Friday, May 03, 2013

Who "stole" Le Printemps?!

Here is a view of one of the buildings of Le Printemps, one of the major department stores that we have in Paris. Printemps means spring in French and from what I understand weather-wise it's not exactly spring in Paris at the moment (but it will improve for the picnic which is this Sunday at one o'clock, bla bla ;-)). Hence my title... But that's not all Le Printemps is also in the middle of a controversy here because it's currently being bought by Qatari investors and some people think that Qatar is buying a little too many things these days (including the very famous Paris soccer team...).  


  1. As long as they don't mess with perfection, it's cool! ;-)

  2. Just behind that central dome is a rooftop terrace where you can buy snacks and drinks. I learned of it and went there today. It offers an amazing view of the city, from l'Opera to le Tour Eiffel, and even Sacre Couer. Also, you stand ten meters from those lovely gold gilt Printemps domes. Really great sightseeing spot for free, or the price of a drink. (5.50 for a beer, not 9 euros, you were right, Eric)

    I talked with a couple cute English ladies at the cafe tonight. I told them about the picnic. Maybe they will take the Chunnel back on Sunday. (Probably not)

    1. Jeff

      If I may, can I ask for the name of that rooftop terrace where you can buy drinks and snacks.

      Thank you

      ( I may go to Paris in September)

  3. love the lavendar hues on the building, very spring! Anne

  4. Beautifully captured, interesting building!
    Sending you a bit of spring from Vienna,

  5. Good photo of an amazing building!

  6. Giving that wide-angle lens a workout ! Nice shot.

  7. Eric

    Qatar is not making friends these days. Now they want to have the ICAO HQ in Doha- their excuse Montréal which has been the host city for that UN agency since 1947 is too cold according to them.

  8. No answer but my two cent : best stay away from Qatar(i)...
    Nice terrace that I already tested. Very nice location in paris. Very attractive department store.

  9. What’s with that awful color!!

    That’s certainly NOT the Le Printemps many have come to identify with Paris over the decades.. Looks like a bad middle-east strip club… All that’s missing is the black light florescent lights and signs showing you the way… YIKES…

    But still… Happy Spring !!

  10. I don't remember that slightly tacky pinkish lighting, either. Wouldn't keep me from going up there for the view though! Am keeping all my digits crossed that you have perfect weather pour le pique-nique . . .

  11. Regarding the Qatar investors: money is money, and money is international, and money runs the world and always has run the world. I remember attending a French-American Chamber of Commerce event where the speaker described a level of wealth that does not need to observe national borders or laws. This is the level that runs world commerce. Money moves very easily these days, and money talks.

    Beaver: I don't think there is a special name for the rooftop terrace cafeteria at Printemps. Just go to the 9th floor: use the escalator. They have sandwiches, salads, drinks. (Note: there are no toilettes there. At Printemps, les toilettes are on the 1st floor, and it costs 1.5 euros, and it is worth a clean, managed location.)

    Today I visited the Musee d'Orsay again, and then walked the streets where Dumas' Three Musketeers lived. (All four of the Musketeers. The streets are identified in the novel, all near Saint-Sulpice.) The weather was fabulous in the early evening, and Blvd Saint-Germain was rocking for people watching. (Did I say people? I meant...)