Saturday, September 28, 2013

Colorfull sitting

I have so much work at the moment that I've had absolutely no time at all to go out yesterday! Fortunately I had a little photo stock ;-) Here is one I took near La Villette a few days ago. There is not much to say about it and I don't particularly like it(!), but since we're going to have a little sun today I thought it was appropriate ;-) I'll probably have lunch outside, in the sun. I hope you'll do the same and will enjoy your weekend as much as I will!  


  1. How the chairs..but even more so,the color....merci Eric..have a colorful weekend..K

  2. I love this picture. I love the color. Great shot! Jeannine

  3. Weather is gorgeous here, so I took your advice and had a pique-nique in the sun. Don't know why you don't especially like this shot—I love it!