Monday, December 27, 2010

Marché de noël

You think I took this photo in a ski resort in Switzerland or something? I did not! I took it on the lower part of the Champs Elysées where they have a huge Marché de noël (Christmas market). These markets originate from Germany (apparently at the beginning of the 15th century) and progressively "overflew" to the east of France. Now they are everywhere in France, including Paris. You find there typical Christmas stuff like decorations, food, candies... and gifts in general that are of lesser interest, for not very typical (mostly made in China gadgets!)


  1. It hurts to see this picture as I went looking for this market last year and started at the top of the Champs Elysees and quit looking for it halfway down.
    I knew where to find it this year and had every intention of going on Tuesday's layover in CDG BUT I AM STUCK IN LHR because of the NY snowstorms. Well, I FEEL sorry for me!!

  2. PHX, the East Coast is getting slammed, just like London and Paris did, and all of Europe lately. I'm sorry you're stuck. I guess all you can do is just sit tight, hang out and have a glass of wine for me. Sante!

  3. I like the difference in mood between the inside & outside of the small building.
    a Merry belated Christmas to you Eric!

  4. I suppose there are worse places to be stuck than Heathrow. PHX, sometimes I feel a tinge of jealousy at your lifestyle! But airports are boring, I know.

    Did you buy anything, Eric? Somehow I doubt it.

  5. Lovely taste of Paris, Eric. @PHX - I hope you have something cushy to sleep on!

  6. This is our third year of having one in Philadelphia. There was a controversy as some wanted the sign changed from Christmas Village to Holiday Village.

  7. So stark white on the outside, so colorful on the inside! Love these markets; we have at least two in NYC. It's 2 AM here and it's been snowing hard for about 14 hours straight (guess PHX is still in LHR, drinking wine for Jeff—cheers!).

  8. My first thought was : Germany.
    I live very close to the German border and this looks just like the christmas markets they have everywhere.
    Funny they're in Paris as well.

  9. We saw one of these markets at Epcot at the Germany Pavilion. They were interesting, mostly Christmas ornaments. And now they're in Paris!! :)

  10. @PHX. And we feel sorry for you (even though Petrea would apparently have nothing against being stuck in LHR!). I hope you managed to go back to the States safely.

    @Jeff. yes, I just saw the images on television, it's really bad - or good, depending on whether you like snow or not!

    @Lily. Merci. Joyeux noël à vous !

    @Petrea "Did you buy anything, Eric? Somehow I doubt it." I did! A toy for one of my grand nieces. She did not like it though;-)

    @Michael. What are you thinking of?!

    @Ujima. Controversy? Weird. Or was it because Christmas refers to a Christian feast?

    @Bettina. Yes I agree it looks very German - well it is originally German, so no wonder.

    @Christie. Yes, everywhere actually. I saw another one - small - at Saint Germain this morning.

  11. Some people who do not celebrate Christmas said that the sign was unwelcoming. The majority of people had no problem with the name. Christmas Village became Holiday Village and then back to Christmas Village.