Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new snow disaster?

Funny how when something "bad" happens, people (I mean the French in particular!) like to blame it on someone. IE last week when the massive snowfalls disorganized the whole city, the people blamed it on the government, the government blamed it on the meteorologists and well, the meteorologists blamed it on someone else! So today, as there is a slight chance of snow, there has been warnings everywhere, inviting the people not to take their car, nor to even think of going out of their home! I'm ready to bet that nothing will happen though... I'm glad I got to use this photo that I took last week though, for I really like it!


  1. No snow in Porto this morning, and no snow in Barcelona tonight...
    I just hope I 'll be able to fly back to Paris on Friday ;-)

    But I agree with you, we need to blame somebody: so I suggest we blame Father Winter ;-)

  2. Thib, our blame "Mother Nature".

    Eric, that is a great photo. I think the footprints are account of "body heat".

  3. I love this photo Eric and glad to see Paris gets themselves all in a dither as we do in the south when we get the occasional snow. Enjoy it . When I come in January I'd love to think I might get another crack at photographing la neige at its lovliest!!!

  4. Wow! Casually in my city (San Salvador, El Salvador)and in other areas of my country is very cold to compare with another epochs of the year, but without ice and snow. I mean, for example, at 9 AM the termometer has 16° C aprox., It´s cool in this case but not to Paris, obvious!

  5. I wonder if anyone tried blaming the Man Upstairs. He usually get a few complaints too doesn't he? ;)

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  7. I hope all those footprints were wearing snow boots!

  8. I really like it too. There are so many signs in this simple shot.
    I've passed by this 'quite-quickly-dirty-snow' in the city so many times without thinking a second it could make a photo like this one, that I love. The talent of a photographer of course makes all the difference. So you make the difference Eric. For sure. This photo is another one in the huge serie of shots that contains your so special brand. Thank you.

  9. I love this one!
    Shows so well how dramatic our situation was with those huge masses of snow in Paris. No doubt you have to stop all buses ins such a harsh weather. LOL, making fun of ourselves.
    We like to blame it on someone else, yes, and to stop working too ;o)

  10. Do people generally use winter tyres in Paris or France in general? In Germany there is a winter tyre requirement now, finally.

  11. Anonymous: Almost no one use winter tires this is why it such a mess!

    Anyways I'm pretty excited to get some more snow!

  12. Great photo!
    And good text.
    It reminds me of the talk from today. "Tomorrow is coming the snow disaster." Mad! Light snow or a bit more. They just have to slow done theire cars, that's the problem.
    I posted something on my blog on Tuesday.
    Greetings from Germany.

  13. @Thib. Enjoy! Good luch for your return on Friday!

    @Lois. Thank you. I love the body heat reference ;-)

    @Virginia. Hard to tell. January may be hotter than now. In a way I would not mind cause I'm already fed up with winter!

    @Fredy. 16° cold?!! Are you kidding?!

    @Debs. Nope. We're a secular state!!

    @Lily. Not sure...

    @Flore. " The talent of a photographer of course makes all the difference. " Blush!

    @Lili "We like to blame it on someone else, yes, and to stop working too ;" Pretty true ;-)

    @Anonymous "Do people generally use winter tyres in Paris or France in general?" Only in some regions. Surely not in Paris...

    @Cynthia "Anyways I'm pretty excited to get some more snow!" ME TOO!

    @Carola. So yes you do have a lot of snow in Germany ;-)

  14. What I want to know is ... who is being blamed for the charming art work at the Champs de Mars last week ? ;)

    Après ça ils vont encore nous rabattre les oreilles avec des trucs du genre "The French are sooooo depraved !!!" C'est malin!


  15. Love this, Eric! Of course the same happens in every country - blame the politicians. In Scotland the Transport Minister resigned!