Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treats?!

It's not really a French celebration (here we celebrate the dead on the November 1st), but... since it's a good business booster (for restaurants and shops that sell scary costumes like the one where I took this photo), you can see a lot of calls to attend Halloween parties everywhere in Paris right now (no trick or treats though...). So I thought I would play the game... On a different note - and believe me, with absolutely no relationship with scary witches! - I had the pleasure to have breakfast with Kim from Seattle Daily Photo this morning (see for yourself ;-).


  1. Always great to hear you connected with another PDP fan.

    I haven't bought the candy yet. That is on the list for Monday.

  2. Love your scooter! Nice you could meet with another PDP fan.

    Happy Halloween...BOO~


  3. Wow - I love your scoot! Very cool to see another PDP connection. And I love the French version of Halloween -- "Forget trick or treating - let's just party!" " We'll get ready for Christmas by throwing the jack o' lantern out the window when we're done with it!!" (Just making that up of course...) ; )

    I'm not usually a Halloween person, but I seem to be into it this year. Today I had to buy scary snacks for the folks at work and I found round chocolate candies wrapped to look like eyeballs!! Eeeuuuuw!! Isn't it fun? Then I watched the Kill Bill movies - perfect to set that goofy, gory, over-the-top mood. = ]

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  4. LOL @ Carrie! Eyeballs?? A Dexter Christmas, not Halloween, it seems!

  5. Happy Hallowe'en to you all. Not that I do anything for it, and like Eric don't 'celebrate' anything as such. I quite like the idea of remembering the dead though, although I think that's tomorrow (1st Nov) here in France. My partner drags me to graveyards on these occasions, and I agree because the photo ops are too good to miss!

  6. That's a great shoot with Kim on your scooter...what scares me is how bigggg it is....I always imagined you on a little Vespa :)

  7. Exactly, Martin! I always imagined a little scooter, and he's got this Batmobile-type scooter! (Which is totally cool, btw!)

    For Halloween, we always go to a senior care facility and the kids go trick or treating there. So nice to see everyone, the residents look forward to it all year, the kids stay warm (a definite plus in the North), and my kids hand out little Thank You cards that the residents really like. They can't wait for tonight! And this year I'm dressing up too -- I love it! (nothing scary though -- Going as the Queen of Hearts, looking for that dastardly Knave who stole my tarts! :)

  8. I do love Halloween. Our family tradition is a meal of Pumpkin Soup followed by Beef Goulish and finishing up with a Bloody Mary. We call it The Good the Bad and the Inedible.

    Then, to a background medley of old Halloween songs such as:
    I put a spell on you,
    Demons are a ghouls best friend,
    Fangs ain't what they used to be,
    and my personal favourite,
    Bewitched bothered and beheaded,
    we poison the apples to give out to the little darling little Trick or Treaters.

    Happy times!

  9. Confession: I don't really like Halloween (though I love how Christie and her family trick-or treat). Won't stop me from observing NYC's amazing parade tonight (because I can do it from 10 flights up). How nice you and Kim got to meet—and that scooter looks more like a moto, Flash!

  10. What a story to tell :) On ma way to Paris already ;))