Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Skateboarding in Paris

Don't go thinking this is a fake photo that I made thanks to some super software by mixing several shots, it's 100% natural; I just pressed the trigger while this skate boarder was going down the Quai de Jemmapes during the cruise I took on Saturday evening. And since I'm sure you're really into skateboarding yourself(!), here is the perfect website for you... (including all the spots where to skateboard in Paris!)

PS : reminder: Jeff (a long time visitor to PDP!) is planning a little PDP gathering in Chicago, during Labor Day weekend.  if you're around and would like to join him, click here.


  1. Anonymous needs to ferme -la!!!

    I think the photo is amazing and would love to know what you used Eric. Great shot.

  2. Glad you have a real true visitor to your site! I must get on down to that plane to Chicago. Is that in the US?
    See ya
    Pretend visitor here

  3. Now that is a cool photo! :) Great shot!

  4. well...very interesting. what a risk taker ehhh??

  5. Fabulous shot Eric! but I will definitely leave skateboarding off my list of to do's in Paris! LOL ... same as riding a scooter! :-)

  6. Great shot! I posted about skateboarding yesterday too: http://csdailyphoto.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-rocky-mountain-rampage-world-cup.html

  7. This is - beyond the shadow of any mid-summer doubt - the hottest shot of this incredible season!
    Thanks, Kiki

  8. @Lynn, Ann, Kristie... I'm happy you like this shot because I do too!

    @Virginia. "[...] would love to know what you used Eric." Nothing really, it's just plain luck!

    @Julia "Pretend visitor here" Huuuuh... I hear some resentment in your comment! I meant long time, not true as in "real" ;-)

    @Tonton "what a risk taker ehhh??" Actually they were two, in the street, among cars. So yes it was a bit dangerous...

    @Roniece (and Debs!) " ... same as riding a scooter!" Don't say "fontaine je ne boirai pas de ton eau...)

    @Tamara. "I posted about skateboarding yesterday too". I swear I did not copy! I luuuv your first shot.

    @Kiki "This is - beyond the shadow of any mid-summer doubt - the hottest shot of this incredible season!" OK, you made my day Kiki! LOL!

  9. Like floating on air. All relation to space is gone, here, only colors remain. This is a very exciting picture.

  10. This capture is stunning with the vivid oranges/yellows and for the stop action of the skateboarder. You rock, Eric! I will not be skateboarding but love to watch and to listen to the sound of the wheels.


  11. Thanks for the shout out, mon ami. I hope to meet some other PDP fans.

  12. I won't be skateboarding either (I feel like I could break something just thinking about it), but I think this shot is vachement chouette! (And please tell me if I should never use that old expression ever again.)

  13. @Alexa Re "vachement chouette". It's OK, although a bit (out)dated! Kinda like you'd say "it's the gas" or something. But you still can use it, no worries ;-))

    @Genie. You're in Paris right now, aren't you? Will you be at "Roniece's" Vendanges?

    @Jeff. I hope you'll get to meet nice people. I wish I would be there, I love Chicago.

    @Arr Day ". All relation to space is gone, here, only colors remain." Love that comment ;-)

  14. This is an ultra-cool action shot - love it!

  15. Orange is usually my least favorite color, but today, I love it! Stunning picture, Eric, I really am more than a little jealous. :)

    @Jeff, wish I was going to be closer to Chicago over Labor Day!! 6 hours is still a bit too far. Enjoy yourself though, it is supposed to be great weather!

  16. An exceptional photo Eric. It has everything, colour, abstract and a cool subject.