Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cold, cold, cold!

It is too cold in Paris, I HAD to go away! When you read this I'll be in a warm country in the Southern Hemisphere so I don't have to worry too much about the cold in Paris! Lucky? Yes, for sure, but I did not take that much vacation this year (only 2 weeks in summer and one at Christmas!) so I deserve a little break in the sun ;-) BTW, this is a view of Le Canal Saint Martin and this photo has been taken by a co-worker with her brand new iPhone, she's so proud of!!


  1. That's a fun view of the canal. I think people jump from bridges once in a while for photo ops...

    Interesting to see snow along the quais.

  2. What luck to choose the moment of your vacation. And choose the warmth while it's cold in your city.

  3. I LOVED watching the boats stop, then flow thru this mini Panama Canal. Run don't walk here if you have never seen how a lock really works. It's also a different take on Paris.
    Last year's picnic was nearby. By the eay, where is Guille?
    Your co worker did a great job with an iphone, no less!

  4. Funny Jeff, this photo of the canal also reminds me of a certain someone...


    Yeah!! Where is Guille??!

  5. I totally agree with Phx-cdg! I discovered the Canal St.Martin last summer for the first time and was absolutely fascinated! Nice to sit it with a bit of powdered sugar :)

  6. Nice to see it with a bit of powdered sugar :)

  7. Trying to leave my garage this morning, my car got hung up on an iceberg of 'powdered sugar' created by the snow plow. I had to chop the powdered sugar up into smaller pieces and 'spoon' it out from underneath my car. I was 30 minutes late and cold with wet feet. I felt like I'd jumped in the canal!

  8. Nicely done with the brand-new iPhone, co-worker of Eric! Really—great shot. And good for you, Eric, for getting out of town (and to another hemisphere altogether)! I had to laugh when you said you haven't taken "that much vacation" this year. When I got a job in Paris, I was pretty happy to learn that I was entitled to 4 weeks vacation in the summer and another 2 weeks in the winter. Now (thanks to changing jobs), I get only 2 weeks all year!
    And I've been missing Guille too!

  9. San Francisco was gloriously Spring again today -- we have mobs of tourists soaking up the sun and running around the streets and cafes like they never saw sun before. This is actually the best time of the year to visit San Francisco, not in June and July; because we have a lot of fog them. I'm blowing cherry blossoms your way xxxxx -- they are in bloom right now.


    Alexa, you can catch Guille on FaceBook.

  10. Monica, I had guessed that Eric came over your way for Mardis Gras! I guess not.

    Eric, glad you are away below the equator somewhere enjoying summer warmth.

    That is a VERY nice iPhone shot. I wish I had the 3 megapixel of the newest iPhone. The resolution of her shot is very good. Nice to have you join in posting an iPhone shot on Wednesday. . .I will link to it!
    Have fun resting!

  11. I love this! nice job Eric's coworker friend.
    & Eric, I agree completely - you definitely deserve a break somewhere warm.
    : )

  12. Hope you are having a warm and wonderful vacation, Eric.

    Interesting shot, but what about the Tenin perspective? :)

  13. Ah, a fine getaway southward. That sounds just right for regaining sanity. Bon voyage, wherever you may be.

  14. Eric is just giving us an example of the expression "calling it in".

  15. Well, that's what I'd call a Tenin perspective declination ;)
    Great shot. I remember the pretty same shot Eric took in February 2008, let's say from my good memory -as I can't search right now-, on 15 February 2008.
    The lovers are no more in the frame of course but I hope they are still lovers now! The title of that post was 'more love' !!
    Eric, today, in Paris : it is grey sky, grey rain, grey buildings. I'm sure it will make you enjoy even more not to be here;) see how a good girl I can be!! Hmm...

  16. Eric, you definitely deserved a break, so enjoy your holiday!

  17. It is cold where I am as well ~ where it should be at least pleasant this time of year. It has been a frigid winter for many.

    I have always wanted to get to the Canal Saint Martin and in all my journeys to Paris, I have yet to. Alas, I suppose we should always leave something undone in order to return...

  18. We to ohave yet to goto the Canal...saving it for a Spring-time trip. Great work with a PDA camera....


  19. Kim
    No Eric didn't come my way, sadly. But he knows I'm waiting for it to happen someday!

  20. Oh my dear and beloved canal... I definitely don't want to leave this area. Never! It's lovely during the winter with all the ducks on the ice, amazing during the summer with all the people gathering.

    The canal is not frozen anymore though. But it could freeze again soon. It's so cold over here.

    Yes, Guille is here!! I've always been, even if I don't comment that much anymore. I've never been so busy at school...
    Miss you all.

    Enjoy the sun Eric. Attention aux bêtes sauvages!

  21. The (temporary) coworker thanks you all guys!Not so proud of my new toy Eric! Just finding it fun :) Happy to have shown my beloved canal...

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