Thursday, August 09, 2012


There is nothing like a statue by Maillol to look a the bright side of life! Or course it helps when it's located near le Louvre, when there is a deep blue sky in the background and when there is a little ray of sun to wrap it up! In fact this sculpture is not meant to cheer us up, for it's dedicated to the inhabitants of Port-Vendres, a small town located in the Languedoc-Roussillon (the most Southern part of France you can find!), who died during WWI. Still, it's magnificent (and we should be thankful to Dina Vierny, the muse of Maillol, for giving his work to the French government  in 1964!)


  1. Thanks for pointing these out to use Eric. I often am guilty of walking by the beautiful statues in search of another photo op. It's great to hear the history behind them.

  2. Magnificent photograph and a wonderful use of the light! Well done! Dermo

  3. You just pipped me Virginia .......... Dammit!


  4. Beautiful statue with a wonderful dedication to all who lost their life in WW1. :)

  5. You have a real knack for taking pictures in places where I'd expect to see a lot of people—and don't! Thanks for the link; now I want to take my camera and go to the colorful little town next to Port-Vendres (Collioure).

  6. @Virginia "Guilty"? No need too LOL! I think they are just beautiful and since they are at reach in the Louvre gardens, well...

    @Dermo "Magnificent photograph and a wonderful use of the light! " Thanks! Actually the hardest part was to manage to have enough light for the sculpture whereas the main source - the sun - was behind. Nut I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!

    @Alexa "You have a real knack for taking pictures in places where I'd expect to see a lot of people" In fact I had to wait and take several ones to get this "clean" view!

  7. Look at that sky! Oh, and there's a statue too.. :) Beautiful.

  8. L'ensemble est très paisible.
    Il semble dire: profite pleinement des vacances et prends ton temps, aie pleine conscience de ta position précise à cet instant de ton parcours et respire profondément pour chasser le rythme du quotidien.
    N'hésite pas à plonger dans le bain de la complicité avec tes amis.
    Mais écoute d'abord ton étoile.
    Quel est ton pire défaut ? Quelle est ta principale qualité? Essaie de te situer au milieu si cela présente un intérêt ? Pour toi.
    To be continued with the time & if possible ----