Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stormy weather

No, this is not a photo I borrowed from Jarkarta Daily Photo (Hi Santy!) but a shot I took last night (Friday) on my way out from the office... The storm was incredibly strong and a lot of cars had to stop - not to mention motorbikes! According to meteorologists, lightening struck about 7,000 times (in the greater Paris area) and firemen were called out 250 times.


  1. Great shot!!! (eventhough there is no piece of Eiffel Tower in it) ;)
    Damn, that's a lot of rain coming down! I miss the summer storms...

  2. How did you manage to take such a great photo under such heavy rain?

    Hope you didn't get too soaked up!

  3. Wow...those drenching storms, I have been caught in many but this one looks really harsh!! We get very few thunder and lightning storms here, so I miss those storms also. I used to love it when they would wake you up in the middle of the night and then you were soooo glad to realize you were safe in bed!

    It is our Memorial Weekend Holiday[white shoes anyone?]so people are rushing to escape to someplace...Bon Weekend!!

  4. Ooh, that's some rain. We got some of that on Wednesday night.

    And thanks for the nice thought, Eric. I ain't dead yet!

  5. And guess what? I was landing at Roissy Airport by the time you shot the picture. Shaken and stirred ;-))

  6. A very beautiful really impressive photograph for Paris. In Quercy, we have (unfortunately) the practice of storms which destroy the fields.

    My blog photographs on the town of Martel

  7. I'm singing in the rain
    Just singing in the rain
    What a glorious feelin'
    I'm happy again
    I'm laughing at clouds
    So dark up above
    The sun's in my heart
    And I'm ready for love
    Let the stormy clouds chase
    Everyone from the place
    Come on with the rain
    I've a smile on my face
    I walk down the lane
    With a happy refrain
    Just singin',
    Singin' in the rain...

  8. Yeah, that storm was nuts last night!!! I dashed home from métro Pyramides to my apartment only to discover that I'd left windows open!!! YikeS!

  9. It's amazing how weather can go nuts,in Germany severals city have like yours but in Cologne was nothing...where did you stand to put your camera on a risk for this nice photo?

  10. Nice shoot, it tells everything about Friday in Paris:)

  11. I love Paris - even in bad weather. Hope you're all staying dry!

    Happy belated birthday, Jeff!

  12. Wow. What a shot. Did you get soaked, dear Eric? You can share my umbrella if you like....;)

  13. No Lynn I did not, I cheated and stayed inside protected by a window!

  14. Hi Eric, Your great 'wet' photo reminded me of these 'directions' you may want to pass on to travellers from New York to Paris. Sorry if you have seen it before.

    Follow these steps [in order of course]
    1.go to on 'maps' on 'get directions'

    4.go from "new york" to "paris, france"

    5.scroll down in the directions to number 21

  15. Mouaaa funny, Rob!! :) hehehe
    They really do think of everything!

  16. I love those crazy spring thunderstorms, so dramatic! Eric - have you seen Paris, Je T'Aime? I saw it at the cinema yesterday & thought you live in the most beautiful city in the world for certain!

  17. Although it was quite intense it was very welcome, as the day had been quite warm, or so it seemed to me. We had just arrived from Arles via the TGV and were wilting in our hotel room when it started raining. It cooled us down quite nicely and prepared us for a lovely meal at a restaurant in the Place D'Anvers.

  18. Great photo! I was in Paris that night and had no idea the storm was that bad. It was long and we were stuck inside, reading, listening to music and playing solitaire.