be happy knowing I had something to do with the first one, n'est ce pas?

    Lynn and Monica, you should do your act on le Pont des Arts. That's where all the cuties hang out and parade...

  32. Well, Jeff i'll probably leave the cutiness to Monica but i can parade alright... as for hanging out well, see how many cointreaux the mischievous Michael hands me.

    I LOVE that song by the way, one of my favourites mmm... sure you can't come?... ;) goodness i'm naughty at the moment what's got into me? Certainly not Michael or Eric.. yet.

  33. I know now Michael what this special souvenir is, an icy cold tasty caipirinha ;-)

    Just kidding, I´m very happy you liked Rio!

    Lynn, I told you I won´t leave you behind! I learnet how to "link" a few days ago!
    Try to do this:

    (insert open bracket)a href="INSERT THE LINK YOU WANT HERE">insert the word(s) you want to underline as a link here(insert open bracket)/a(insert closed bracket)

    open bracket is this symbol <

    It should work out just fine. Just like this link Lynn´s blog

    Jeff, you should postpone your trip til July!

  34. sert open bracket)a href="INSERT THE LINK YOU WANT HERE">insert the word(s) you want to underline as a link here(insert open bracket)/a(insert closed bracket)

    open bracket is this symbol <

    lynn's other blog

  35. wow i thought i did it then, but clicked on it and it STILL doesn't like me. Oh Monica you haven't turned into ... one of .....THEM have you? Spouting lots of techno incomprehensible stuff that doesn't work? oh no. God help us all.

  36. Ah, je suis désolé, Monica mon amie, j'ai les reservations des hotels et d'avion. Trying to change everything now would get me into some deep water. (Oh, back to the photo!)

    When the shark bites,
    With his teeth, dear,
    Scarlet billows
    Start to spread.
    Fancy gloves, though
    Wears old MacHeath, dear,
    So there's never
    A sign of red...

  37. Hey Jeff, be sure to be in contact when you get here just the same. Picnics any time of year in Paris are good. And I too love the song. Just need the little hand motions to go along with it.

    Looks like you got it Lynn.

  38. Lynn!!! I'm not sure your link worked. I clicked but nothing appeared. Did it worke when you clicked in it?

    Michael, watch the time! you said you were not going to stay til late today...

  39. Yes Monica you're right. But....I found this amazing video of a shark orgy just for you and Lynn. I'm sure you'll be amazed!

  40. Uh oh, Michael, I tried your Bobby Darin link and look what I got:

    Error Code: 403 Forbidden. The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). (12202)

    Homeland Security Alert!!! Here come the big guys in the black car again!

    Well, I'll be out of jail before my Paris trip, and merci, Michael, j'aime les picque-nicques. (Mon dieu, est-ce que vraiment le mot pour 'picnic'?) I hope we can meet again. I promise (to Michel, also) to bring a better bottle of wine this time!

  41. Oh my Gosh Michael! I'll have nightmares tonight... LOL we'll be thinking twice now before paying a visit to Eric 's Acquarium...

    I'm still intrigued by how you find these things on the net. With so much work to do and travelling round the world frenetically 24/7 HOW do you find the time for that???!

  42. > Micheal I don't know if companies can rent the place but it's probably easy to find out on their site.

    > Terra. Toi l'aquarium tu peux l'avoir tous les jours en bas de ton île...

    > Susan. Yes, it's the Trocadero and yes the Japonese restaurant IS really nice (not exactly cheap though...)

    > Abraham. No problem ;)

    > Tomate. LOL well you know, if you like diving you don't have that many opportunities in Paris...

    > Helen, Nikon. Thanks.

    > Monica. Even if you don't behave we will!! Congrats on the forum registration!

    > Pont Girl. Well the restaurant is called Ozu, are you sure you're talking about the same?

    > Zsolt, Shionge. Thanks. ;)

    > Leland. I would give the same answer as Tete de chien (see 2 comments below)

    > Johnny. You don't find the same kind of fish in the Les Halles tank ;)

    > Ame. I know for sure now: you're on drugs!!

    > Mme Benaut. Merci ;)

    > Pam. Actually they said that everyday was too much and that they became overweight! No kidding. So they had to put them on a diet... And they also explained that sharks are very lazy and they only start attacking people when they seriously starve, which, obviously is not the case in the Paris aquarium!

    > Ionna. I agree: Aquarius are magical (I am one!)

    > Cali. Thanks. Always good to hear...

    > Michael. 20 € IS expensive in my opinion. Imagine a familly with 2 kids, that 's 64 € (kids entrance is at 12 €)

    > Jeff. It's OK, you all attend the April party then! When will you be here?

    > Lynn. Oooooh! LOL on the "Oh Monica you haven't turned into ... one of .....THEM have you?" Sorry you got your link towards your novel wrong. The right address is here

  43. he he that was sweet of you Eric thank you for linking my novel, you are the perfect gentleman! I tried, but technology got the better of me yet again. I managed to get it LOOKING right but the link didn't work. I'm destined to be rescued by men all my life, perhaps (hmm thinks: perhaps not so bad). Monica has mastered it and my hat is off to her (though i do seriously think she has morphed into one of ... THEM. I do really, it's quite a concern.

    Michael Mack the Knife was such a treat and the shark feast was not. Eeeuuuwww how could you show that to ladies of our standing? Good grief Michael. Speaking for myself, simply lovely things full of flowers, femininity and prettiness please in future. lol. I thank you darling, nonetheless.

  44. Monsieur Eric,

    While I appreciate the time and effort that goes into this blog I must say I am now officially a PDP addict! (Thanks for my daily fix . . and for providing a ray of sunshine in an otherwise semi-rainy day here in So. Ca.)

  45. Well From Cali it's so good that you are addicted with the rest of us. It's a fine line between being happy for you and pitying you, for your time is now no longer your own and your humour and emotions will be stretched to the max. Your visual stimulus will be fed endlessly and, doubtless soon, you will be picnicked mercilessly by the Seine. If you can get in that is; see yesterday. Tis only for the chosen few - THEM (those who are technologically favoured and blessed). Welcome.

  46. Most children here go to the aquarium with their school classes. I'd have parents come along as chaperones,though not really needed, so they could share the experience at a *very* reduced rate or for free. Some took the day off from work to go along.
    Many grandparents, who can better afford the fees, take the children to these places.

  47. Lynn,

    Thank you for the welcome into your community. Yes, my time is now devoted to PDP and comments such as yours, which truly bring a smile to my face. I have felt such a voyeur these past few weeks and finally got up the nerve to enter the fray!

    I am not one of the chosen few so am afraid I will not be picknicking by the Seine. A pity as I will be in Paris in May.

  48. From cali,
    don't be shy about leaving comments, only a few are sane here, most of us drive Eric crazy all the time! We just can't get enough of him and PDP.

    Lynn's words "your time is now no longer your own" are so true. We're all addicted to PDP I'm afraid

  49. Pleasure, From Cali! Enjoy it and do comment. Paris in May you lucky thing. Look out for the intrepid Eric on the streets whipping his camera out as he flashes past on a scooter (where IS that pic Eric?)

  50. OH! oh no... :( what happened Eric? I'm sorry to hear that. Have you moved on yet? Is there... another ... scooter in your life yet ... sniff ... or is it just too soon? Have you been on any other ... transport lately? My condolences Eric avec les meilleures sentiments (c'est correct ca?) ooh la la c'est dommage, triste, une TRAGEDIE ( i do love a bit of drama. See Cheltenham today, my fellow journo Eric xx)

  51. Monica & Lynn,

    It is too bad neither one of you will be in Paris then as it would be nice to not only meet Monsieur E but the 2 of you. If I am really lucky perhaps I could get the photo of the new mode of transportation in Monsieur E's life.

  52. Great shot Eric, well done.

  53. Oooh yes From Cali wouldn't that be great, well you can't be sure. I never know what i'm doing in the next week or so really such is the nature of things at the moment. Yes do snap him mid-taxi or a pied or zooming around in a stylish classic sports car - which one i wonder. Maybe he's all in leathers and has graduated to a grown up motorcycle! A HARLEY even. Oh goodness i really must rein my mind in a bit.

  54. So now you have to go to Paris to see this sight with your own eyes and then, of course, fill us in on all the details . . .

  55. Lynn, spoken like a woman with a mission!

  56. Oh yes, Michael darling, oh yes. You and i will share that coffee and cointreau yet. If i only could, i'd be there tomorrow! Erm, but then i'd miss Hugh Grant (see my Cheltenham blog) er maybe next week if i could then.

  57. Bizarre! I was at the Paris Aquarium the same weekend you were Eric.


    I really enjoyed the part where I got to have a beer and listen to live music. Can't say I've ever done that at an aquarium before.