Saturday, May 05, 2007

Chopsticks anyone?

As I imagine is the case in many large cities, random services or items for sale are posted on poles and posts throughout Paris. This one caught my eye because it seems that someone is offering to teach you how to cook Chinese food at home. Now for me, this kind of seems like a strange offer when there are so many good (and not so good) Chinese restaurants in Paris you can have delivered to your home. However, the immigration patterns have changed significantly, and the Chinese now replace North Africans and Black Africans as the largest group of immigrants to Paris. Figures vary from source to source, but it seems there are 250,000 Chinese people living in the metropolitan area of Paris (as of 2004 statistics).
PS: I am currently on vacation so I cannot reply to your comments. I'll read them when I return, on May 7.


  1. It is illegal here in malta to post these pictures without local permission........

    I'm sure that the reason behind that post is that someone from china would like to earn some extra cash!! euros or french franks there??

  2. Madrid is full of these adds... but chinese food, I haven't see it before!

  3. It might not be much of a revelation but these kinds of announcements with the tear off parts are also popular on bulletin boards in the lobbies of major department stores.

    I am somewhat astonished at the numbers of Chinese people who have immigrated to your city and I wonder if this number represents the "legal" ones or also includes "illegals?"

  4. Eric,
    Since you're on vacation, I shall take this opportunity to submit a liitle update on the Présidentielle.

    Jean-Marie, Ségolène et le petit Nicolas sont aux portes du Paradis.
    Et Dieu les interroge:
    "Que croyez-vous?"
    Je crois, dit Jean-Marie, que la France sera sauvée!
    Bien, dit le Tout Puissant,assieds-toi à Ma Droite, Jean-Marie!
    Et toi, Ségolène, que crois-tu?
    Moi, je crois tout ce que Vous voulez, du moment que Vous votez pour Moi!
    Viens, Ségolène, assieds-toi à Ma Gauche!
    Et toi, Mon petit Nicolas, que crois-tu?
    Excusez-moi, mais je crois que vous êtes assis à ma place!

  5. Well, actually, what interests me more here, is the style of poster, which i've not seen before. Clever idea so that people can tear off their bit of information. I have committed it to memory immediately for use in many areas! Here i've seen horizontal bits attached, which always end up very messy and useless. I should think it's fun to learn to cook chinese at home, though i'd much rather go out!!

  6. Hi Eric! A great picture as always. Here in Poland, we also post info on boards and telegraph poles. People also hand out leaflets in the street (can be annoying). You don't need a licence to canvass...but in England you do. Otherwise its illegal. By the way the founder of the Daily City Photo network...check out my pic today over at Toruń there is something special which sums up the ethos of the network!!

  7. Often rental accommodation - spare rooms, students offering to do dd jobs, or people selling household items are advertised here this way.

    I'm with you Eric - Paris has some great asian cuisine and takeaway.....there's a traiteur in rue st-dominique right near the corner of avenue de la bourdonnais in the 7th - worth checking out of your motorbike takes you that way some day!

  8. The mystery of various ethnic cooking has disappeared if you are a natural cook. Books, websites, etc. provide you with all the instructions, plus. I like to improvise. I like to imitate the flavors and I am happy to say it usually works. The teacher in your home might be fun, though.

  9. Est-ce que le prof de cuisine fait la vaisselle ?!!!!

  10. M.Benaut very good joke!!!

    Thanks for that, starting my day with a laugh!

  11. Monica,
    Eric (et Michael) sont les deux absents à l'heure actuelle. Par conséquent nous pouvons faire quelques plaisanteries, alors qu'ils ne regardent pas.

  12. Absolument M.Benaut! Qu'est-ce que as tu en tête?!

  13. I VERY much appreciate this picture Eric, because this week I have been sticking EXACTLY the same sort of tear-off notices all around Paris for my English teaching web site. Indeed, from 10.30 pm to after midnight yesterday I was doing just that!

    Then, as I wander around the streets where I've already put them up I check to see if anyone has 'bitten', i.e. torn off a slip or two! Good one!