Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Paris Underground!

Like I already told you, the Pont du Carroussel has two entrances: one at the Quais (Embankment)  level  and one at the street level; both merging in the middle of the bridge. I took this photo from the street level looking down to the bridge entrance at the Quais level  where this couple was heading (exiting to be more precise - yes, it's becoming complicated LOL!). Anyway, all this to say that I like this photo, not only because of the game of shadows, but also because it looks like a spy photo! PS: I did not have the time to work on the picnic video yet, you'll have to wait a little more ;-)


  1. All is always nicer when you try to explain complicated things ! Lol. I like the shot, and the spy effect.
    Thanks and gute nacht !

  2. like the shadow effects too.... I would want to know why some guy was taking my picture if I was that couple if for nothing else than to find out what the picture was going to be used for. jet lag Eric from your vacation/party? Anne

  3. I like this too Eric. I especially like how you captured the young man looking over at the viewer of this photograph.

  4. I like it too, especially the play of the shadows. But a real spy probably wouldn't have been seen by the subject of the photo. Just sayin'. :~}