Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tour Saint Jacques

I already posted several photos showing the Tour Saint Jacques, before and after its renovation, but it never ceases to amaze me, especially when the sun adds a little "salt" to it! FYI the tower Saint Jacques was originally a bell tower that belonged to a church built between 1509 and 1522 then destroyed after the French revolution. Have and excellent Saturday everyone.


  1. Love the interesting colors of the sky and the lights through the windows!

  2. I love the colors in this photo! And I like that you were able to catch a bird in flight. That always makes the sky come alive for me.

  3. Beautiful~ Even with the ?scaffolding? , it is a beautiful tower. Not La Tour Eiffel, but beautiful nonetheless.

  4. Wow...something about this one Eric..Love it!!

  5. I enlarged it on my screen and just sat and stared. Sheer beauty, Eric. Thank you for all this wonder you show us. (Will there be anything special for Earth Day on Sunday, I wonder.....)

  6. Excelent photo! Beautiful!

    Whenever I see a photo of Tour Saint Jacques, it reminds me of Jeff.

    Jeff?! Where´s your comment? ;)

  7. Hey Monica, thanks for thinking of me. I just got on the internet after four days. I'm in an airport, will be flying home soon. Oui, j'aime Tour Saint Jacques. It is gorgeous. During my visits several years in a row, I watched progress on it and loved the result.

  8. Yeah Jeff, I want to know, too!

  9. Why aren't my comments shown here?
    Well, let me try to explain again how beautifull this picture is!
    As my almost 2 year old would say: OWOWWW!
    The colors, the light (through the windows).
    It's soooo magical.
    Just set it as wallpaper..