Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pine tree at the Eiffel Tower

Between the last minute gifts to buy, the "stuff" from the pharmacy that you can only find in France!, the unavoidable trip to Ikea (to see what kind of kitchens they have!) and the family gatherings, I haven't had a single minute to take a live photo (no kidding!). Today I managed to take a one hour break and since I was passing by the Eiffel Tower, I noticed this weird and sudden pine trees field underneath it ;-) So here you go! Cute... 


  1. Just perfect ... The light in the sky is perfect. The Eiffel Tower is the perfect place to go for a photo and your tight timing is part of it. A photo of yours and my day was nicer. Aah you will be missed while you will be cooking in your brand new kitchen... ;)

  2. Eric, I will miss your wonderful photos. Since 2009 I could always count on a wonderful mini-break from
    the daily grind. I hope your last photo is of a sunset on La dame de fer .. or maybe a sunrise. Thanks again,
    Mark K

  3. Christmas trees in Paris... Christmas in Paris - isn't it a dream of my life?