Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day

Well, this year, I have no Baiser de Beaubourg like last year, but a cute little sign that I found in the shopping mall of Le Palais des Congrés at La Porte Maillot, where I rarely go. They had two of them, and people could write on them whatever they wanted (note that a lot of messages are in English, because this area is full of tourists who come to Paris for business). Let me add my own personal message: happy Valentine day dear PDP visitors...


  1. We used to layover at the hotel connected to the mall!!! I know the mall well, especially the grocery store and Angelina's outpost.

    I never saw a Valentines day heart with arteries hanging off of it. Thanks for your wishes. Same wishes from PHX.

  2. My Funny Valentine

    You make me smile with my heart.
    Your looks are laughable;
    Yet, you're my favorite work of art.

    Is your figure - less than Greek?
    Is your mouth - a little weak?
    When you open it to speak, are you smart?

    Don't change a hair for me;
    Not if you care for me;
    Stay, little Valentine, stay!
    Each day is Valentine's day

    Il n'y a qu' un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!! Beautiful red heart!
    Tomorrow will let you know how I celebrated it :)

  4. What a strongly beating, friendly Valentine heart! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you—and especially to you, Eric!

  5. I thought every day was Valentine's Paris!! ;-)

  6. And to you, Eric. You live in the place most people think of when they think of l'amour. And you are such a great representative for your city.

  7. Merci Eric,
    If I had been able to add my thoughts to that I would have said, " Paris je t'aime!" OH and of course PDP j'adore!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! May you all have a day as romantic as a day in Paris.

  9. Big hugs to our favorite photoblogger and wishing you and all the PDP friends a wonderful Valentine's Day. I'm sure we would all spend it in Paris if we could. You make it possible for us all to be there virtually, at least :-).

  10. PS- I love the vinetting and soft background in your photo today. Very nicely done and very beautiful!

  11. I really love your photo blog. I miss PARIS so much!!!

    Jenn- Philly

  12. A happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Eric.
    May hearts be filled with love and content (dinner out with fine wine and good chocolate goes a long way toward love and contentment :) )

  13. Happy Valentine's Day. May your day be filled with romance whereever in the world you are.

  14. Bonne fête à tous les amoureux!!!
    Bonne fête Eric et merci à toi pour tes souhaits. Oui, c'est la fête aujourd'hui....
    Un très grand amour. Des messages d'amour qui irriguent le corps. Rouge. La photo de l'année dernière, je m'en souviens comme si tu l'avais postée hier ou peut-être tous les jours. Avant, je trouvais la Saint Valentin, sans intérêt, un peu vulgaire. Mais pas maintenant. Plus maintenant. Elle est belle cette journée qui célèbre l'amour, les amoureux.
    Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé. C'est tellement vrai. C'est si fort d'aimer et de recevoir.
    Des mots d'amour. De la poésie, de la musique douce, forte, de la lumière, de l'émotion, du sang dans les veines. Un très grand amour. Quand on est amoureux, on a toujours peur que cela s'arrête. Moi, j'ai toujours peur de ça. Toujours.
    Je vous souhaite à tous beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup d'amour tous les jours. Pour toujours.

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  16. Nice sign with lovely writings.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too dear PDPers and Eric!

  17. Oh, I forgot...I wish everybody lots of love for each day in the year!


  18. Hi Eric, Love the heart. First time I have seen a heart with arteries as branches; so very clever. But the way it has been done is so creative and fun. Also love the orange instead of the standard red. L'artiste francais sont toujours si créateurs de beauté.

  19. Happy St. Valentine's Day to you too. What a unique heart! Great subject for a photo.

    I had Champagne and miniature cupcakes with pink frosting and raspberries. Blew my diet for St. Valentine's Day celebrating.

    The weather is horrible here in San Francisco. It's cold and foggy -- no visibility. I can usually see the hills but not today. This is rare for South of Market Street. It was beautiful yesterday -- a beautiful Spring day. I was out all day. But today, I think I am staying inside --- burrrrrr.

    Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Tiger.

  20. Merci! It was a lovely day with my family. Valentine's is one of the holidays that I love to celebrate. We made heart-shaped pizzas and watched movies and the Olympics. Lovely.

    And even better? My hubby and I get to celebrate our Halfaversary next weekend. :)

  21. My son took his girlfriend to Paris this weekend and proposed and was accepted.

    My wife and I are so pleased for them. How romantic.

    It was a complete surprise to her as Nick had told Claire they were going to Bognor Regis!

  22. Wow, love it! The perfect touch...
    Very appropriate, I think ...
    as it is each day of each year that a heart beats for love and life.

  23. Stuart Jones, that's a romantic fantasy! I think every girl (well, okay, me) wants to receive her proposal in Paris. Can you give us more details? Did he propose on the Pont Neuf? No, too cold. At the Ritz, then? A sweet little cafe? In the Louvre? Am I salivating?

  24. @Petrea, I now at last have the details.

    Nick proposed to Claire on the lawns behind the Eiffel Tower. He was originally going to do it at the top of the Tower but neither of them like heights!

    At first she wasn't certain if he was serious but when she realised he was accepted straight away.

    My wife and i are delighted. What a wonderful memory for the. Every Valentine's Day they'll remember their engagement and Paris.

    They bought the ring in Birmingham which has a famous jewellery area but none of the romanticism of Paris.

  25. Thanks for getting us the details, Stuart. So romantic! That's a beautiful spot.