Labor day PDP gathering in Chicago

If you live - or happen to be - in Chicago during Labor Day weekend, you may take advantage of Jeff"s (a long long time PDP visitor!) invitation to gather and meet other PDP fans somewhere in the city during Labor Day weekend.

Drop him a line at jdsmyser(at) and see with him what he suggests. I know him, he's a nice guy ;-)

And more than anything if you manage to meet, I want to see photos!


  1. Merci Eric, c'est tres gentil. For you others, Eric is being too nice: I'm actually a complete ogre who lives under a bridge. But I'll be nice in Chicago!

  2. To anyone interested: how about a real picnic at the Chicago Jazz Festival? Grant Park or Millenium Park near Lake Michigan instead of on the bank of the Seine! Good music, great location. Watch the sun set behind the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (for a little while yet). Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening. Here's the website:

    Does Saturday work best?