Thursday, May 03, 2012

Le débat !

I know that you probably don't care about French politics, and I don't want to bore you too much with it (so far I think I mentioned them only twice or three times!), but I can't resist posting a photo about "The Debate", that is a 2 hour "verbal fight" that usually takes place between the two candidates to the second round of the French elections. It took place last evening and even though I'm taking a break in Morocco at the moment, I could not help but watching it (hence the photo!). One of these two little men on each side of the screen is going to be the next French President on Sunday! 


  1. "two little men" LOL

    Is that a prerequisite for top job in France? Perhaps it was a standard set by Napoleon himself. Let's hope they don't have the same fate.

    And now you have me wondering - is there Velveeta in Morocco?

  2. I watched france24 and the simultaneous English translation. The translaters had different English accents, one more upper class than the other
    . The candidates went at it with each other, but in the end Mr. PHX wanted to know the French translation for GASBAGS.

  3. I'm sorry - Mr. PHX's translation request made me think of Peppy Le Peu for some reason.
    How lovely to be in Morocco.

  4. just came back from 10 days in glorious Paris - even on the frequent rainy days. Mainly there to visit family and saw posters and news reports on the upcoming election. Eric, enjoy your time in Morocco. We spent the long weekend in Burgandy wine country which was simply magnificent!!

  5. For these elections, I think the Velveeta question is second only to the question of the availability of Jiffy peanut butter in Morocco. This is the underlying issue for certain very important international citizens recently made French citizens, and thus French voters. In other words, it is the 'street level' perspective made popular by a certain French correspondent with an international audience. And the number 2 pencil debate continues.

  6. Whatever the outcome - I would still love Paris in the springtime!

  7. That's funny William B!
    You certainly can't avoid it at the moment, and it's a bit frustrating, as a foreigner, not being able to actually vote, but never mind, we get the flavour all right. Fairly heavy stuff and quite an art to get it right. Politainment at its best.

  8. I am quite interested, in fact, Eric. Also, your photo is great quality! Was this from the tv screen or laptop?

  9. have a real good's a TV screen.LYNN...
    Sharp TV....
    it is not just great quality!.a bit milky!!!
    Good luck with this election!!!!!!!!

  10. @ET Suzy "is there Velveeta in Morocco?" Nope, but there is REAL cheese!

    @Phx2cdg "I watched france24 and the simultaneous English translation" Wow they even had an English translation on France 24?!" I did not know that. Gasbags? What's that?

    @Debs "How lovely to be in Morocco." Yes, very nice and my first time there.

    @William "Are those numbers a lie counter?" LOOOOOL. That is VERY funny!

    @Jeff "This is the underlying issue for certain very important international citizens recently made French citizens, and thus French voters" LOL

    @taipan "Whatever the outcome - I would still love Paris in the springtime!" You're right! Besides I don't think the situation will change a great deal anyway. The Euro might drop a little over the next month, if Europe decides to devalue it, which is being currently talked about.

    @Sab "Politainment at its best." Yes! Even better than a gladiator fight!

    @Lynn "Was this from the tv screen or laptop?" Simply the TV screen of my hotel room (I had to struggle to find a channel that would broadcast the debate in Morocco - and I just read that they actually broadcast it on a Moroccan channel!)

  11. Eric , are you in Morocco???How lucky!!!
    We are sitting here Down Under, Far away from the action!! LOL!

  12. I love the time chart on the front of the desk! Oh, for the bliss of listening to political speakers for a certain amount of time and then they have to be quiet.

    Enjoy your time in Morocco!

  13. Mais, si, j'y m'intéresse! I read that Hollande kept pretty cool, but that Sarko got a bit sputtery, that temper of his and all. Was that your impression? And did Sarko, in fact, call Hollande a liar several times, as one cartoon depicted?

  14. I was French, I would vote for Hollande.

  15. I love listening to debate between candidates. We had several pretty rowdy debates over here between the candidates of the opposite party who's vying for running against our current President. One good things about debates, whatever you say you're going to accomplish or change is recorded and is used against you in the general election. Makes for some pretty interesting politics! LOL

  16. Judged by the headlines in the UK alone, the debate would be summed thus:
    Sarkozy: "Liar!"
    Hollande: "Liar!"

    Obviously if it it went on for 2 HOURS(!) there was a bit more to it than that.

    PS If I were French, I'd vote for you Eric. Then we could have the picnic in the Elysee Palace.

  17. I think Drummond just had the best idea—Eric for Président! One debate? I can't even count how many the Republicans have had and we haven't even gotten to the actual election.
    But lucky you to be in Morocco! Where are you? (I lived for a while in Essaouira but probably wouldn't recognize it now.)

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  19. Anon: Whilst not totally sharp, it is very good quality for a screen shot. Normally there are many more interruptions.
    Eric: Bravo! ;)

  20. Am I correct in that you asked "what is a gasbag?" Same as windbag--a person mouthing off a lot of nothing more than hot air!