Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sacré Coeur at dawn

It's been a while since I've shown you Sacré Coeur. I swear it's not a mock-up, although it may look like one ;-) I took this photo from far away in the 18th arrondissement and I don't think I've ever photographed it from that side. Anyway, by now, you probably already know this church by heart. It's located on top of Montmartre, was built around 1875 and 1914, and it's one of the major landmarks of Paris (and apparently the 5th  most visited place in France. I bet you cannot guess what the top 4 are!)


  1. Most visited places in France: certainly Disneyland, Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, and Chateau Versailles are among those, along with Sacre Coeur and Mont Saint Michel.

  2. It almost looks FAKE it is so fairyland beautiful looking in your photograph.

    Most visited? Oh PAHLEAAZEE hold me back from making jokes......

  3. Nice wedding cake photo! If we count places to eat in the most visited French landmarks we'd have something entirely different now, wouldn't we? :-)

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  5. LOL PHX!!!!

    Oh Drummond that would be fun!! Let's make a top 5 places to eat in Paris:

    Pierre Hermé
    La Maison du Chocolat

    Oops.. I see a pattern here. Macarons and sweets. I'm hopeless.

  6. C'est Parfait! Merci pour la photo! You bring back great memories of hanging out having wine and listening to music near the stairs there. Top Four: Louvre, Mont St. Michel, Disney, La Tour Eiffel?

  7. Gorgeous, Eric!!!

    Okay, my guesses for the top four:
    - Le Mont St. Michel
    - La Tour Eiffel
    - La cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris
    - Lourdes

    Now I need to look it up and see how close I am!

    Eric, I offer you my continued thanks for giving me a touch of Paris in my daily life.

  8. i don't know what the "official" places are but my fav 5 are.....

    mont st. michel
    vaux le vicomte
    pont alexander iii
    jardin du luxemboug
    any patisserie in France!

    definetly not disneyland...eeekkk!!!

  9. I would say Eiffel tower, Chambord, Versailles, Mont Saint Michel...

  10. Amazing photo...merci!! This is my favorite "église" in Paris....though I have a few others that could give some competition.

    5 most popular tourist spots in France?? Hmmmm...

    La Tour Eiffel
    Le Louvre
    Disneyland Paris
    Sacre Coeur

  11. My top four most visited are:
    1.Paris Daily Photo.
    2.Most (you know what I mean) bars/cafes in the Marais/Bastille.
    3.The banks of the Seine, drinking champagne preferably.
    4.The toilets in BHV (usually after 2 and 3 above).

    Hi Monica, Drummond (aka Coltrane) here. I also see a pattern here.
    Tell you what, I'll give up alcohol for Lent if you give up sweets.
    On second thoughts.....

  12. I don't think I'll ever get to know this by "heart", Eric, so keep the photos coming! This is gorgeous.

    My top 5 list guess would have to be:

    La Tour Eiffel
    Arc de Triomphe
    La Louvre
    Sacre Coeur

    All places I would love to visit! :)

  13. LOL Drummond!!!

    I can give up sweets in general, but macarons, never!!!!! Specially cause I don't have the chance to eat them very often, so whenever I do...
    Put a small box of those precious colored little things in front of me and you'll see what happens. Eric already knows ;)

    On second thoughts...I would trade it for sipping champagne in the banks of the Seine, now THAT is somenthing to dream about!!!

  14. And haha, Monica! I'd have a hard time choosing a top five for food in Paris—a top 20 maybe (though when I was just there, Ladurée was visited more than once). Gotta love that long lens, Eric!

  15. Isn't the most visited place in France If not, it should be.

  16. I agree with Mrs Vandertramp, and also with Chartres cathedral, Notre Damme, le Louvre ans so you, Congrats Pierre to carry on a so nice blog!

  17. Soooooooooooo ! I see that a lot of you searched the Internet (not Monica LOL!). In fact it all depends on whether you take into account Paris only or France in general.

    So for Paris (only), the list is:
    - Notre-Dame de Paris
    - Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre
    - Musée du Louvre
    - Tour Eiffel
    - Centre Georges-Pompidou

  18. I know this church of Montmartre...thanks for taking time to write this post

  19. OMG... I can see our apartment in the photo! LOL! We love living just next door to Sacre Coeur... we have a double view, with the church on one side and a view looking over the northeast part of Paris on the other, and those are the windows I see in your photo! Merci, c'est super!